Radha Mohan 19th July 2022 Written Episode Update


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Radha Mohan 19th July 2022 Dadi says those people who are hell bent on breaking the house must not inform about the difference between a house and home as it doesnot suit them, Mohan offers her to sit down as he feels this would be a long dialogue,

Dadi informs that she just wants to tell them that Radha can never make anyone leave the house because of her behavior, Gungun informs she might have come to learn English but Dadi replies that she has learnt all she desires in her own life but she must be the one to learn and succeed in her life.

Gungun replies that she must also learn from Mohan since he is a very nice teacher, Mohan questions Radha what is the house called, she calls it as a house. Mohan is stunned when Dadi starts pulling Radha insisting, she come with her, Mohan at once stands exclaiming that once again a girl was barred from learning just so she can work in the house, Dadi replies that she is not taking Radha for any work but to send her with Hiydei.

Hiydei once again gets a call from the Mathura jail so rushes away in tension, Damini looking at him wonders why he is so tensed when he is about to get married to Radha. Kaveri comes sitting with her exclaiming that she has gotten tensed,

and she feels her Mohan would ruin everything, she take the apple from Damini, who feels irritated with the way she is behaving. She inquires why is her head still aching to which Kaveri replies she feels it turned out to be the truth, Ketki takes a picture so realizes the plan of them both.

Mohan questions how can she take Radha to go for an outing since it is time for her studies, Radha also agrees with Mohan saying that she needs to study. Gungun yells at Dadi saying that the studies are also important so Radha sits down exclaiming that she needs to study,

Dadi then mentions she will go to tell Hiydei that Radha is not interested in performing the pooja for Bihari jee, Radha stands up in excitement so Gungun exclaims that she is also not that excited for ice cream. Radha offers to complete her studies tomorrow. Mohan questions how can she leave like this,

she replies she is going for the Arti of Bihari jee, he mentions that Saraswathi jee might get angry if she leaves her study like this so they both might get into a war because of which the entire city would be ruined, they all are shocked at Mohan while Radha sits down wondering how can she do such a heinous thing,

Dadi scolds him but he replies that he has not stopped her, Kadambari mentions Hiydei and Radha are about to get married after three weeks so if they go together then would be able to know each other better, she asks Radha to go and get ready when Hiydei mentions she is scolding Mohan without any reason as he is just worried about the studies of Radha but he also has a solution for it and so will teach Radha himself since she is about to be his responsibility so he will himself teach her. Kadambari exclaims all the problems have been sorted because if Hiydei teaches Radha then all the problems would be sorted, they might even become friends.

Dadi mentions that friendship is the first step to start the love, Kadambari asks him to give Hiydei the books. Dadi also asks him but he just keeps on looking at Radha who is also tensed, he demands the books from her and picks the rest of them with a heavy heart, Radha also is really tensed.

Mohan recalls how he would teach her at night and she would also make him feel irritated with her answers, he looks at Hiydei to whom he slowly hands the books, Dadi signals Mohan to also give Hiydei the ruler but Mohan replies that it belongs to the Master jee. Hiydei asks Radha if they should leave so Dadi asks her to come as they must leave, Mohan is left alone with Gungun,

he seems tensed thinking that Radha would leave so sits down on the couch. Gungun sitting beside him assures there is nothing to worry about as Radha says that when a door closes then a window surely opens, he must calm down as they would surely find a way. She sees him staring at her so questions if he has not seen a smart woman, Gungun rushes away while he just stares at her.

Hiydei exclaims that the Arti would have been complete but now they must start teaching her, he inquires how much marks did she get in her 10th standard, but before she can tell him the phone rings and he is shocked to see Mathura Jail, Hiydei ends the call when she inquires who was it on the phone as it might be something important, Hiydei once again gets a call so answers it, the person threatens to come at the Trivedi house if Hiydei doesnot come to meet him so he assures he is going to meet him.

Hiydei exclaims he is feeling really bad for Mohan jee, Radha replies that Dadi said a lot to him since he just wants to take care of everyone else but they all think he is the culprit. Hiydei replies that he feels he has taken the responsibility of teaching from Mohan because they are about to stay together for the rest of their lives but he has just some time left,

he even feels that Radha is not happy that he is teaching her so she must go to learn from him. Radha exclaims he thought it correctly as she is not happy and tensed but the reason is different, she believes he is her Bhagwan so wants to do something for him before she leaves, first she wants to end the difference between him and Bihari jee then also strengthen his relation with Gungun.

Hiydei replies there is nothing wrong in doing a good deed, she is glad that he is not angry with her. Hiydei asks her to go as Mohan jee would be waiting for her so she leaves, Hiydei also takes the phone and leaves. Damini coming from the corner exclaims she gets really angry if Radha even talks with Mohan but Hiydei is not affected by it all.

Mohan mentions she is confusing him since it is good that he refused to teach Radha, Mohan doesnot understand so Gungun explains that he first was eager to teach her but after getting a call left in tension. Mohan questions what can he do so Gungun explains that she feels there is something wrong, she makes him remember that he is thorn while she is the flower.

Mohan agrees to go after him when Radha suddenly enters exclaiming that she has come back to study from him, he says that he is going to teach her but has some work which he needs to complete, Radha tries to follow him but Gungun stops her exclaiming that she must do some self-study, she prays that Mohan should find out if Hiydei is doing something wrong.

Mohan is following Hiydei but then he notices someone combing her hair, Mohan is stunned when it is Kaveri so questions what is she doing here, she replies she has gotten fleas in her hair and so is trying to remove them, Mohan getting tensed suggests she must go outside as he doesnot like them at all Kaveri replies she would help him get rid of them as this is what a mother in law can do for him,

Mohan notices that he has seen her somewhere with the open hairs, he starts thinking where he might have seen her which worries Kaveri as she recalls that she went to that location with open hairs, Mohan is thinking when Gungun questions why is he still standing here as Hiydei has already left, Mohan asks her to stay away from Kaveri otherwise she would also get fleas. Mohan sees Hiydei walking out of the house, he feels Gungun was right to suspect Hiydei, as he is leaving in such a hurry.


Radha Mohan 20th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Hriday reaches a location to meet his blackmailer. Hriday says please forgive me for getting late. He says I know you are about to get your hands on a big deal and I want my share too in that and from where did you get this gold chain? give it to me. Mohan reaches the location and is looking for Hriday. Hriday chokes him with chain. Mohan enters the room. Someone hits Hriday on his head with stick.


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