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Radha Mohan 11th May 2022 Radha with a saddened face is slowly walking into the room, He explains that the Geeta is made of machine, and the cost is 250, there is no solution to solve the problem and it is just thew matter of trust which he doesnot have in the Geeta, Radha walking drops a piece of paper which the mother of Damini sees, she picks it up reading it and then in anger exclaims that Radha wants to make a relation of love with Mohan.

Radha enters the room where she sees Gungun blacking the entire face of Mohan so questions what is she doing, Gungun replies that she hates Mohan and is blacking his face, Radha replies that she must not talk like this when Gungun notices something is wrong, so questions what has she happened to her as Mohan said something to her,

Radha replies that she doesnot even know how he became like this because he does not even remember her and the Geeta which he gave her, he doesnot believe in Bhagwan, Gungun replies this is why she is blacking his face because he is like this and he made her stay back by taking the name of her mother,

he is the killer when Radha holds her face saying it is not the truth because he did not kill anyone. Radha explains she knows Gungun is really sad and angry with what happened but does she know when Radha was young this happened with her as her mother died, she used to blame everyone when one day it all got fine, she also takes the Geeta mentioning this has all the problems in it,

Mohan jee gave her this and it is written that the soul never dies and her mother is still beside her, the spirit of Tulsi is sitting behind her smiling. Gungun replies her mother is not with her when everyone else has their mother, Radha explains there is nothing to be worried about as she will read a Shlok that will make her feel nice, Gungun pushes her away mentioning her mother has died and she is not with her,

no one cares about it not even Radha. She rushes away when Radha thinks she wishes she could have make her understand that when Bihari jee gives the pain then they also give the strength to fight it, Radha wipes off the black lines from the face of Mohan before leaving with the Geeta, Tulsi exclaims she should let Gungun go as she is a child but Radha was able to understand it, however if she was in the place of Radha then would have make her understand in the same way, she is the one who is happy that Radha came into this house.

Radha while walking out bumps into Damini, she immediately apologizes asking if she got hurt when Damini questions what was she doing in the room of Mohan, she questions if Radha stole anything when Damini blames that she was stealing, Radha questions how can she say such a thing when she can never think about stealing.

Damini asks her to go and rest in her room, Damini thinks that she is staying in this house because she saved Gungun so how can she stand in front of her when she starts crying on the small things, she exclaims her mother just overthinks everything.

Dadi is sitting with the pandit jee when Kantamwari jee comes mentioning she can also perform the Darshan in the Mandir, when they both leave saying that it is the right thing.

Damini’s mother asks if she understood because Radha wants to marry Mohan, Damini questions where is it written that she loves Mohan as she just wants to give him the Geeta, her mother however says that she is not aware of the real intentions which girls like Radha have, Damini gets frustrated so she leaves the room.

Her mother exclaims there was no need to save the life of Radha as then it would have caused two of the problems to be solved because Gungun could have died while the condition which Mohan had placed would have also been solved, she is laughing when she suddenly falls on the bed feeling as if someone has slapped her.

Radha in her room is sitting on the bed wondering why is it that Mohan jee doesnot believe in him, he could have heard it all. Radha tries to apply the medicine when she is not able to because her knee is not moving, she accidentally causes the glass to fall which breaks. Mohan questions where is her attention,

she apologizes but then once again starts screaming, he asks if she is hurting but she replies that she is fine. He calls Dulari but they do not reply when he exclaims where have they all died, Radha requests him to not talk like this explaining Dulari went to bring the vegetables while her father went to the Mandir, Mohan asks her to end this live telecast so sits on the bed, he is about to apply the medicine when she stops him explaining he is Mohan jee,

he replies he did not know that his name is Mohan jee, she refuses to let him touch her feet, when he questions how would he be able to apply the medicine, she informs she will pray with Bihar jee so her pain would end when Mohan replies she has saved the life of his daughter and this is the least he can do, she starts moving it so he threatens to break it if she moves it one more time,

he slowly starts applying the medicine on her feet, she starts weeping looking at him, she is not even able to take her eyes off her. Radha seeks permission to ask a question, asking if he truly doesnot believe in Bhagwan, when he asks if she started once again,

Radha starts reading some verses mentioning when he asks if she is mad because he always after meeting her thinks that she is like a live telecast of Geeta, she apologizes explaining she was talking about Bihari jee which angers Mohan who asks her to take the medicine and apply it herself, he walks out of the room while Dadi enters in amazement.

Damini’s mother slowly stands up asking Tulsi where is she mentioning Gungun is their young daughter and she did not say anything but Tulsi keeps on slapping her again and again while she starts to apologize yet Tulsi doesnot stop, Kantamwari is shocked to see that Tulsi is beating her sister, she stands infront of her sister because of which Tulsi stops, she recalls the vow which Mohan gave her that she will never come in front of her family, she requests Tulsi to leave them all because she is not even leaving their family after death, Tulsi exclaims she is leaving her because of Kantamwari otherwise she would never leave who think ill of her daughter.

Damini’s mother is glad that Kantamwari came to protect her otherwise she would have died, Kantamwari thinks they should tell Mohan but Damini mentions she feels they must not talk about anything in the past, Kantamwari mentions that he is in the most danger, Damini mentions she will never let Tulsi win again.

Dadi questions Radha what was going on here, Radha replies he was just applying the medicine when Dadi threatens to teach her a lesson when she goes back home, Radha replies she was very sweet in front of everyone else, Dadi explains it was necessary at the time but now she must teach her a lesson, Radha replies she will not leave because Mohan jee allowed her to stay till his marriage,

Dadi mentions if she stays then his second marriage would never happen, Radha gets tensed explaining she respects him like Bihari jee but Dadi explains the world would give her respect the name of love, hearing this Radha asks her to not talk like this, she immediately apologizes to Bihari jee when Dadi mentions she is the only one who knows the truth about her heart but they all would still say that she loves Mohan,

Radha is shocked to see that the mother of Damini is standing behind listening to their conversation, she rushes yelling everyone to come to the hall, Damini asks why did she start it all once again because it is enough, she explains they all did not believe her but this time she came with the proof because Radha did not come into this house for the marriage of Mohan but he himself, Rahul asks Kantamwari that she should have also named him like a deity because then girls would also roam around him like her favorite Mohan, he walks to stand infront of Radha asking if this is the truth and she loves him, Radha gets terrified.

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