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Radha Mohan 18th November 2022 Radha is crying while sitting on the floor, Kaveri exclaims that their Mohan is not going to come and save her so she can yell all that she wants, Mohan starts moving his fingers and is even about to wake up,

Damini informs the guards that their patient has a threat from this girl so if she comes near the hospital then they would lose their jobs, they throw Radha out of the hospital while Mr Trivedi and Ajeet are just watching, Kaveri is glad she finally left them since now their lives are going to brighten while that of Gungun would go in darkness, the nurse comes explaining the doctor has called her.

Kadambari standing outside the hospital room mentions she knows Radha really loves him but she is risk to his life and she as a mother feels he can live without love but only if he is secure. Kadambari mentions even Bihari jee did not chose Radha but Rughmani.

Rahul gets a call in the house, but Ketki snatches the phone explaining Damini is just using him however Rahul snatches the mobile, Ketki exclaims he should become her puppet. Damini praises Rahul it is the right time to target Radha since she is going to marry Rahul in the hospital, Damini asks him to bring the sherwani which is in the room of Mohan, Rahul agrees ending the call.

Ketki in excitement asks if Mohan bhai woke up, Tulsi also asks the question if he woke up but Rahul says that he is getting married, Ketki questions who is he marrying, Rahul replies surely Damini but not that Radha,

he says if Ketki had her way then would make Radha sit in place of their mother, Ketki says Rahul would also make Damini the Prime minister of the country. Tulsi in anger exclaims this was her plan because how can she not take advantage of such a situation. Tulsi thinks she only believes in Radha who would be able to stop the marriage of Mohan.

Radha calls Gungun who asks when is she going to come back with Mohan explaining she is really scared, Radha says she is her brave daughter so must not be tensed as Mohan jee is getting better slowly just as it took time for Gungun when she was ill so he will surely come back when he gets healthy, Gungun says she is waiting for them both and suggests Radha to stay beside Mohan revealing she is really scared of Damini, Gungun explains only she can fight with Damini so must not let her go near Mohan, Radha agrees to her advice ending the call.

The doctor explains he felt really bad the way she talked to him but has realized it was her concern, Damini says the family would speak for their relatives, she explains she cannot bear if e even gets a scratch but today he is about to die, Kaveri exclaims that she really loves Mohan and can even fight Bhagwan for Mohan. The doctor explains that he has some good news which is that she would not have to marry him in this condition and Mohan will regain consciousness in just a few hours because their treatment is working on Mohan so he will wake up in a few hours,

Damini exclaims this cannot happen as Mohan must not wake up, Kaveri whispers that her plan failed. Damini mentions that Mohan must not wake up before she gets married to him, Damini explains she would give him the amount he desires, she starts offering him money starting from one million reaching all the way upto five million. The doctor mentions they have to give Mohan an injection which can only be found from the black market, and she must know it is very risky, given the condition of Mohan he might not be able to walk or talk, Damini asks if he would stay alive.

Radha thinks Gungun was right as Damini can never think good for Mohan so she would surely not let anyone harm Mohan since she just loves him. Radha exclaims Gungun knows only she can fight Damini.

Kaveri asks what she is saying since Mohan will become a near dead person, Damini exclaims even then she would be his wife and once she is married she would take him to any corner of the world. The doctor refuses to inject it because if anyone finds he was involved then it would be risky.

Damini calls Parthap who says she would surely make him rich, Damini mentions because she knows he would not have left the city so there is no reason to leave and he has to bring a medicine to her, she says even he has to inject the person with it, Parthap replies he doesnot know it but Damini says he can learn it from the internet.

Radha thinks what the reason Damini is is so eager to marry Mohan since she feels Damini is possessive about him and what if she is the enemy of the family, Radha thinks she would not let this wedding happen.

Damini is getting ready sitting beside Mohan, she congratulates him explaining they would finally be married, she asks if he is fine since she would finally get her love for which she has done a lot of thing as they say that if someone truly desires something then they finally achieve it but she was not able to get him as he first went to Tulsi and now that Radha. Damini exclaims he never looked at her with love but does he know the difference in her love and Radha. Damini mentions Radha can give her life for him while she can take the life of anyone.

Damini exclaims they have to wait for a little longer because once they are married, she is going to take him away, Damini calls Parthap who answers the call informing the thing is ready, Damini explains a person is already waiting for him at the main gate with an entry pass. Damini ending the call asks if he heard as this is the sound of their wedding, Damini is smiling staring at Mohan.

Radha holds her hands asking why they are not understanding because the person is in danger and if she doesnot go then it would cause a lot of problem, the lady guard however pushes her away saying they cannot listen to her stupid conversation.

Radha is requesting the guards while Parthap slowly starts walking towards Radha, he stands behind her in front of the main gate, the ward boy gives Parthap the visiting card explaining Damini mam send her, Radha notices someone took the name of Damini, he turns back but doesnot find anyone meanwhile Parthap is showing it to the guard. Radha once again requests them to let her go inside but she pushes Radha who hits Parthap causing his glasses to fall off, he turns back in anger. Radha is shocked seeing Parthap in front of her.

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