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Qurbaan Hua 8th February 2021 Neel purposefully drops the blood packet saying that it is the wrong blood group and the person can die because of it however Chahat mentions how it is the same blood group, she also warns that if anything wrong happens to her patient then she cannot live with him anymore.

Sometime earlier when Neel is performing the pooja, the lady sees Chahat so goes out then thanks Chahat for showing them Neel as he is a really good Pandit and they would also have Neel perform their pooja as well, Godambari over hears their conversation from behind the corner, she goes inside and tries her best to instigate Vyas je by saying that they have come because Chahat pleaded with him, Baleq also mentions how they have not been so worried that people come to them because of their financial problems however Vyas je stops them saying how he is in a state of bliss so doesnot want to think of anything that is against his desire to see Neel as the new Mant.

Godambari turning to Baleq exclaims that if this continues then he will bring Chahat as the daughter in law of the family, Baleq exclaims how he will not let anything of the sort happen, Baleq mentions how he felt very nice when Neel got to perform the pooja however it was all because Chahat pleaded for him, Neel gets angry so gets up asking why did she have to do because he doesnot want to live on her gifts, Chahat gets a call from the hospital so rushes away as there was a landslide.

Neel leaves after getting angry, the person comes after Neel so tries to give him the money, Neel refuses to take the money because he is giving it to him because of Chahat however the person explain how they did not come to him because of Chahat but desired that Vyas je perform the pooja however his friend Bophandar explained how he is ill so Chahat suggested that they have Neel perform the pooja but the final decision was their own, Neel is angry with Chahat however the person explains how it is not wrong for a wife to care for her husband as Chahat still desires that he gets a better job even when he is angry so Neel must try to care for his wife.
Neel realizes how he was wrong, and the person is right because he should not be rude with Chahat as it is wrong, Neel thinks of how he should make the Chinese food which Chahat likes which would correct his mode.

Neel reaches the hospital asking for Chahat however when he comes to know that she is busy, Neel takes a pen and paper so decides to write a note when he hears Ghazala talking with a person explaining how she would get Chahat fired as the blood group is not correct and it will kill the patient, Neel thinks that he would not let Chahat get fired. Chahat is in the operation theater when Ghazala comes, Neel also runs and throws the bottle explaining how it is the wrong blood group.

Chahat takes up the bottle explaining how it is the right blood group she asks why he do it when he doesnot know anything about treating the patients, she warns how she would not be able to live with him if he messes with her work, she orders him to leave the room however he gets really sad with her reaction.

Ghazala is standing outside explaining how he has heard what Chahat said, Ghazala reveals how she purposefully acted as if the blood group is wrong as then he would make a mistake that will anger Chahat and she will lose her job, she mentions what would happen when the patient dies because of waiting for the blood and then their love story would end, she mentions how what Chahat has said would one day become the truth, Neel exclaims how their love is not that weak and she will not be able to ruin their love as she is not capable.

Ghazala gets really mad so calls Baleq exclaiming how Neel has challenged her and now it has become important to separate them both, she explains their next plan to Neel.

Chahat is relieved when she is able to stabilize the patient, the senior doctor comes when the nurse explains how Chahat has the ability to cure any patient, Chahat mentions how they can just try but it is up to God to provide health.

Chahat after giving instructions sits on the bench when she is about to ruin her Mangal Sutur, Chahat realizes how she scolded Neel and then gets angry with her when she realizes that Neel throwed the bottle and even Ghazala was standing there she realizes how it was the plan of Ghazala and she also said a lot of rude words to Neel because of being stressed, she thinks of how she should not just say sorry but should buy some gift for Neel, she starts thinking then a ward boy come saying that she has got a parcel which is the marriage certificate so she decides to gift Neel the same marriage certificate.

Neel prepares the cake in the house and writes sorry patni jii when her mother asks him to stay however Neel mentions how he is scared of her so decides to write a note, he is sitting when realizes that Chahat has come so he immediately hides praying that she eat the cake.

Neel is standing outside and is really worried, praying that if she has eaten the cake then would have forgiven her, Chahat leaves when Neel heads inside where he finds the marriage certificate all torn up which worries him a lot.

Chahat is explained that she has to go to the vaccination camp where she has to explain the importance of the vaccine for corona virus, Ghazala comes threatening that she is the trustee of the hospital so anyone who refuses to go on the camp would be fired.

Neel finds a parcel where there is a note ion which it is explained how she cannot adjust with his religion and also is not able to live with him as they are a lot of different, Neel starts crying as he is not able to believe what Chahat has said.
Chahat gets tensed and is not even able to call Neel because her mobile phone has no battery so she gets tensed, Ghazala explain how her husband is jobless and how would they be able to eat anything if she also loose her job.

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