Radha Mohan 15th July 2022 Written Episode Update


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Radha Mohan 15th July 2022 Lata jee demands that Mohan should apologize to her son, everyone is stunned hearing this when Radha exclaims she must hear her request as she is apologizing on his behalf, Mohan from behind assures he would apologize to Hiydei,

Radha turns to him in shock signaling there is not any need to do such a thing but Mohan standing looks at Hiydei, he walks over to him but before he can apologize, Hiydei hugs Mohan so everyone is stunned, Hiydei steps back exclaiming Radha was right to say that he cares for her so he doesnot want to hurt his feelings by making him apologize,

Dadi asks if they should now start the ritual so she asks Rameshwar to give the Coconut and money when he replies the auspicious time has ended, Kaveri exclaims at that time Mohan took it, Damini asks her to stop talking.

Hiydei exclaims that when the hearts have met then what is the need to wait for the auspicious time, Damini brings Radha to come and stand beside him, she is constantly looking at Mohan when Hiydei requests if he can talk with Radha privately,

Kadambari informs he can talk with her in the Mandir, Hiydei notices she is still staring at Mohan so he calls her, she gets stunned then starts walking with him to the Mandir, Kaveri exclaims they both are looking really nice together.

Hiydei informs that his mother has been trying to find a suitable match for him but he refused however he agreed to meet her at once when he found out that her name is Radha, and after meeting her feels that she is also like her so they are the part of two coins which cannot be complete if they are not together.

Hiydei questions what is her story when he replies that she would not answer his question, so exclaims that if a girl is ready to put her own self respect at risk for someone then it means that she cares for him, he mentions he is talking about Mohan and her relation,

informing if she has anything in her heart for Mohan then how can she give him any place in it, he apologizes to her in advance before questioning if she has any feelings for Mohan then should tell him, he assures of taking the entire blame on himself so she would suffer anything. Radha asks if he wants to know weather,

she has any relation with Mohan, she replies that she has a very strong relation with him which cannot ended, Radha accepts that she loves Mohan also but it is as he loves Radharani and she the Bihari jee, as Mohan came to her life at the time when she had lost all hope, he gave her a chance to start living once again.

Kadambari is scolding both Mohan and Gungun, she informs that Hiydei has come here for the proposal of Radha so why did he slap him in front of everyone, Kadambari exclaims this is the first time that she is not supporting him, Gungun turns mentioning but she is supporting him for the first time,

Mohan starts smiling when Kadambari scolds her saying that the elders are still present to sort out such matters. She can understand Gungun has befriended Radha so doesnot want her to leave this house. She questions Mohan what would those people think about them as a family, thinking they donot want to get Radha married. Mohan replies they have even then lied to them all.

Dadi coming from the door explains that she is the one who hid the truth questioning if they would have allowed Radha to marry him, Dadi mentions she respects them as a family but if this relation breaks then she would blame their family for all that has happened. Dadi explains the society treats them differently and they would forget the murder blame on him but what about Radha,

Dadi leaves in anger while Mohan is tensed so Gungun consoles her.
Mohan is standing with the entire family, kaveri exclaims that her stomach is aching as she doesnot know what they are talking about,

Radha and Hiydei both enter the house when Gungun thinks that Radha would have refused to marry him so he must go back to his own house, they question Radha what has happened when Hiydei asks if they should start the rituals since he had already agreed but now Radha has also said yes to him, Radha recalls when she informed that people mistake her affection for love, Hiydei says she doesnot have to prove anything to him but then inquires if she also loves him.

Tulsi standing wonders what sort of situation is this since there is pain on both of their face but either of them is still unaware of the truth that is in their heart.

Dadi asks Mohan to give the coconut and money to Rameshwar so they can start the ritual, he looks to Radha and is tensed while even Gungun is really worried, she looks to Radha with tears in her eyes. Mohan walks to Rameshwar handing him the coconut and money who then gives them to Hiydei while Mohan is just standing there,

Dadi starts performing the arti before applying the tika on Radha and Hiydei forehead. Damini smiles thinking now her plan would be fulfilled. Lata jee coming reveals that in their family the bride wears the bracelet so she must not take them off till the wedding, Kaveri is stunned but Kadambari signals her to calm down, they both take the blessings from the elders and walk to Mohan but he leaves in anger, leaving everyone stunned.

Dadi asks Lata jee if they should match the kundali’s of them both so the date of the wedding can be finalized, lata jee also desires it to happen as soon as possible.

Mohan entering the room throws the watch when he sees the books, with which he would teach Radha, he opening starts recalling how she would pronounce the spellings, he would sit and correct it all, but she always had to joke about it. He scolded her when she decided to write his name with the letter M,

he exclaims he doesnot know when he gave the Bhagwat Geeta but she considers him as Bhagwan, he knows what she has done for him even Bhagwan jee did not do, the daughter who never came close to him has started talking with him, he thinks she really has held a mind as she decided to marry the women after meeting him for ten minutes.

Mohan exclaims he did not know who she was when she came to his house the first time, he had no reason to let her stay but how can someone feel so different in just a month, he feels that Hiydei is not a good match for him so why does he feel it so wrong, Tulsi thinks that Radha is also really simple but he must use his mind to understand his feelings, she requests for a sign.

Mohan exclaims he doesnot feel nice when Radha is getting married, Radha also sitting in the Mandir exclaims even she cannot understand why is she not feeling happy even when she is getting married. Mohan is also tensed.

Tulsi coming in front of the Mandir exclaims she has always understood all the signs which he showed him, they broke the varth of each other but they both are not able to understand it all, she requests Bihari jee to give him a sing. Radha sitting also requests when she notices the knots on her dupatta and then exclaims how can she marry now when her work is not complete,

she exclaims that she has to make Mohan jee meet him and even mend the relation with Gungun, Radha says she has understood why she was feeling so tensed. Radha exclaims her Dadi would be not calm until she gets married but she will not feel fine until she completes all the task which she came to do in this house, Radha while stepping back slips causing the bangles to fall on the ground and break, Mohan meanwhile catches her.

Tulsi sees the bangles on the floor, with a smile recalling how Lata jee asked her to not take them off, she exclaims she has got his sign as both Mohan and Radha are together in the Mandir.


Radha Mohan 16th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Dadi hugs Radha and says, congratulations, date for marriage is fixed after 3 weeks. Mohan looks at Hriday and his mother and thinks, after looking at the expression of this son and mother, they look totally different from inside, I have to do something. Mohan says to Hriday why don’t we go and talk outside in person like friends.


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