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Radha Mohan 17th November 2022 Kadambari slaps Radha saying that her son is fighting between life and death while she is creating a drama but Radha replies she would not leave from here, Kaveri exclaims she is not going to listen to anything and throw her out from here holding her hair, Damini and Kaveri both throw her out of the hospital so she falls hitting her hand.

Sometime earlier, Radha explains that the day Mohan jee vowed to take her responsibility, the next day their photo came in the news paper and Maha Pandit jee came demanding her to get married and after even one day had not passed, her Dadi met Hriday jee who was willing to get married with her, Radha explains that the snake come to the garden in rain but how did it enter the house that day, then one day when she and Mohan jee went to catch the culprit then Rahul jee came to that same location in a sarree and these incidents are a coincidence,

Radha explains and poor Gungun who just changed her name in the invitation letter and made her sit in place of Damini at the Haldi, there were two attempts on her life within twenty fours hours, first time she was about to burn alive and then someone planted a bomb in er bus. Radha says she is not saying Damini is behind it all but they know she doesnot like Gungun.

Radha exclaims she is blaming Damini for trying to burn her and even causing the fight between Rahul and Mohan jee, or she planted the snake in the house, but she just means there cannot be so many coincidences, she is just saying she would not go anywhere from here without finding the real culprit. Damini in anger exclaims she would be able to oust Radha within two minutes, Radha advises her to keep the hand to herself since it doesnot have the power to separate her from Mohan jee.

Radha turns to see Kadambari standing in front of her, she in anger slaps Radha who is stunned. The entire Trivedi family returns, Kadambari exclaims her son is fighting for his life while Radha is just creating a scene. She asks Radha to leave right now, Radha asks if Kadambari thinks Mohan is in this condition because of her, Kadambari mentions only she is the reason as it was her fault that she did not realize it sooner,

she is glad Damini brought Maha Pandit jee here who revealed the truth, she can see it clearly that ever since she came into their life, Mohan is in danger and today his life is full of darkness which is only because of her. Kadambari instructs Ajeet to prepare for her to go back to Barsana, Radha assures she has not done anything to Mohan. Kaveri explains that she herself is not suitable for Mohan because if she even sees him then he might die.

Radha requests Kadambari to not instruct her to leave since she would not leave Mohan, Kadambari explains she is not saying Radha is evil but after hearing what Maha Pandit jee is saying she will not allow her to remain here any longer. Radha replies she will not go anywhere without seeing Mohan jee is fine and when he wakes up she would surely leave.

Damini replies that Radha doesnot must care for Mohan so much as his wife is here and it is also true that Mohan might not wake up until she leaves. Maha Pandit jee says Damini is right, Kadambari questions what she is saying when he informs they must get Damini and Mohan married and that too right now, because only after that will all the problems with Mohan’s life end.

The entire family is tensed, Kadambari asks Damini if she is ready for this marriage, Damini replies she can do anything for Mohan because if this is the only way then she is ready to marry him right now, Kaveri at once starts praising her daughter for being so courageous otherwise who would marry a half dead person, Damini signals her so Kaveri exclaims she just meant to praise her daughter.

Dulari mentions ever since Gungun returned to the house she has been standing in the Mandir, Tulsi exclaims the daughters whose father is In the hospital then she would be really tensed, Tulsi exclaims even Damini is there and no one is informing them about what is happening.

Kadambari agrees with Maha Pandit jee saying if this is the only way then she is ready to get Mohan married right now, Radha stops asking if for an apology saying if Mohan jee is unconscious then how can they arrange this marriage, Maha Pandit jee feels offended asking if she is teaching him how to perform a pooja, Radha replies she is just asking a simple question that both bride and groom have to be awake in order to accept the rituals of the marriage so then why is he deciding on this marriage,

Maha pandit jee is not able to answer, Mr Trivedi also agrees with Radha saying they cannot hurry this marriage, Kadambari requests Mr Trivedi to let her take this chance even if there is a slight possibility it can save his life, she would take all possible means to save his life. Damini holding her hands requests Radha to leave since everyone has agreed to her marriage with Mohan,

Radha replies Pandit jee has not answered her question so this wedding cannot happen, Damini questions what relation she has with Mohan, Radha mentions she doesnot feel she is obliged to explain anything to her but that she is not going to leave here and let this marriage happen.

Radha informs Maha Pandit jee that she is also the daughter of a Pandit, for which both the groom and bride have to be awake in order for it to be fulfilled so she is just saying if they cannot understand anything then how can the marriage be fulfilled,

Kaveri gets angry saying how she has bene mentioning from day one that Radha always pokes her eyes into matters not relating to her, Kaveri holding her hair is about to throw her out of the hospital, Mr Trivedi tries to stop them but Kadambari explains if he ever thought she was worthy of taking care of Mohan then must let her do what she feels is good for him.

Radha falls outside the hospital, she cries for Mohan jee as he took the responsibility for her, Mohan in the hospital bed starts moving his fingers. Kaveri exclaims she should keep yelling since Mohan is not going to come in order to save her, Radha is still crying sitting outside on the floor while Mohan is unconscious.

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