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Qurbaan Hua 7th January 2021 Neel places the gun on his head, Meera tries to stop him when Neel exclaims that he would go to Chahat as it would prove his love for him, and he cannot live without her.

Some time earlier Naveli comes to Baleq asking if he were able to kill Baleq, when he explains that he has hit him with a knife and there are very little chances of his survival but his desire to see him die could not happen because Neel and Chahat came to the hospital, Naveli explains how her mother told how Chahat left in a hurry for the hospital. Baleq asks her to leave because he would not leave until the matter is able to sort and they know that Baig is dead.

Neel is frantically searching for the person however is not able to find him, he asks the nurse who doesnot anything then Baleq comes asking about what has happened because Vyas je told him to go because he was worried, Baleq asks to come and see Baleq as they have to take the revenge of Saraswati’s murder, Neel think that if Baleq sees Chahat there then would be suspicious so he cannot take him, Neel sends him home and calls to Chahat in the room however when she doesnot open he breaks the door and is shocked when he doesnot find Chahat or Dr Baig, he wonders where they have gone so think if KashMeera has done anything to them both, he calls her however she doesnot attend the call, he puts the phone in his pocket when receives a video message from KashMeera asking him to see Chahat for one last time as she would kill Chahat and never let her come in between their love because she would not kill him and his family would kill him because she would reveal the truth about her being a Muslim and that she is the daughter of Dr Baig who is behind the murder of Saraswati so if the desire justice then should come to the Sitara Godown as she has also sent the video to his entire family, Neel think that even god doesnot have the strength to snatch Chahat from him so what can she do.

Neel with all his might runs to save Chahat thinking that everyone form his family would have seen the video, he reaches the Godown when Meera points the gun towards Chahat, he comes behind Meera and seeing her runs to Chahat when she firs a bullet and it hits Neel, Meera runs to Nelson asking why did he come between because he would not be able to save her as it is not in his ability, Neel turns to Chahat when Meera asks why is he saving her, Meera pointing a gun exclaims that no one can come in between them, he throws the gun away exclaiming how if she tries to harm Chahat then he would forget that they had any relation because he has taken the oath to protect her.

Neel says to Meera how it is madness however she is adamant to kill Chahat as even if he is able to save her from her bullet then his family would kill her slowly as they have come to know her truth. Meera fires a bullet which hits Chahat and she gets unconscious, Neel hold her in his hands then sits with her when he realizes that she is not breathing, he exclaims how she cannot leave him and he would not be able to live without her, Meera is not able to believe what she ahs done. Neel asks her to wake up and let him pay for his sons as he loves her a lot and cannot live without her, he feels that his love has lost. Meera exclaims that it is nothing to worry about because she is a Muslim and he was also trying to send her away, Meera asks why did he not fight for her love because he did not have the strength, Neel asks her to stop talking because she has not murdered Chahat but his love, Meera exclaims how she had to do it as otherwise she would not have got him, Neel exclaims how he only loves Chahat when Meera asks would he live with the memory of a dead girl when Neel sit beside and is placing the gun on his head exclaims how he would kill himself to be with Chahat, when she suddenly gets up and stops him from killing himself.

Chahat wakes up and they both hug each other, Meera starts smiling when Chahat explains how she performed the act with Meera, Chahat explains how Meera came to the room exclaiming how she killed her father, Chahat took off the blanket to know that it was not her father, Chahat hugged her exclaiming how she knows that KashMeera saved her father, Chahat makes her accept that she saved her father, Meera mentions how she got a call in the house and ordered them to change his room and when they decided to act, Chahat asks why Neel was about to give his life for her and that KashMeera was right how no one can love her more then him and even she loves him a lot, Meera whistles for their love exclaiming how they both would never exclaim how much they love each other so should never have tried to send her away because their love cannot be understood and she knows that their love would break all the barriers of love, Neel says that he never intended to break her heart but love happens without any barrier, KashMeera exclaims how they should inform Vyas jee about the love story, Neel stops her saying that they would inform him.

KashMeera leaves for the house exclaiming how she would wait, and they can come after some time.

A car stops in the market and from it comes out a woman who for the Muslim community is respected but indeed is really wealthy women, she has brought clothes and belongings for them all, she is even helping them all with the troubles, a man says that she should get long life and it is really Ghazala Baig who turns back.

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Telecast Date:7th January 2021
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