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Radha Mohan 18th July 2022 Mohan walking with Hiydei exclaims now that the wedding day has been set so he thought of starting it with a gift, Mohan takes out the gold chain seeing which Hiydei is stunned when Mohan informs it is of 10 tola, Hiydei exclaims he is a simple person so cannot accept this gift when Mohan mentions it is nothing to be worried about as this is a wedding gift,

Mohan makes him wear it when Hiydei exclaims that he is going to accept this gold chain and five rupees as the gift, Hiydei exclaims he returns everything with interest when Dadi comes asking if they should all go back inside,

Mohan goes to wish her but she insists on hugging him, Dadi requests Mohan to not think of doing anything stupid till the wedding of Radha as she would accept it as his gift, Mohan agrees saying he will never think of doing anything like that.

Gungun in the room questions Mohan if this was his great plan as he gave that Hiydei a gold chain, Mohan replied that he thought Hiydei would show some excitement but he was normal, Gungun mentions he has come to steal a lot of things and earn a large amount, Mohan stopping her questions if she is watching a lot of television since it is wrong, she replies they attain greater general knowledge from those shows.

Mohan exclaims his first plan is they must find out the reason Hiydei came here and expose him while the second is to go and tell Radha the truth, Gungun asks what do they have to do in the second plan, Mohan after looking at the English books exclaims she would have to start the second plan,

Gungun questions why her when he informs because his mother would scold him while he will just pretend, he asks her to stand demanding a kiss but she refuses to even hug him, he threatens to not tell her when she agrees so he hugs her, Mohan after that exclaims he will only tell her when she kisses him, but then takes her in excitement.

Kadambari sitting asks Radha if she wants to take anything with her after getting married, Radha replies she just desires to take her Bihari jee and Geeta, Hiydei and Lata jee both are tensed, Kadambari informs she always has them with her but what if she wishes to take anything else,

Mohan looking at the reaction of both Hiydei and Lata jee thinks there is something wrong so he must do something to stop them from achieving their desires. Gungun coming to Radha says if she doesnot want to take anything then there is no need for these books so she is going to tear them, Radha at once stops her exclaiming there is punishment for tearing the books,

she informs Mohan jee gave her these books to study but they infant belong to Gungun, Hiydei looks to Mohan in frustration. Gungun exclaims they are really important to Mohan and even if she doesnot study them, Gungun must keep them safe, both Mohan and Radha are looking at each other when he asks Hiydei what has he studied, Hiydei replies he did Graduation.

Mohan is glad but exclaims Radha should have completed it but now what can happen, Lata jee exclaims they cannot stop the marriage because of it, Hiydei exclaims he cannot object to which Mohan asks what about the wishes of Radha,

is she not going to ask her when Hiydei questions so Radha mentions she studied till 10th, Hiydei questions why did his mother hid such a big secret because it is going to take her two years to complete her secondary school and further three years for her Graduation, he mentions he cannot wait that long.

How it would seem that his wife has only done her schooling. Gungun mentions then he must look for another girl to marry, Kadambari scolds her but Hiydei exclaims there is nothing to worry about since he feels every girl should have the right to study but he cannot wait for her to complete her studies as she can complete them after the marriage, Kadambari gets excited exclaiming that he scared them all. Mohan also mentions that everything is perfect.

Hiydei gets a call on his cell from Mathura jail which Damini notices so wonders what is going on, she follows him so hears that he is scolding someone. Damini coming questions if there is any problem but Hiydei leaves assuring everything is fine.

Kaveri coming from behind questions what had happened, she asks why is her mother scratching her head from the morning when Kaveri exclaims, she feels it is because of the hot weather but Damini tries to tease her saying what if it is because of the wig and she loses all of her hair, Kaveri warns her to not speak ill ever again.

Radha is standing in the Mandir requesting the strength to fulfill all the vows that she made, Dadi stopping her questions why is she always worried about Mohan as she needs to strengthen her relation with Hiydei but she is always worried about Mohan, Radha replies she has to stay beside Hiydei the rest of her life so why can she not worry for Mohan at the present,

Dadi requests her to not do anything that will once again ruin their reputation, she wonders why did her son agree to stay here when it is all the fault of Mohan, Radha questions why is she blaming him when it all happened because of that old women. Dadi scolds Radha mentioning now her relation has been fixed and until she gets married,

each day would be like a war for her so she prays to Bihari jee that he can do anything to her after the wedding, Radha mentions she still has a lot to do but Dadi leaves mentioning this is what will ruin her wedding, Radha prays why does her Dadi not understand anything as she cannot leave the old vows to make new ones, Radha wonders what is her Dadi going to do now.

Dadi asks Hiydei if he is going anywhere so he informs that he thought of going to the Mandir when dadi praises him for the upbringing that he has gotten, she suggests he should also take Radha with him since then they both would get some time together and can also perform the ritual, she inquires if she said anything wrong but he agrees so she leaves to call Radha.

Mohan and Gungun are sitting while Radha is trying to pronounce some words, he corrects her mentioning that it is house, Mohan taunts her for forgetting the lectures when she instead replies he is the one who forgot so he should be beaten with the stick, Mohan replies that this is what she came for so must fulfill her desire,

Gungun starts smiling. Radha says he said that is home, and he did not say anything of house, Mohan replies that both of them mean the same when she asks how can it mean the same. Mohan sitting explains the difference of a house and home saying that home is just build but the materials while in a house there are relations and a family, he questions which one does she like, Radha replies a house.

Mohan questions if she thought that the house where she is getting married turns out to be just a home what will she do then, Dadi standing at the door says she would also make it into a home with her character, she taunts Mohan saying those who just know how to break the house should not give advice, Mohan is stunned.

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