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Qurbaan Hua 30th June 2021 Agam exclaims he would first kill Chahat, he points his gun towards Chahat who is trying to climb the Paris wheel, Agam says she is the one who saved him and brought him back to the house, Sahil warns Agam to put down the gun and kill the person he was asked to, Vyas je with all his might tries to snatch the gun from Agam and even bits his hand so the gun to the ground before he can pick it up Sahil starts fighting with him, Vyas jee is reciting the Mantar before running away, Sahil orders Agam to catch him.

Chahat reaches the swing where Dua thinks she would first take her down but Chahat asks Shlok to not be worried and not cry as she has come to save him, Dua asks if she is going to leave her alone but Chahat warns there is nothing to be worried about as she would come back, Godambari comes to the mela and starts helping Neel fight the goons, Neel orders Bopho to make sure no one is able to find the remote, they all get scared to see Chahat bring the children alone, they plead her to be careful, Bopho assures Naveli Chahat would be able to save them so there is no need to worry.

Naveli sees the jumper so asks everyone to come and help her bring it inside as it would help Chahat, they tru top move it, Neel snatches the stick from Aalekh before hitting the goons, Aalekh is frustrated to see them taking the jumper in the swing, they all ask Chahat to jimp on it, Aalekh orders his men to go and deflate it but before they can the entire family starts hitting them with sticks, Chahat asks Shlok to hold her tightly before she finally manages to jump and coming out Shlok exclaims the bad people are going to kill them, Chahat asks him to hide behind the swing as nothing would happen to him, Chahat prays that she is able to save Dua, Chahat is climbing when the swing starts shaking Dua calls for her help, Chahat assures she is coming but Dua is scared because the swing is sliding, Dua asks why did she not take her first and what would happen if it falls but Chahat asks her to not worry as she is coming, Dua tries her best to hold on to the swing while Chahat is climbing and asks Dua to give her the hand, she is about to fall but Chahat is able to catch her, she with all her might pulls Dua so she can climb on her back, she starts climbing down with Dua.

Vyas je is running away from Agam, Shlok hides behind the swing where he sees Agam thinking it is Vyas je, he walks behind him.
Chahat asks Dua to jump as they do not have much time, but Dua is scared, they jump when Dua hurts her head and cries for help but Chahat is concerned for Shlok, she leaves asking Dua to wait so Dua wonders why her mother is behaving like she is only the mother of Shlok.

Aalekh sees the bomb, he secretly runs to get it while the rest of the family is busy in hitting the goons.

Vyas je is running away from Agam who while following him hits him in the head with a stone but the injured Vyas je manages to run away, Sahil comes asking Agam to not worry about Mant Vyas as Aalekh needs them more, they must help him because Chahat has managed to save to children, they get into a light as Agam has the knife, Shlok sees Agam stabbing Sahil, he starts crying thinking that Vyas je has murdered the old father of Dua, he starts calling her so she hearing his name rushes to him.

Vyas je falls and gets unconscious, Agam seeing that the knife is the only proof to tying him to the murder, he places it in the hands of Mant Vyas, Dua comes questioning why Shlok is always crying because of which their mother loves him more then her, she scolds him so he starts crying, Chahat coming to him asks what has happened and why is he crying, he points her towards the body of Sahil. Chahat rushes to him then asks Dua to bring the entire family but Dua sits beside his body, she leaves in anger when Chahat scolds her, she questions Shlok what has happened asking if he saw anything, she sees Vyas je coming with the knife, Chahat says that she would not tell anyone about what has happened and there is nothing to worry about.

The entire Dhiani family is fighting when Aalekh calls them all questioning why they are fighting in the last hours of their lives, he has the remote so they all will die, Neel manages to hide everyone behind the crates so when Aalekh presses the button they all are still hiding.

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Telecast Date:30th June 2021
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