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Qurbaan Hua 6th January 2021 Chahat running to the hospital room apologizes that she was not able to save her father, Chahat sits down on the floor where she finds the earrings of KashMeera, KashMeera comes from behind the curtain explaining how she is really behind everything, she then takes out a gun pointing it towards Chahat.

Some time earlier, Godamabri pleads with Vyas jee to protect the honour of their family, Jamuna asks her to stop as without Chahat there is no family, Neel mentions that it is not the case as without Chahat they would also be able to live a happy and contended life as Chahat has proved that she is not worthy to be called the daughter in law of this family so mentions that he also desires that Chahat leave the house, Neel thinks that he has to be stubborn for her protection so turning to Vyas je asks him to fulfil his duty and be righteous, Vyas je says that she will indeed get the punishment for the wrong which she has done, he mentions that now he will give her the punishment and it is that she would have to leave the house as there is no place for her in this family, Jamuna also starts crying upon hearing the punishment.

Neel looks Chahat in the eyes who is not able to believe what has happened she stands there crying while everyone is also worried, Neel remembers how Chahat helped him when he got in the accident, Chahat starts packing her belongings remembering how she spent the moments with Neel, she packs her entire belongings then says to Neel that she has something which she would like to give him, she takes out a decoration which is made up of the moments which they have spent together, she explains how she would like to give it to him.

Neel turns asking who said that he would like to remember her as she has hurt him a lot and should take the windchild and leave with all her belongings, Chahat is left perplexed so putting it on the sofa starts crying before leaving the room, Neel immediately turns to take the windshield and apologizes to her mentioning how he would not be able to even smile without her but he also knows that his family who is a Brahman would never accept a Muslim as their daughter in law.

Chahat steps down from the stairs when Godamabri warns her to never show her face to the family and not come back, Chahat walks towards the door when Vyas je stops her, she turns back when Godamabri asks why he stopped her as she tried to ruin the family’s reputation, Vyas je asks her why she is doing this act as when the necklace is not the original, he breaks the necklace asking everyone to witness it, Vyas jee explains how he has a lot of questions but first needs to know where the original necklace is, Chahat explains that it is in the room of Kripa.

Vyas je turning says how he would talk with her in the room, Meera stops her threatening that she should never tell anyone about the pregnancy as then Vyas je would never accept her as the daughter in law of the family, she further threatens to bring her father to the house if she tells anyone, Vyas je orders Chahat to come with him.

Chahat hands the original necklace to him, Vyas jee questions why she lie and force them all to send her away, Chahat explains how she planned to inform him after leaving the house, Chahat sees that there is a call from the doctor on the mobile, she answers it to find the doctor asking about Neel mentioning how he was in the hospital, Chahat runs because she knows that Neel is in the house. Vyas je gets tensed wondering why Chahat is so worried for Dr Baig.

Neel while walking outside the room thinks that he would have asked Chahat to stay had she not been a Muslim, he gets a call from Vyas je who explains that Chahat ran to save Dr Baig when she got a call from the doctor and what is happening, Neel ends the call without saying anything else.

Baleq reaches the room and he exclaims that today Dr Baig would die and the secret of the murder of Saraswati would end with him, he stabs him with a knife but just then Chahat comes and starts screaming in the room, Baleq runs out but is shocked to see Neel coming who is in the hall, Chahat mentions how someone stabbed her father, Neel asks her to be with him while he would run after him, Neel tries to catch the culprit however he hits him in the head with a metal utensil before running away, Neel thinks that Meera might have done this to take revenge from Chahat. He is adamant to find the culprit.

Chahat while sitting is crying when she recognizes the earring of KashMeera in the room, KashMeera comes from behind exclaiming how she is shocked that Chahat recognized her earring in a second and that she is indeed behind everything, Meera then points a gun towards Chahat.


Qurbaan Hua 7th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Neel is shocked when he is not able to find Chahat anywhere, he gets a call from Meera who asks him to wish his love for the last time as she would surely Kill Chahat and should try to save her if he is able too.

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Telecast Date:6th January 2021
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