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Qurbaan Hua 4th June 2021 Ghazala explains they both are her grandchildren, one of the guests recognizes the eyes of Shlok so asks who the father of the children is, Sahil enters saying that he is the father of the children when Chahat stops explaining he is not the father of her children, Dua explains the name of her father is Neelkand. Ghazala explains what an awful scene as their father time did not have to attend the party organized for his children.

Shlok pointing to Neel asks what is she saying when his father is already present in the party, Neel comes dressed as a waiter while holding glasses in the tray, Ghazal starts scolding him for his shortcomings explaining he was not even able to find any suitable work for his children, Sahil says that he did not get the contract because of his desire to work but the person who gave the contract was his employee, Sahil purposefully hits Neel so the juice falls on Sahil’s shoes, he shouts at Neel demanding that he clean the shoes if he desires the money, Naveli tries to take the children away but ghazala asks what good will it do when the children have seen the reality of their father, Naveli takes them away when Ghazala brings bangles to Neel saying he should wear them because he cannot find any suitable work, Neel is forced to clean the shoes so he kneels but Chahat stops him explaining they would not stay in the party for a single moment, she tries taking Neel away when Sahil exclaims this means she would submit the fees as he is still a lazy person, Chahat comes back applying cake on the entire face of Sahil, he questions how did she dare so also tries to throw the cake but she sits down and the cake hits the face of Ghazala.

Dua and Shlok also come smiling questioning how did the cake hit Ghazala’s face, Chahat explains that they are playing a game so they also should throw the cake, the entire family throws the cake on Ghazala and Sahil after which Chahat asks them to come back as it is time for them to go back home.

In the night Bopho is really angry with Neel for not inviting him to the party, he explains how he would have applied complete makeup on Ghazala’s face, he asks him to break his promise because he was when Chahat had left however she has come back so he must apply for a job at any hotel, Neel refuses explaining that the girl which has come back is not the Chahat which he used to know as she has inflicted the most hurting pain of his life, he would not step in the kitchen, Chahat coming out from behind the bushes says that she is the same Chahat which he used to know so would make sure he once again starts cooking.

In the morning Neel wakes up while Chahat sitting in front of the mirror is trying to scratch her back, he asks her to take out his clothes because he needs to go to work, he is shocked to see her face questioning what has happened, she reveals that she has gotten chicken pox and he must help her scratch her back as it is hurting, he panics mentioning he has to take the children away from her otherwise they would also contract the chicken pox, he has suffered the disease but they are still young, she pleads with him to scratch her back yet he takes the children away, while leaving the room they signal Chahat, she recalls when they made the circles on her face so Neel would be forced to cook.

Chahat is waiting when he hands her the gloves saying he should wear them otherwise there would be circles on her face, she throws them away questioning what the point is because she has to cook and it will burn them all, Chahat explains she would have to go but Neel stops her warning she must not leave the room while he would figure something out, he turns back seeing her but she is glad as he would have to do something for her.

Neel reaches the kitchen and asks Alka to prepare something for Chahat as she is not well, Alka is about to prepare when Godambari asks if she has any self-respect as she is about to prepare food for the person who has ruined her life, she takes her out which worries Neel, he then tries calling Naveli but Shlok and Dua coming says that she has gone to the market, they both act as if they are worried about their mothers health, Neel starts cooking when Dua questions if he knows cooking, he asks her to wait and see, she in forms Chahat who is relieved to hear he is actually cooking, Neel enters the room with the dish which Chahat really likes, she questions how would she eat with the gloves, he then feeds her with his own hands, she starts praising his dish which angers him, Shlok and Dua sit beside Chahat which worries who tries his best to separate them all, they ask him to not worry showing that it was all just an act, Neel gets furious seeing that they were lying.

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