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Qurbaan Hua 5th April 2021 All of the children are warming up for the race, Neel sees Alka walking up the stage, he gets worried and Neel asks what is she doing here, Alka pleads with him to not be angry and explains that she was not able to live without him for even two days so was forced to come and meet him, Neel mentions that the only reason he is so weak is because of her intense care, Neel then says that Shlok is so weak because of her and then how can he scold his son when she was not able to live without him, he makes her swear to not say anything if Shlok is not able to win the race as he would then be punished.

The host announces the names of the participants and at the last explains that the son of the judge is also participating, hearing the name of his father Shlok gets really tensed and starts praying, Dua gets worried asking why he is so tensed of such a small race then orders him to not be so worried.

The race begins and everyone rushes off however Shlok is left behind, Neel gets frustrated seeing that he is second last then yells at Shlok to run and not worry about anything else, Alka also sees that Shlok is not performing as per their desires, she advises him to think of someone whose words make him strong, Shlok remembers the advice of Chahat and then once again starts his efforts, Neel is not happy so vows to teach him a lesson as he is the third last, Alka fears what he might do with Shlok so plans to do something so he wins the race.

Chahat is sitting with Vyas je in her house, she asks him of the incident because of which he is in such condition, he is not able to say anything, Chahat however vows to find out the reason because of which is in such pain, the nurse comes asking if she really called her, Chahat asks her to help her so they can make Vyas je sit in the car, she asks where is Chahat taking her, Chahat says that she would take him to his village of Devpriagh.

Dua is running ahead of everyone, she is sure that she would be able to win the race and show her mother that she is capable of winning any race, Alka vows to do anything to make Shlok win, she therefore standing at the end of the race throws the peel of Banana, Dua along with all the other contestants slip because of the peel, Neel along with everyone is worried, Shlok also sees that there is something wrong because Dua should be the winner however Alka asks him to not think of anything and run because he must be the winner, then Shlok is able to win the race, Neel is also really excited and happy that his son won the race, Shlok is also announced as the winner then Alka asks him to accompany her as they would reveal the news to his father, Dua wonders how did she lose then starts looking for some clue, she finds the banana peel and vows to not let anyone win after cheating, she exclaims that she would go to her home after taking the prize.

Chahat orders the nurse to bring the medicines of Vyas je, she thinks that she would take him back to the house with which she had broken all her ties six years ago and find out how Neel let such a wrong thing happen with his father.

The host announces those participants who have won the first three prizes, Shlok is standing tall, Neel places the medal around their necks and is requested to hand the trophy to Shlok as he has attained the first prize however they are stopped because Dua tries to reason with them saying that someone purposefully threw the banana peel on her track and the result are not true, Neel however tries to reason with her but she blames that Neel did this because he desired to take revenge from her for throwing the colour, Neel say that it is her fault as she should not have been looking at the clouds, Dua questions how can he see cloud on a sunny day, Neel clarifies that he meant she should have been more careful. She is still arguing when the host tries to scold her saying that she should not talk in such a manner with the judge, Neel explains that neither Shlok nor any of the other children are liars and would not resort to such an act, the host mentions that she should leave because she did not prepare well and should come back next year, he then asks Neel to hand Shlok the first prize, after the ceremony Neel asks Shlok to go to the room because he doesnot want him to be with such children.

Dua thinks that she would have to call her father, she calls Sahil who is taking a massage and she asks him to come because she really needs his help as there was a man with whom she got in a fight ad he then gave the first prize to someone else, Sahil however says that he is busy but Dua insists that he accompany her, she then says that she would get the medal and trophy no matter the situation so would go to the house of the judge, Sahil asks her to go and he would follow her, he then thinks that he killed her twin brother six years ago but now he prays that she also be lost somewhere, Sahil throws the stick and starts walking perfectly mentioning how he has acted so long and now is relieved that he would be able to live alone with Chahat.

Shlok walks with Neel and Alka to the car, he asks if he can call him as father because he has won the race, Neel however opens the door and sits in the car, Dua climbs in the trunk exclaiming what she has to do for her right, the car stops in front of the house, Shlok rushes to hug Godambari exclaiming that he cannot believe he has won the race, she asks him to change as she has made his favorite dish, Shlok gets excited, Neel orders him to take out his luggage from the car when he opens the trunk, Shlok yells after opening the trunk.

Neel along with Alka and Godambari and are shocked to see a child, Neel realizes that she is the same girl so understands that she came from Shimla, Dua demands that he give her the trophy and medal which she deserves, Neel however says that she will not get it because she lost the race, Shlok requests him to give her the medal because he doesnot want it, Neel orders them to take the luggage and come inside as they would leave Dua on the street, Dua prays to Allah for showing her the way to get the medal from the uncle.

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