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Qurbaan Hua 5th February 2021 Neel calls Chahat and when she comes out he asks why did she leave him, he explains how he was working only to gather money for Vyas je so that he can also contribute, Chahat wonders that if she informs Neel of the truth then it would only create differences amongst them both, Godambari comes out asking Neel to come and see what Vyas jee is doing to himself, Neel is shocked to see that Vyas je is asking Baleq to hit him but then Vyas je explains that it is the only way to prove wrong the accusation of Chahat, Vyas je exclaims that Chahat says that he can walk even when they can see his condition and he cannot even feel the pain.

Neel turning to Chahat questions her asking if what Vyas je is saying is actually the truth, Chahat explains that she has seen Vyas je walking with her own eyes and he is just acting of not being able to walk, Neel is about to slap her however warns her to not say anything against his father, Vyas je questions Neel about his love explaining how Chahat was not able to defend him in front of the entire society, he inquires if this is the love for which they swore, Neel mentions how he stood by her against every accusation, however will not stand by her as she has crossed all the limits, Neel asks if she is feeling ashamed because of her position and that her colleagues would make fun of her as her husband is just a waiter, Neel sits in front of Vyas je apologizing for the actions of Chahat, he further exclaims how for the first time he felt that he might have made a mistake by marrying Chahat against his orders, He tries to walk past Chahat however she takes his hand and he however leaves.

Chahat is standing thinking of how they promised to celebrate and fight all the moments in their lives together but what has happened might ruin it, Baleq sits beside Vyas je exclaiming how their plan to ruin the relation of Neel and Chahat has been successful, Godambari turns to Chahat asking why is she still standing there when Chahat exclaims how she doesnot feel bad that Neel is angry with her because he has gotten closer to his father, she was trying to do it for quite some time, Chahat leaves while Baleq asks what kind of a person Chahat is because after being scolded anyone would leave the house, Vyas je exclaims that he knows it would not be so easy but he knows that Neel would not forgive Chahat as he has not even forgiven him.

Chahat enters her house where Neel is making the food, he is wearing the uniform and acts as if he the waiter so treats her like a doctor, she tries to explain however he doesnot believe her blaming how she was not there to stand with him when the entire world was accusing him, he makes Chahat sit on the table while he himself sits on the ground explaining how he is just a waiter so cannot afford to sit with her, Chahat pleads with him to scold him or even slap him however he says that he would go and sit outside the house while she sleeps peacefully.

Neel is working in the kitchen, Chahat comes from behind ordering him to make a coffee for her, he tries to ask someone else however is forced to make it for her, Chahat after drinking it explains how there is no sugar as he might have forgot to put because he was looking at her, Neel explains how he cannot have forgotten but Chahat insists that he drink it first, he after taking a sip explains how there is sugar and she mentions how he has a lot of guts so even kissed her when she shows how he kissed her after drinking the coffee, she even tries to take a selfie with him however he leaves explaining how he is really busy, Chahat leaves after saying that the coffee was really tasty, Neel also takes the cup of Chahat.

Ghazala gets really angry after seeing it on the recording then gets angry when she gets a call from Baleq who explains that he has created the difference amongst Neel and Chahat as promised to which Ghazala explains that she doesnot see any signs of problems amongst them however she would also not leave any chance to ruin their marriage.

Chahat is in her cabin when she hurts her eyes and asks the nurse to bring an ice pack however there is no one then she is about to fall however Neel catches her, she thinks that he is the nurse so instruct him to bring the ice pack and he brings it when she also asks him to massage her feet, he leaves before she is able to see it, Chahat however realizes that it might be Neel.

Neel is eating the lunch when Chahat comes requesting the other waiters to give them some space, she tries to have lunch with Neel however he leaves mentioning how he doesnot have the right to sit with a doctor, Chahat also tries to follow him however he pleads with her to stop but she mentions how she is glad as he took her name, Chahat explains how she was forced to leave him because it was all the plan of Misses Baig, Neel doesnot believe her when she thinks that he would turn if he loves her however he leaves in anger.

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