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Radha Mohan 17th May 2022 Radha is with the Bihari jee exclaiming he was right to send Gungun at the right time otherwise Mohan would have committed a big sin, Damini in anger questions what does she desire because what sort of relief does she get by causing him pain,

Radha exclaims she would get sinned if she think of hurting him and can even fight with her Bihari jee, Damini asks if she feels that what she has done caused him a lot of happiness when Radha replies he is just a little mad and his anger is like a snow ball, Damini exclaims that she feels she knows him a lot, Damini pulls her to show what happened to Mohan.

Mohan in anger is thrashing the room, Shekar asks him to stop it because what has happened cannot be changed, Mohan exclaims what is wrong in loving a person with all his heart because he really loved Tulsi, it was really painful because she first left this house and then this world and as if that pain was not enough, the blame of murdering Tulsi also came on her head with which he is still living.

His daughter thinks that he is the murderer, he exclaims that the other students would tell the profession of their parents but what will Gungun say to them all, Damini forces Radha to stand in front of the window, she is shocked to see Mohan crying while exclaiming he really loved Tulsi but what did he get in return,

no matter how much he tries to forget her something happens that causes him to remember her over and over again, he starts wiping off the tattoo. When Radha is into able to see her Mohan jee crying so starts crying, Mohan mentions he feels suffocated in this house because that plant makes him remember Tulsi who cheated on him, Shekar informs Mohan that he must calm down because Gungun is just a child and doesnot know the truth,

he is sure that when she gets older then would know the truth. Damini in anger pulls Radha to the side asking if she found out the pain Mohan is suffering because of her actions, she leaves. Radha gets worried wondering what has happened, she sits infront of the Tulsi kun praying to Bihari jee what has she done,

because she came to end the pain of Mohan jee but instead gave him a lot more pain, she has committed a sin but now would have to fulfill this mistake because she is actually an illiterate person because she doesnot even speak English like Mohan jee and Damini. Everyone is right to say that she doesnot have a full mind,

the spirit of Tulsi thinks she actually doesnot have the full brain as she thinking the wrong person is honest, Damini along with her mother are standing beside the door, Damini’s mother exclaims even she doesnot change sides as quickly as her, Gungun comes questioning what is she doing, she asks Radha to follow her.

Gungun goes to her room but Radha stops at the door, she asks Radha to come and sit with her mentioning these are the sweets on the birthday of her mother which no one is going to eat and she is the one who cooked it,

Radha is about to eat it with a smile when Radha exclaims she will even bring Mohan jee as it would feel really nice but Gungun replies that he will not come here, Radha thinks she has given him a lot of pain for today but Radha replies she meant the Bihar jee, Gungun allows her to bring him.

Damini is in her room, her mother exclaims she saw how that girl brought the Tulsi without asking anyone and who knows she might even bring her own Doli, Damini turning replies that she would first have to die, Kadambari standing at the door mentions she is still alive and who is Damini to take such decision, she asks Kadambari saw what did Radha do, when Kadambari questions what will happen if Tulsi in anger does something to Mohan because of her stupid actions,

Damini tries to defends herself when Kadambari orders her to shutup exclaiming that she must not be so eager because she has caused a lot of problems when Damini requests her to just send Radha back home, Kadambari replies this cannot happen which worries Damini who asks if she is on their side when Kadambari replies she is just on the side of her Mohan and no matter what drama Radha did today,

it caused Mohan to not have the name of Tulsi on his arm because she would not even have Mohan for herself. Kadambari mentions that her problem is Gungun asking if she remembers the second condition of Mohan, because if Gungun doesnot consider him to be her father how is she going to accept her as her mother, Kadambari leaves in anger, Damini says to her mother this all happened because of Radha as she brought the Tulsi plant.

Radha place the Bihari jee when she performs the ritual mentioning she has performed the roug but now they both can have the dessert, Radha asks Gungun if she liked the dish mentioning they say Thankyou when someone does something good for them, Gungun explains that she is not her friend and the only reason she is sharing this dish is because she brought the plant of Tulsi.

Damini walking with her mother asks if she saw what was going on, Damini’s mother exclaims that she saw how Radha is trying to win her over but they are not going to let it happen as she will light such a fire in her heart that she will hate Radha when Damini replies that she sees an opportunity in this because Radha will be the one who will convince Gungun for the second marriage of Mohan.

Mohan is on the call with the teacher assuring that Gungun is going to participate in the event, the teacher replies she is glad he is also taking part in the activities of is daughter because this is the age when the bond between the parents and the child become stronger, Mohan looks to the portrait exclaiming that Tulsi left difference which seem like a hill at the time during which the relations between the parents and children tend to get stronger, he gets shocked seeing the plant move.

Radha is sitting in between the plants, Mohan questions what is she doing when she starts to explain that people tend to feel better after seeing some plants just as he gets angry after some like that of Tulsi, of which she learned yesterday, she immediately realizes how she once again took its name so apologizes,

Mohan with a smile mentions she is so intelligent but no one seems to understand it, Radha in excitement replies this is what she tries to tell her Grandmother who doesnot believe her. Mohan assures she cannot do anything wrong, he inquires about the other plants but she accidentally drops one on him causing his phone to drop, Radha even leaves the pot which falls on his mobile, Mohan looks to Radha.

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