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Qurbaan Hua 6th September 2021 Chahat screams at Neel asking him to leave her hand because she cannot understand anything, she cries exclaiming that her head is hurting, neel replies that if this is the truth and she cannot remember his love or their past so she can go and marry anyone, Neel exclaims to Saraswathi that he has lost because she cannot recall their love.

Sometime earlier Nele is holding the gun, Ghazala questions how did he dare, Neel threatens to kill Chahat if they take even a step forward, Vyas je questions what is this madness, Neel exclaims he has gotten mad and would take any step for his love, explaining they are forcing her to get married so if they don’t let him get married, he would also not let Chahat get married to anyone else, Vyas je once again tries to stop him but Bopho stops him saying he is doing this with a lot of planning.

Neel manages to take Chahat away from the hall, Zain orders his men to stop them when Vyas je stands in front of them threatening that they would have to go pushing him aside, Aalekh also says that Vyas je must not come in between when he slaps Aalekh saying that he warned them to not come in between the love of his son and Chahat, Zain also tries to remove Vyas je, his men try to leave when Naveli throws red chilli in their eyes so they fall to the ground. Vyas je mentions he prays that the love of his son and daughter remain strong, Zain exclaims he would show what he can do.

Shlok and Dua are crying wondering what would happen if Neel is not able to make Chahat realize their past, they wonder if Chahat would really leave them even if she is their mother, Dua exclaims Allah listens to the prayers of the children, even Shlok mentions Bhagwan listen to them so they both start praying in both the Muslim and Hindu way.

Neel takes Chahat into the room, she in anger questions has he stopped so low that he is now going to kill her, Neel throws the gun questioning why does she think he can harm her because he really loves her, Chahat questions why does he keep trying to make her remember the love which she cannot remember, she says she doesnot recall when Neel explains they did not reveal the truth to her because of the doctor advice but now it has gotten way too far and he cannot let her get married to anyone else, Neel takes out the album showing her the photos of their past, he explains that Shlok and Dua are their children and not of Naveli, Chahat sits down exclaiming that she cannot remember anything and even her head is hurting a lot, Neel explains she must remember that her father saved his sister and during that operation, she died so he after listening to Aalekh burnt her fathers hospital and house, she must remember their children, Chahat starts getting the memories and is not able to control herself so prays to Allah for help.

Vyas je standing in the hall prays that they be blessed because Shlok and Dua must not get to live without their mother, they all hear the voice of Ghazala so go outside, they are shocked to see that she is instigating the people who are Muslims explaining that the son of Vyas je has kidnapped their daughter from the stage and went in a room, Zain replies he was about to get in a Nikkah with her but they did not let it happen, Vyas je tries to explain that the language of love is the same and his son Neel loves Chahat a lot so how can he even try to harm her, Ghazala requests them to not listen to their words as they are trying to hurt her her, the men try to walk inside when Vyas je tries to stop them.

Neel is with Chahat in the room when she asks him to leave her as she is not remembering anything regarding his claims about their marriage or their children, she requests him to let her leave however Neel asks her to stay in this position for some time and not say anything as she would surely remember their love, Chahat pleads with him to not do this as she doesnot remember anything, she holds her hand asking him to leave and complains about a severe headache, Neel accepts that if his love is not able to make her remember their past, she can go as this is time his love lost but he would like to say one thing that he truly loves her, which is why he cannot see her in pain, he asks her to leave.

Chahat stands up walking slowly towards the door, she stops, Neel exclaims to Saraswati that he lost as Neel was not able to make her remember their love, she is going to marry someone else.

Neel is weeping when there is a severe storm, the photo frame of Saraswati starts moving, it falls on a thali who hits Chahat in the head.

Neel is not able to believe it so screams he name, Chahat holding her hand remembers each and every thing from her past, she even remembers the time when she lost her memory while saving Chahat and questioned who Neel is, as she forgot her relationship with the Dhiani family.

Vyas je is not able to stop the Muslims, they are trying their best to enter the house when Bopho exclaims they would not let them go inside the house.

Chahat turning to Neel asks how Dua as there is was a fire in the wedding, Neel is really excited thinking that she has remembered each and everything, Chahat says how could she not because they both love each other, she wonders how was she not able to remember him as if she did not get back her memory then might have married the other men.

Neel making her sit down applies the bandage, mentioning she belongs to him for the next seven generations, Chahat suggests that they should leave this place and go far away as people like Zain and Misses Baig would not let them live peacefully, they both hug each other when Zain comes saying that Neel has once again made her fall in his trap, Chahat coming to him says that he cannot murder Neel because it is only her right as Neel burned the hospital of her father, he hands her the gun, she pointing it towards Neel slaps Zain, mentioning it is because he tricked her and made her do the bad things, because of him she forgot Neel, she threatens to call the police as Zain can never love anyone because he has filled his heart with hate, she picks up the mobile, Zain manages to take the gun and points it towards them both, Neel sees the other gun but doesnot succeed in getting it, Zain says that even if she has gotten back her memory, he would be the one to marry her as today Neel is about to die, Chahat says she would not let anything happen to their love even if it means dying.

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