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Qurbaan Hua 31st December 2020 Neel hugs Meera exclaiming his love for her seeing which Chahat gets emotional so rushes in the house, Neel leaves Meera who exclaims that this is what she desired from him, Neel mentions that the only reason he said this was to sent Chahat away from his house because he heard that Viyas jee made her swear that she should take care of the family and he knows that there is no future of a Muslim girl in a Hindu family so he wishes that she leave the house otherwise it would create a lot of danger for them all.

Neel further explains how he has started to like being Neelkand and would not leave his village of Devpriagh as he has to look after Viyas jee and his family however he cannot go with her as Nelson to Delhi so if she desires to live with him then must learn to live in the same village because he would not eb able t leave Kripa anywhere, hearing this Meera gets really worried.

Godamabri and Naveli are trying out the jewellery when they exclaim that there is nothing that can stop from them getting married and now Baleq would surely marry her, Godamabri then exclaims that she would be the Mantian, Baleq comes thrashing the furniture saying that he has lost all hope because now after what Chahat has done by sending Neel to perform the Pooja there is nothing which they can do and now Neel would become the Mant. Godambari closes the boxes at which Baleq asks why she closed them after hearing that he would not be able to marry Naveli because he has gotten stunned but now knows the person who would keep Neel away from the seat of the Mant and they all know that it is KashMeera.

Chahat is sitting when Neel comes, she immediately asks if he said all those things to her because she was trying to kill herself, Neel exclaims that he was not lying and he ahs decided to marry Meera in the court after which he would introduce her as the new member of the family but in order for it to work she has to leave the house as no one would accept her if Chahat remain in the house, Chahat inquires that has he considered for Viyas jee because he would die of pain then Neel explains how he cannot sacrifice his love for Viyas jee even when he assures her that he would not do anything that might undermine his responsibility as a son. Chahat tries pleading with him saying that he is not doing this as it would ruin the family, Neel pleads with her to leave and even makes her swear on his life because then she might leave, Neel then leaves the house after which Chahat thinks how she knows that Neel has some other reasons for asking her to leave which she would find out before leaving the house.

Meera hugs Neel exclaiming how she is happy that he has finally asked Chahat to leave the house and that she would go and pack the bags, Chahat comes into the room saying that she would not leave the house until she is sure that KashMeera would be able to take the responsibility of the house, Meera says that she would not have any worries because Chahat is herself Muslim, Chahat explains that does she know what Viyas jee needs when he is awake in the night and what does Kripa need when she cries, then until she is sure Meera can take care of the house until then she would not leave the house.

Godamabri is resting with face mask on her face, Naveli comes asking why she is resting because they have to prepare the food, Godamabri exclaims how she doesnot have any work because Meera is cooking the food as she is also a chef, Naveli also gets joyed thinking that she wup dot have to work however Godamabri exclaims that she must massage her feet because she made Baleq get ready for the marriage. Naveli exclaims that she cannot understand why Chahat is letting the ex-girlfriend of Neel enter his life as it is not the right thing, hearing this everyone gets tensed.

Chahat comes into the kitchen where KashMeera is cooking, Meera asks where is the oil because she doesn’t know anything I the house, Chahat brings out a packet of oil which would be beneficial for their health and also is low on calories, Chahat remembers how Neel brought the oil during the Pandemic time, explaining how it is also beneficial for the health, she hands her the oil then Chahat explains how she came to get milk for Kripa, Chahat is about to leave when Meera explains that she would take care of Kripa and Chahat should give her the milk, they both leave without closing the gas.

Chahat asks KashMeera if she has checked the temperature of the milk before she feeds Kripa, KashMeera explains that she knows the temperature however Chahat forces her to first check it and when she pours it on her hand it is really hot, Chahat exclaims that the temperature cannot be judged from outside, Meera smells something then realizing that she forgot to turn down the gas on the stove rushes to the kitchen asking Chahat to feed Kripa.

Meera apologizes to the pasta as it is burned, Godamabri comes asking how it all burned because she thought that they would get to eat something modern in their house however she burned all the food. Godambari further exclaims how Chahat is better than her as even when she cooks simple food it is enough to suffice. Meera exclaims that she has promised them good food so would deliver even if it means ordering it from outside.

Chahat is with kripa and realizes that it is now time for the medicine of Viyas jee, she plans to check on him even when she ordered Meera to give it to him, Chahat is relaxed to see that Neel is getting close to Viyas jee.

Neel comes to her explaining that Viyas jee is not getting better as he is not even able to move, Chahat asks him to not worry as his sodium levels are really low and they would get better with time however he would never get better until he himself tries. Chahat asks Neel to help her as they would have to make Viyas jee sit upright because she has a plan, they while trying to help Viyas jee get close, Chahat remembers how they have been so close, she has therefor developed feelings for him.


Qurbaan Hua 1st January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Chahat says to the doctor that it is just a cut and there is nothing to worry about because she learned about this in the medical college, Meera asks if she is a doctor and the doctor also says that only a doctor would have this knowledge, Chahat accepts that she is a doctor. She says to Viyas jee that she has a truth which she desires to reveal Infront of them.

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