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Qurbaan Hua 2nd August 2021 Chahat turns asking what is he doing, she asks him to take the tissue if he needs to wipe off his hands, he takes her dupatta washing his hands, she questions what sort of the behaviour is, she asks what is he doing in the house, Alka asks how did he come so early, Alka explains he is Shrikant jee, the one she was talking about, Chahat apologizes, he explains he has forgiven her, he tries to shake her hand, she after some while shakes his hand, apologizing for not greeting him properly because she dust in her eyes, he mentions that this has become a memorable welcome.

Vyas je is walking, Alka introduces Shrikant asking him to take the blessings, Vyas je first asks him to first speak the eight names of Shiv jee, Shrikant starts reciting the eight names, he gets stuck after the seventh which worries Vyas je but he finally speaks, Vyas je blesses him, turning to leave when he once again starts reciting them all, which amazed even Chahat, Vyas je once again blesses him, he going to Neel exclaims it his best name asking if he knows this also the name, they have the same eyes which is why they both love the same women, the entire family is shocked, he asks them to not be worried since Alka has told him each and everything that he was about to marry her first, thank god Neel did not for which he can even touch his feet, Neel stops him, Naveli exclaims that if he considers Neel as his elder brother then should also touch the feet of Chahat who asks Naveli what is she saying, Shrikant agrees saying she has spoken the truth, Shrikant leans to touch her feet when Chahat stops him saying there is no need, he thinks he can do anything to touch Chahat.

Godambari questions why should they not go to the sitting area, Shrikant explains his parents died seven years ago, since then he is handling the business in Austria, Godamabri exclaims he has the same tradition while even living in Austria, Neel starts searching about him, Godambari questions why is he searching asking if he thinks Shrikant is lying, he mentions there is nothing to worry since the name is different, he thinks that this it seems Neel has never made any fake website, he even shows his house which has eleven rooms exclaiming it is a little small but they should not be worried because he will keep Alka in his heart, Dua also comes asking him to show the house as she would be able to make the house of Tinku mian there, Chahat starts weeping which Vyas je sees asking Shrikant to live in Devpriagh since if he takes Alka then who would look after her property, Alka questions what property does he have, Vyas je replies she has since he has decided to transfer half of his property to Alka since they have somewhat wronged her, she must consider that he is trying to redeem his sins.

Vyas je asks Shrikant what does he think saying if he doesnot accept the condition then this relationship cannot move further ahead, Shrikant standing agrees to the condition explaining he will get the love of a family which he has not yet received, he asks Neel what does he think, Neel immediately hugs him, Shrikant seeks the permission to leave since he has to rest, Vyas je mentions he cannot leave because now he is a member of the family so would live with them in the same house, Shrikant questions how can it happen but then agrees to the will of Vyas je, he asks Alka if he would come with him as he needs to talk with her.

Chahat immediately hugs Vyas je, Neel questions that he decided to give half of his property to keep Dua with them, he explains that if the smiles of children are not in the house, then it cannot be called a house, they both hug Vyas je.

Shrikant is in the hall, he is leaning against the photo of Chahat with Neel exclaims he has left his entire family to come after Chahat for the sake of his love, he hears Naveli questioning what the need is to give the bangles today, Bopho explains that he heard the Pandit jee saying if they give the bangles today it would make sure the relation remains strong for the rest of their lives, he sees Chahat so going to her makes her wear the bangles, she asks what is he doing as it is not right, Shrikant apologizes saying that he made a mistake since he thought she is Alka so decided to get the right size, Godamabri comes asking what is happening as she wore the bangle which he mistook and brought for Alka, Godambari calls her aside saying she must not take the bangle, she has already hurt Alka a lot. Godambari pulls her to the kitchen, Chahat keeps pleading her to be careful as it is hurting a lot, Shrikant is not able to bear it, he goes to Godamabri asking her to let it be but she keeps on pulling, he asks her to let him try to takes the hand of Chahat, Neel coming mentions sometimes it is better to be romantic so taking Chahat by the tap pulls of the bangle, she hands it to Godambari saying Neel can do it, Shrikant praises Neel mentioning he now feels he is a member of the family asking if they can go to a dinner as a family to the favourite place of Chahat, she also agrees.

In the night the entire family is waiting, Vyas je asks where Godambari is, a Shlok asks Neel If he can wear the bangles, Dua asks who wears the bangles in the night asking if he can see it, Shlok replies he doesnot even see her at the present moment.

Shrikant comes down the stairs pouring oil on the stairs thinking he would not have done it if Chahat had kept the bangle on her hand, Shrikant says that he felt Shlok also desired to wear the bangles and so he would also wear them, he starts acting as if he blind and even acts as if is hurt, Godambari questions what has happened to the son in law, she falls from the stairs, everyone rushes to her, they make her stand, Chahat is relieved saying this means she has not broken any bones, Neel exclaims he would stay with Chahat in the house, she however sends them all to the dinner.

Shrikant calls Neel disguised asking Neel to come and meet him if he desires to know the truth about Shrikant, saying they should have inquired about him, Neel leaves explaining he has to do some work about the restaurant so would come back in half an hour.
Vyas je turns when Shrikant comes acting as if he is talking on the mobile with the manager ordering him to close the operations in Austria, he explains he can talk with them on the conference call, he asks Vyas je to go inside as he has booked the table on his name, Vyas je leaves when Shrikant says that he has to do a lot for Chahat as she has ruined him a lot but there is nothing to worry about as he is coming.

Shrikant walks into the house thinking he cannot resist it anymore, he closes the lights of the entire house, Chahat wonders how did it the lights go off, she decides to go and check by herself, Shrikant walks int the room and applies the perfume exclaiming he can do anything to make her fall in love for him and can even apply the perfume of her husband, he walks behind Chahat who questions who is he, she gets worried because of the similar smell.

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