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Qurbaan Hua 3rd February 2021 Neel prays that he never faces Chahat as then her self-respect would be harmed, Chahat is not able to find her mangal Sutur so starts searching, Neel finds the mangal Sutur so also starts searching for the owner when Chahat sees Neel.

Neel comes calling for Chahat, she explains that she heard Gollu crying so came to her when she asks about what the doctor said when Neel explains how he cannot understand because the doctor said that they require an injection which costs around 1.5 million. Chahat realizes that it would be imoglobin, she gets worried asking about how they would be able to arrange such a large amount, Neel asks Chahat to not worry as they are a team and would figure something out.

In the morning, Chahat is praised by Dr Sinha for her work in the OT, he remarks how she would be able to handle the entire OT on her own with just a few months training, Chahat informs him of the medical emergency so asks for some advance, he explains how there is an emergency so they would talk about it later, Chahat is hopeful that he would help her, she gets shocked as she is not able to find the Mangal Sutur, she gets worried as she could not be so careless because it was for the better health of Neel.

Neel stops by an uncle who sits because he is not feeling well, Neel then hands him a Ludo asking him to eat it as then his glucose level would not go under the desired level, he thinks that It is not that bad a job however prays that Chahat not see her as it would spoil her reputation when everyone comes to know that her husband is a waiter in the same hospital, a spoon falls from his tray, he finds the Mangal Sutur stuck in the tyre of his trolly while picking up the spoon.

Chahat rushes to the office to search for the Mangal Sutur then starts asking the staff, Neel is also asking everyone about the mangal Sutur but doesnot find anyone who owns it, he sees Chahat being praised by a doctor who mentions how all the patients are asking about her because of her good attitude. She starts smiling and Neel also looks at her when a nurse comes asking what is he doing staring at the doctor as it is not the right ethics when he explains that she is his role model and he desires to cure patients with his food, he also makes her smile with a ladoo then she asks why does he have the Mangal Sutur who says that he found it in the hall so the nurse takes it asking him to get back to his work.

Chahat asks the doctor about the advance when he says that it is not possible however she can perform the night duty which would double her salary she agrees however then sees the nurse so asks her to hand over the Mangal Sutur as it belongs to her, the doctor explains that she cannot perform the night duty if she is married as only non-married women can perform the night duty, she lies saying that it belongs to one of her patients so the doctor leaves then Chahat feels ashamed for lying to her however she has to because of the need to buy the injections for her father.

Godambari is not able to believe that Chahat and Neel are working in the same hospital, so Baleq explains how he has created a scene by which Chahat would be forced to reveal that she is married to a waiter of the hospital and Vyas je has also been called to be the chief guest of the function so he would be ashamed to see that Neel is a waiter in the same hospital saying that this would be the success of their plan.

Chahat comes to her cabin in the night when she finds a lunch box which Neel has placed on her table and then thinks that he finds a way to make her blush even when he is not around her, Neel looks at Chahat from the window when a nurse comes asking why does he not stop looking at her as it is not right when she asks him to go and get the lunch box, Neel hurriedly enters the cabin so that Chahat doesnot see him however she stops him but he tries to run away, she comes after him asking him to bring water in her bottle, he takes it without looking at her and goes away.

Chahat is stopped by a nurse who explains that Dr Sinha has ordered her to discharge the patient of bed number four, she further mentions how there is a function in which married couples would take part and the prize money is one million so she would definitely take part with her husband as that sort of prize money can change anyone’s life, Chahat thinks of how she also should take part in the competition as the prize money can help them in buying the injections for Vyas je and she would explain to Dr Sinha the reason for which she had to lie.

Chahat is washing cloths in the morning when Godambari comes wondering if the clothes have been washed properly as Vyas je needs to attend a function, Chahat asks where Is Vyas je going eve when he is ill, Godambari explains that he has been asked to judge the function at her hospital however she should not tell Neel anything, Chahat thinks of how she must take part so immediately asks Neel to take off the jacket as he must wear the Kurta because of the function.

Neel’s supervisor asks him about the uniform, Neel explains how it is his wedding anniversary and so his wife asked him to wear it, the supervisor allows him but refuses to grant him any leave.

Vyas je reaches the hospital, Baleq exclaims that it is the place where the fight between Neel and Chahat would begin when they both come to know of the difference between each other’s position. Ghazala also comes with Ammi Jan, Vyas je inquires what are they doing in the hospital, Ghazala responds how they also have a strong position and if he has been called as a judge then she is the chief guest of the function, Ghazala is taken away by the hosts when Baleq assures Vyas je that he would take care of the situation.
Baleq going to Ghazala asks if she understands their plan because they have to just instigate the fight between Neel and Chahat.


Qurbaan Hua 4th February 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Chahat walks on the stage when Vyas je questions about her husband’s job, she mentions how he works in a really big hotel, Neel walks in the hall when everyone exclaims how he is the husband of Dr Chahat because he works as a waiter, Chahat asks him if he works as a waiter and Neel is also forced to accept that he is indeed a waiter.

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