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Qurbaan Hua 4th January 2021 Viyas jee gets angry upon hearing the Azzan so inquires what it is and how can Azzan be heard in the house of a Brahman, Jamuna asks from Meera what is happening and why is there Azzan in her mobile upon hearing this Meera explains that it is the mobile of Chahat, Godamabri inquires why is Azzan in her mobile and is she hiding the truth of being a Muslim, Viyas jee orders Chahat to tell the truth about what Godambari is saying and is she really a Muslim, Godamabri asks Meera to turn it off as now they would have to cleanse the entire house, Chahat asks her to stop as Azzan cannot be stopped until it ends, the Pandits who are with Viyas jee get angry blaming that Neel has married a girl who is a Muslim, they threaten to take the seat of Mant from him because he has a Muslim girl in his house, Neel stops asking the Pandit to not create such a scene, he explains how they went to the hospital where a Muslim man explained that Dr Baig who is the killer of Saraswati got better after hearing Azzan so he downloaded it on his mobile he asks how can they stoop so low and not believe in Viyas jee when they know that he can never do anything that is against their religious sentiments, Chahat explains how they should never lose their trust Viyas jee and that if they try to take away his position as Mant how she would always be there to protect him. the Pandits then leave the house.

Chahat pleads with Viyas jee to forgive them as they held the party without his permission, Viyas jee exclaims how he would forgive them under only one condition and it is that they should dance and celebrate a party because she has taught him to change with time because it is best6 for everyone, he exclaims how he needs to rest while they all should celebrate.

Chahat is standing on the terrace when Neel exclaims that there are only ten seconds left for the new year, they both count and start the new year by being close to each other, the year starts with the celebration of the new year, Neel brings the gift for Chahat, she opens it and is shocked to see that it is the coat and stethoscope of her father, Neel asks how she should give them to her father when she proves his innocence, Chahat thanks him and also apologizes for not bringing anything but then Neel exclaims that she has brought something and it is her smile, he thinks of how he would spent his entire life with just the memory of her smile, they both are not able to take their eyes off each other.

Meera is standing looking at them both, Naveli comes from behind explaining how both of their plans got spoiled and now she would also not be able to stop her from leaving before leaving, Meera thinks that she would not go anywhere as she doesnot have the habit of stopping until she gets what she desires so would stay in their house until she gets Neel and would make sure he remembers the new year.

In the morning Naveli is helping Meera place her belongings in the car, she wishes everyone then after waving at Chahat when she is just about to get in the car Meera starts vomiting, Godamabri turns to get something to get rid of the bad omens however Meera gets unconscious which forces Neel to take her up in his arms and come into the house. Neel in the process drops his mobile, Baleq picks it up and sees that it is the doctor who is treating Dr Baig, he explains how Dr Baig is getting better and would be able to give a statement by next week. Baleq thinks of how it is a problem from him.

Chahat comes into Meera’s room when she wakes up, Chahat asks what she is doing and she knows that Meera is acting, Meera gets angry saying that she has no time for her blame and needs to go out, Chahat asks then why she is going out because she should be resting because of her illness, Meera says she has some work so leaves, Chahat thinks of how she has to keep an eye on her so follows her.

Meera is sitting in the hospital, she inquires from the nurse why is it taking so long to get the reports as she has been waiting for an hour, the nurse hands her the report, Meera sees Chahat peeking from the corner so acts as if she is really worried and leaves.

Chahat comes to the receptionist mentioning how she is the family doctor of Meera and what test has she asked for, the nurse responds that she has undergone a pregnancy test, Chahat asks her to show the reports, Chahat is shocked to see how she has tested positive of being pregnant, she sits back in a tensed situation.

Naveli enters the room of Neel and Chahat and takes out his clothes wondering why Baleq has asked her to steal his clothes she then runs to him, Baleq is really worried in his room so Naveli asks why has she asked to steal the clothes, Baleq mentions how he would wear the clothes, Naveli starts joking saying that he is not that poor and is able to buy the clothes if he desires to wear them, Baleq mentions how he would wear them because he has to kill Dr Baig, Naveli gets tensed so Baleq mentions that he would wear his clothes and kill Dr Baig after wearing just a mask so everyone after seeing the camera video would blame Dr Baig and then he would be arrested.

Baleq exclaims that they would be able to solve two of their problems because Dr Baig would also be dead and not be able to reveal the truth and the second that Neel would also be jailed for murdering Dr Baig which would make him the Mant.


Qurbaan Hua 5th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Chahat prays that Meera not make any excuse to stay in the house because of the pregnancy so she heads into the room, Chahat hears Neel confessing to accept Meera and give the child his name, Chahat is not able to control herself so starts crying upon hearing this confession.

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Telecast Date:4th January 2021
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