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Qurbaan Hua 2nd October 2020 Neil starts serving Chahat the food, he advises Godamabari to close the pickle bottle as otherwise it would rot, jamuna exclaims that it would be the actions of Naveli as she really likes to eat these things, Chahat thinks that it might be something wrong as she was vomiting earlier and now is eating pickles. Neil asks where she is because he has not seen her since the evening. Naveli comes explaining that she went to get diapers for Kripa so would come after putting them in the room.
Chahat tries eating the food however is not able to, Neil comes and helps her eat at which Godambari comments that at the time of her marriage they dared not look at their husbands in front of the elders however this cannot be said for the young generation, Viyas jee exclaims that she would also have to eat with someones help. Ghazala comes and is amazed that even Viyas jee is worried even when she is a muslim but it would not remain like as she has arrived and would make them pay as she has lost her entire fortune because of them.
Neil enters the room where Chahat is sitting, he thanks her for savung his life as she drank the poison however Chahat gets up exclaiming that she should be the one to thank him as he went through a lot of hurdles to save him and he doesnot have the experience to give any sort of injection, they both start staring at eachother and are just standing there when it relapses, he mentions that he could not let anything happen to her as she is the last source which he has to get to Dr Baig, Chahat gets mad and sits, Neil goes to her and apologizes but she doesnot listen, they hear that Kripa is crying so she goes to check on her.
When they reach the room Kripa is crying, Chahat asks where Baleq is and Neil explains that he went to check on someone health, Chahat asks Neil to check what is wrong with Kripa, he takes her in his arms and mentions that she has ruyined her clothes so they must change the diaper, he mentions that he would call Godambari but Chahat mentions that when he is with her then what is the need, he refuses to do it but is forced to change the diapers when she blackmails him, when they are finished Chahat finds a receipt and is worried about the extra hundred ruppes that is charged, Neil doesnot listen to her, he leaves without picking the diaper so Chahat has to fulfil it, she sees that Naveli is throwing something in the dustbin, she goes and asks what di she throw but Naveli refuses saying that it was nothing and Chahat also doesnot find anything, Naveli asks what is her problem and she should not worry for her and Chahat leaves for her room.
Naveli gets worried and searches the dustbin but doesnot find anything so is worried wondering where the pregnancy slip went which she threw in the dustbin, Ghazala comes asking Naveli if she is searching for the strip as she found it and this would be their secret, Naveli leaves her after which Ghazala thinks that she would now use the strip to create a rift between both Chahat and Naveli.
Chahat wakes up in the morning when she sees that Neil is with her decoration so she asks what is he doing, he exclaims that he is just cleaning it as she never dared do it, then she thanks him and he also mentions that she drank the poison just to save his life. They both stump and she falls on him, he catches her and after she stands up, Neil asks if he hand is okay at which she answers that it was all because of Viyas jee’s medicine, Neil advises her that she should not have done MBBS and cured people using herbal medicine as Viyas jee. He sits on the seat when Chahat sends a thank you message in the group, Neil seeing it exclaims that it would not mean anything as Viyas jee would be near the river bank so would not see the message and leaves, Chahat thinks that this is a great idea as she would also go there to apologize, Chahat is worried that Viyas jee might not forgive her but then thinks of using the same strategy with Viyas jee which she used with her father which is to act as if nothing wrong has happened.
Chahat is hopeful that she will get the forgiveness from Vyas jee so leaves for the riverbanks.
Ghazala is standing in front of the photo of Saraswati explaining that because of her death, she has lost the life which she was used to and so would do all that she can to seek the revenge from Chahat who is living like a princess even amongst their enemies so she would do all that she can for the revenge, she promises to ruin the life and not her know the real identity, Chahat comes and seeing he portrait of Saraswati exclaims that there is something in her smile that everyone gets hopeful after seeing it, she bumps into Ghazala and her veil drops from her face and she gets worried thinking about what she would do if Chahat comes to know her real identity.

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