Radha Mohan 14th May 2022 Written Episode Update


Radha places the food in front of Bihari je, exclaiming that she did the Jaap on the single feet just because of the Geeta but he also did her second desire as the heart of Mohan jee is only hard from the outside but it is still the same from inside, she recalls how he said that she exclaimed this is the precious Geeta but it just came from the printing press, but then why did he come back with it.

This shows that he still cares for the feelings of other people. Radha requests Bihari jee to once again make Mohan jee as the same old person. Dulari calls her from behind explaining she stands on her single feet during the day and in the night still dances like a snake, she angrily asks her to sleep. Radha quietly prays.

Kantamwari informs Damini that tomorrow is going to be a really hard day for them, Damini’s mother asks what is important about tomorrow when they at once exclaim that tomorrow is the birthday of Tulsi, Kantamwari explains she doesnot want Mohan to do anything wrong tomorrow since this happens every year,

when she doesnot want him to ever think about ending the marriage, Damini exclaims she would never let Mohan do anything of the sort, and as for Tulsi she is going to need the help of Guru maa and in fact is going to meet her today. As tomorrow with her birthday it will be the last day of Tulsi in this house.

Gungun in her room is marking the date of her mothers birthday, she is weeping exclaiming no one in this house cares that tomorrow is her mothers birthday and if she was alive then Gungun would have hugged her tightly and wished her but it is not the case,

she doesnot know that the spirit of her mother Tulsi is sitting Infront of her, she requests Gungun to not cry and even tries touching her but recalls she is not able to do it, she requests her daughter to not cry but Gungun is not able to listen to her.

Damini is sitting in front of Guru maa who exclaims that some days are really important for those who are dead because this is the day that their loved ones are remembering them. Damini exclaims that no matter how much Mohan exclaims of hating her, he will still remember her on her birthday and also her daughter.

Guru maa exclaims that if the spirits get strong on these days there are still ways to end their strength, she mentions that Tulsi would surely go to the place which is important for her so they must find it and set a Hawan kun there and just as Tulsi comes near it, they should trap her. Damini gets tensed asking what would they trap her in, Guru maa takes out a bottle mentioning tomorrow would be the last day of Tulsi.

In the morning Kantamwari is with Shekar explaining he knows what is special about today and how Mohan gets, so he must take care of everything when Shekar replies she must rest assured as this is why he has come so he will go and check on Mohan.

Karan is with his sister mentioning they must make a bet as something really strange is going to happen today, she replies that she will not make a bet which she will lose because Mohan gets really angry the one who died has left but left a mark on Mohan.

Radha walks to the mandar when Dulari explains she is cleaning so Radha can perform the pooja after a while, Radha asks why is there not any plant of Tulsi as it is really important for the pooja and she must at least plant it, Dulari request her to not even take the name of Tulsi as it is not permissible in this house,

Radha doesnot understand when Dulari exclaims this is the name of their Bhabhi Tulsi who died, Radha in excitement exclaims she is about to do something for her when Kantamwari from behind exclaims that she will not do anything for Tulsi as they cannot even take her name in this house, she is glad that Radha saved the life of her daughter but she cannot do anything that will cause pain to her son Mohan. Radha wonders what is wrong with planting it.

Mohan in excitement asks Shekar why did he come so late, Shekar doesnot understand when Mohan replies that he texted him as they are going to go for the concert and then also have a lot of beer along with surfing, Shekar replies he needs to reach the court tomorrow at which Mohan asks what about some other place but at least he also agrees to go with Shekar to the court as it has a lot of drama when Shekar replies that they see the truth in the court from which he is running away, Mohan agrees that it is now the right time to face it, he turns the portrait when the spirit of Tulsi in anger asks him to dare and go at the place which was important for her and marks the place of their love.

Damini in her room is wondering what place was important was Tulsi as she would have never stepped in the kitchen and she was always fighting with Mohan in their bedroom. She is not able to understand the place then looks at the Tulsi kun, recalling how she would pour water on the plant while Mohan would also help her, they both would perform the pooja when he would apply the Sindoor.

Mentioning her morning starts from the Tulsi plant while his morning only starts from her, she recalls how he would look at them both spending their time, and this was the special place of Tulsi.

Gungun is playing in her room when Radha seeks permission to come inside but Gungun doesnot reply, Radha sees how she is trying to cover the doll but is failing when she asks her for it to show the right way, she corrects the doll asking if this was the right way, Radha exclaims this is the most beautiful doll which she has, Gungun replies her name is Tulsi but she doesnot know that her mother is looking at her.

Damini is preparing the place according to the instructions of the Guru maa, when she recalls how Guru maa explained that when it is prepared then Tulsi would not be able to resist and come to near it , when she will be trapped into this bottle because of its special powers and then she is going to torture her to the extent that she will prefer to die. Damini exclaims this is the end for Tulsi.

Gungun explains that her mother’s name was Tulsi, but no one in this house celebrates it and so she celebrates it with her friends when Radha exclaims, they must celebrate it in the same way which the birthday is celebrated.

Radha is walking when she bumps into Damini, Radha immediately apologizes but Damini exclaims that she has an important work to do and so would not fight with her, Radha exclaims even if she is going to do something really important. Radha exclaims she is preparing the kheer for the birthday of Tulsi but then recalls how she must not take her name; Radha prepares the kheer leaving with a bowl.

Damini is with her mother performing the ritual after which Tulsi would get trapped when her mother exclaims, she is going a Shraap.

Gungun asks why did she make kheer, Radha replies there are two things first that kheer is the dish mde at every auspicious day and secondly, she doesnot like when people start cutting cake, Gungun is about to light a candle, Radha stops her saying she must instead light a diya as Candle end but the Agni must keep on going only when blessings would be showered on this house. Radha gets up thinking now she must do the thing that will bring peace into this house.


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