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Qurbaan Hua 6th April 2021 nurses bring Vyas je out of the house, the nurse advises Chahat to take care of herself because the old man gets violence attacks after some times so would she be able to take care of himself, Chahat mentions that she would have to take him back to Devpriagh, Vyas je hears her conversation so starts panicking refusing to go back, running in the garden exclaiming that there is someone there so he would surely not go back, Chahat orders the nurse to immediately bring the injection which she injects to Vyas je, he finally calms down and sleeps.

Dua is standing out of the house, she hears the news on radio that some protesters went on a hunger strike in Haryana and their demands were fulfilled, Dua exclaims that this is the best idea, she would also follow it.

Chahat is with Vyas je while he is sleeping, she thinks that he worked his entire life for the town but now got scared with the name of it, she feels that the situation is getting even more curious so she would have to go to Devpriagh alone, she is worried of how she would be able to face Neel as she strengthened her heart but now cannot understand what to do.

Dua is raising slogans against Neel sitting in the balcony of Neel’s house, Godamabri along with Alka, questioning if she feels Neel would give her the trophy if she acts like this, Dua is adamant explaining that had there not been any cheating she would have been the winner and until she is able to get the trophy she would go on a hunger strike, Neel inquires if she would still remain on a hunger strike if he offers her ice cream, Dua reveals that she would not eat anything, Neel in anger challenges her that he would surely make her break the hunger strike.

Chahat exclaims that in order to find out about the truth she with a heavy heart would have to go back to Devpriagh, a nurse comes with a glass of water for Vyas je, Chahat advises her to take good care of Vyas je and inform her timely about his health, she then leaves the room.

Neel asks Godambari to make sweets and pakoras and decorate them so he would take them to the girl ending her hunger strike, Godambari asks if he would make the dishes himself as then he would be able to win however Neel questions if she ahs seen him make any dish in the past six years because he has left any thing with the feeling of love because it caused a lot of pain. He asks them to hurry.

Dua is constantly raising slogans in the yard, Shlok sees her then explains when he fasts on Tuesday, he prefers to not talk much as it would cause a lot of hunger and thirst.

Godambari brings out the dishes exclaiming that she has made samosa and also has ice cream but is adamant to eat them however Dua comes to her which relaxes Neel who says that she was talking a lot about her hunger strike, Dua hands Godambari the samosa saying that it would taste better with the sauce, Godamabri also asks her to eat it however Dua says that she cannot ruin her desire as she would remain on her hunger strike, Dua reveals that her mother said if anyone eats in front of a fasting person then there would be insects in their stomach, Godambari gets worried hearing her words so calls Neel outside, Dua and Shlok both laugh at her innocence.
Neel demands that Dua end her hunger strike as she lost the race, Dua says that she lost because of the cheating which is why she is demanding the trophy, Alka requests Neel to give Dua the trophy because they know that Shlok has won the race however Neel exclaims that if Dua thinks that she is stubborn then he is even more stubborn so says that no one would give any food to the girl and she would stay outside the entire night. Godambari takes away the food, Dua questions Shlok why did he not eat, Shlok replies how could he eat when she was keeping a fast as then he would also be given punishment, Dua exclaims that such care is only shown by the best friends, they both then greet each other as if they are best friends.

In the night Neel sees Dua sitting outside and is really hungry, Neel lies down on the bed and doesnot understand why he is feeling bad when the girl is hungry even when he doesnot like children.

He feels that someone is in the kitchen so goes to check it, Alka also feels that someone is present in the house, Dua is searching the kitchen however is not able to find anything she feels someone behind her and then is relieved to see Shlok, he exclaims that she might be searching for the food however Dua exclaims she is searching for snacks as she gets an utter desire to eat them in the night, Shlok is not able to understand so gives her the packet of chips she then eats it and Shlok gives her another packet however Dua starts crying, Shlok asks what is the reason, Dua reveals that she has not stayed away from her mother in her entire life, Shlok mentions that his mother says that if there is some tension then one should sleep and wake up the next day, Shlok helps her sleep.
Alka realizes that she is the reason for the tension of the child so decides to reveal the truth, Neel gets furious asking how she could take such a step, Alka says that she only wishes to end the differences between them both but Neel explains that she doesnot have the strength to end the differences, and agrees to give her the trophy and medal as she was telling the truth and they were doing wrong because of him.

Neel walking down sits beside Dua, explaining she was right and Alka was the reason behind her losing the race, he asks Alka to apologize so she seeks an apology from Dua, she however stands mentioning that Alka should not apologize because she is a mother and they can never be wrong, just like her mother who is always right, she then agrees to not demand the trophy, Neel gets furious ordering that they send her away.

Alka says that she would call her father in the morning and they can sleep now, Shlok is happy and takes Dua mentioning that he would show her his room.

In the morning Dua comes down, everyone is decorating the house, she asks if there is a wedding however Shlok mentions that there is a function, Dua exclaims that there would be a lot of food and asks if they also have pudding, Shlok says to Alka maa that Dua likes pudding, Alka mentions they would have to talk with her father, Dua dials the number, Alka informs Sahil that his daughter is with them, he thanks Allah so Alka realizes that she is a Muslim just like Chahat which is why she felt the presence of Chahat in their house.

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