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Qurbaan Hua 7th December 2020 Neel wonders who is behind the kidnapping of Kripa, he wonders if Chahat knows about it, Chahat calls Awasthi jee asking about the footage on her mobile as it would be a backup, Chahat thinks that when Baleq has come to know of the drive then it is better that she has the footage on her mobile, Chahat goes to the room to destroy the pen drive but is shocked when she is not able to find her then thinks that she placed it in her blanket and restlessly starts to search for her.

Jamuna calls Chahat downstairs then asks about Kripa, she exclaims that she thought Kripa is with them, they all get restless and start searching for her, Godamabri exclaims that they are not able to take care of a child as Naveli has just gone for a few days, she exclaims that it might be the doing of Baig, Viyas jee gets restless and feels dizzy then Chahat tries to comfort him exclaiming that nothing would happen to Kripa as she is the daughter of Saraswathi.

Neel calls Chahat explaining how someone called him mentioning that he has kidnapped Kripa, Chahat gets worried and says that she would come to him and they will face it together, Neel tries to stop her however she ends the call, Viyas jee inquires why she said the word of Kidnapping, Chahat covers her words saying that she was talking to Neel who explained that he took her to the market to buy the dress and he should not worry because she will find her.

Neel reaches the warehouse and is restlessly searching for Kripa however is not able to find her, he signals her and hears the cry, Neel is shocked to see that she is lifted in the air with a rope, he gets mad and calls for the person to come in front as he should face him.
Baleq gets a call from Godamabri who exclaims that Kripa has been kidnapped, he says that he knows about it, Godamabri realizes that he is behind it so Baleq mentions that it would be a hurting situation when both Kripa and Neel do not come back alive to the house, Godamabri asks why does he want to hurt his own child, Baleq mentions that it necessary to win and he has himself kidnapped his daughter as both Neel and Kripa would burn in the blast that is about to happen, Neel seeing the wire realizes that there is a strong smell of gas so he immediately turns off the gas from the cylinder but is shocked when he is not able to, Neel realizes that if there is a small fire he would die.

Baleq explains that it would not be easy to get to Kripa and t reach her he would have to get to the basket and for that would have to step on a paddle and if he steps off then the machine would turn on and he would die, Godamabri mentions that he would get off at which Baleq explains that in that case the machine would start before ten minutes and under any option he would die, so they must celebrate beforehand.Baleq leaves the warehouse when Neel cries for help, he thinks of what he can do so pulls down Kripa then comforts her saying that he has come, Neel tries to break the bar and finally succeeds but is about to lose his balance, Neel picks Kripa with the steel rod in an attempt to save her.
Chahat is really worried in the car and she gets a call from the inspector who explains that Ramavtar has been freed on bail, Chahat thinks that it will be the working of Misses Baig, she thinks that they might have kidnapped Kripa.

Neel pushes Kripa away then exclaims that he questioned god as to why he is alive when his sister is no longer with her and that god listened when he was having fun living, Neel talks with his sister saying that does she remember the girl whom she liked and who scolded her but Saraswathi should not worry because Chahat would take care of both Viyas jee and Kripa and she is really a nice person. He explains that they both meet in just five minutes.

Chahat reaches the warehouse and is amazed to see that Kripa is alright ,she got really worried then calls to Neel, Chahat calls to Neel who exclaims that she should leave with Kripa but Chahat doesnot realize asking what has happened as they both would leave together, Chahat realizes that something is wrong so asks what has happened, he explains that the machine would spit out fire then they both would die as he has checked all the nobs, she tries to come closer however he explains the entire situation ordering her to leave.

Chahat realizes how he saved her life then orders him to stop mentioning that she lost him once but would not leave him again, she tries lifting the cylinders on the plank but he tries to make her swore however she explains that he would otherwise die, she refuses to take on the swore but hears the cry of Kripa so runs to her, Neel starts weeping.Chahat picks up Kripa and ties her on the back then runs to save Neel, she comes back to him however he asks why did she come back, Chahat mentions that she cannot leave him alone to die and would not be able to lice, they both hug each other and start weeping.


Qurbaan Hua 8th December 2020 Written Episode Update Precap : Chahat and Neel both hug each other, she counts from hundred then is able to push him off the plank, he is stunned to see how she was able to push him away.

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Telecast Date:7th December 2020
Distributed By :Zee Tv And Zee5


  1. Have stopped watching quer ban show. But strongly felt to voice our opinion about the award given & missed out the person who really deserved the award. Karan needed to get the award. This is so unfair. We are reading the comments & the heartache of the fans. The show is now having more romance which is not much appreciated by people.also we read the show has shifted its theme which is also making people to miss the uniqueness of the show. We pray for karan’s Good health. We have nothing against rajveer but Karan is definitely the best choice. We know we should adopt to the changes as this is the tinsel world but it was too fresh to accept the new Jodi. Karan sir we pray that God will bring you back hail & healthy.


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