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Radha Mohan 10th November 2022 Mohan asks Ketki to be careful, she slowly steps on the bridge however her saree gets stuck on it and s she is walking, there is a speed breaker which causes her to fall, Kaveri is glad someone died when the reporter says he was not able to save his own sister.

Sometime earlier, Kadambari instructs Mohan to hurry up since there are only twenty minutes left, Mohan manages to shift the driver when the reporter exclaims that Mohan has managed to do what they were not able to think off as he has saved all of the twenty students along with the driver but the only people left are his own family as Gungun along with Ketki and Mohan’s Radha is in the bus, Tulsi says he for the first time said the right thing.

Rahul says to the parents how his brother has proved they can do anything since Mohan has saved their children even when they were saying the Trivedi family is a risk for them all, the parents apologize to him but he asks them all to just pray that nothing happens to his family, Mr Trivedi assures nothing is going to happen to their family since he is sure Mohan would save everyone, Rahul prays nothing should happen to their family.

Mohan asks Gungun to come out but she is just standing there when Gungun refuses to leave with Radha, she thinks the diesel is about to end in the bus. Mohan once again asks Gungun to come and even Radha says she needs to go but Gungun refuses to leave saying she will only accompany Radha, she informs how Gungun knows it is important if she keeps driving the bus otherwise everyone would be at risk, Gungun says they need to ask everyone to leave, she calls Mohan asking him t leave since she will come with Radha.

Everyone hears Mohan requesting Gungun to hurry since they do not have much time when the reporters mention why is it so difficult for Mohan to protect his own family. Radha ask Gungun if she remembers the story of when Bihari jee had to leave his own house because Yashoda maa and Bihari jee were not prepared to leave each other but he had to leave in order to protect everyone,

Mohan wonders why is Radha telling Gungun stories, Radha explains when they have to take such extreme decisions in life then need to protect themselves, Kaveri also asks Gungun to leave, Kadambari exclaims they need to hurry up, Mohan mentions he might have to go inside the bus, Damini wonders why is he going into the bus knowing there is a bomb.

Tulsi mentions she knows why Mohan is going inside the bus because Gungun would have refused to come out without Radha, she is just like her father.

Gungun asks Radha if she is her Yashoda Maa, Radha starts smiling asking if this is something worth asking because her love has given birth to the mother inside her so Gungun is her daughter while she her mother, kaveri is emotional hearing this, Gungun makes her promise that nothing would happen to her and she will come out, Radha apologizes for making this false promise since she might not be able to stay alive but the happiness which she has given calling her as Maa is really worthwhile,

she prays she is the mother of Gungun in the next life, Mohan replies he would come to protect Radha after a while, she asks if Gungun would not accept the instructions of her mother, they both are really emotional when Radha asks Gungun to leave, she is really tensed and emotional wondering what might happen to Radha,

Kaveri exclaims she is telling the truth so Gungun needs to leave, she finally gets up going to the door, Gungun makes Mohan promise that he would bring Radha safety out of the bus, he assures he will bring Radha out of the bus, Mohan requests her to hurry since they have very little time. Kadambari starts getting dizzy, Gungun is scared but Mohan manages to help her however she is still crying, he manages to shift her onto the truck, everyone is relieved.

Kaveri and Damini both are furious thinking their plan failed.

Mohan asks Ketki to come, Kadambari instructs her to hurry up when she advises Radha to take care of herself, Ketki slowly starts walking on the ramp when she is scared, the bus foes over a speed breaker so Ketki falls calling Mohan, Kaveri smiles thinking someone has died however Mohan managed to catch Ketki before she could fall, Radha and Kadambari are relieved while the Trivedi family is also joyed.

Ketki notices the Rakhi around his hand, she replies if he had not held her hand she would have died, Mohan replies she tied the Rakhi in his hands so he would always be ready to protect her, Ketki is not able to move since her sarree is stuck in the door, she tries her best to remove it while Mohan instructs her o be calm, she tears it while trying to remove the saree. Mohan is also able to safety place Ketki on the truck, Kadambari starts getting dizzy while driving the bus, Kaveri act as if she is glad they were saved.

Kadambari is really dizzy, so Radha calls her, Mohan also questions if she is fine when she mentions she is starting to get tired and Mohan exclaims they just have to protect Radha.

The inspector calls Mohan asking him to return to the bus with the students, he asks what about Radha when the inspector tries to explain they cannot risk the life of so many children for the sake of only Radha, Kadambari asks Mohan if everything is fine when he assures there is no problem, Radha instructs Mohan to take all of the students back to their parents, Mohan wonders how can they leave Radha alone in the bus, he recalls Damini said they will focus on saving Radha, he exclaims there is still a fourth part of their plan.

Damini while watching the news thinks that she is still glad how only Radha would be taken out from her path, she starts smiling.

Mohan informs Radha how he has to take the children back to the ground because it is not safe for them, Radha asks Mohan to not worry about her but he replies he would surely come back to save her, Gungun refuses to go without Radha but Mohan replies he will surely come back to save her, Mohan thinks he doesnot feel like leaving Radha alone.

Kadambari slows the truck while Radha drives off in the bus, Radha thinks she doesnot want go away from him but it is also the truth that she might not be able to stay alive after today, Mohan is worried

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