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Qurbaan Hua 27th January 2021 Chahat is taking with her Ammi Jan asking her to also praise her son In law as he delivered the groceries on time but the problem is that she is not able to prepare the ladoo properly and it is the first festival for the family and so they should all forget the tensions which is why she has made the ladoo for Vyas je asking her mother if she feels they are nice.

Godambari exclaims to Vyas je how the Muslims have ruined their lives and have been tried to drink their blood however they cannot live in peace, Vyas je stands up when Godambari gets worried and Baleq explains that no one would have even understood that all that happened was fake when Vyas je mentions how it was all an act it which Baleq says that no one would have understood that the bullet and all his pain was fake. Vyas je explains how he did not like it at all but was forced to use such means because his son has married a Muslim girl so he desires to do all that he can so that Neel leaves Chahat.

Chahat is about to walk in the house when Neel comes asking what she is trying to do, Chahat pleads with him to not be angry with her as she made the ladoo for the better health of Vyas je when Neel exclaims that it is nothing to be ashamed off as this shows how much she cares for her then they both after cleaning themselves enter the house.

Neel and Chahat are shocked to see that Vyas je is performing the Hawan so asks what I she doing because he came for the Pooja even when he is not well, Baleq mentions how his father has not forgotten his religious duties even after being ill, Neel exclaims how he also knows his duties and that even Chahat has not forgotten that today is the ritual which is why she made the ladoo for him and even cares a lot for his health, Neel mentions how he has brought the medicine for him so he should take it timely and that the ladoo is also for him.

Neel and Chahat leaves, Godambari exclaims how they have been sacred because she saw Neel coming otherwise, he would not have felt nice after seeing him standing, Vyas je crushes one of the ladoo exclaiming how Muslims have taken Saraswathi away from him but now he would fight till he gets hi son and till then would not tie his hair as it is the matter of his honor.

Chahat is applying paste on the scares of Neel when he exclaims that they would not be of any use and if she really desires to cure her then must come close, he pulls her Infront of him while holding her, they both look into each other’s eyes while she mentions how she did not like that he hurt himself, Neel mentions how he has a better idea so pulls her closer however she tries to get away from him but Chahat mentions how he should not act if he is innocent because she is angry with him.

Chahat mentions how he is a big chef even then is forced to do such odd jobs, she exclaims how she is aware that everything is happening because of her and she should not have come in his life, Neel asks her to never say anything like this as when she came into his life everything is sorted otherwise he would not have been able to even live, he pleads with her to smile mentioning how she should rest, he lies on the bed when she gets restless seeing him so walks out of the house thinking of how he is really uncomfortable because of the scars but is not saying anything.

Chahat hears a car coming and is shocked to see that it is Ammi Jan, Chahat immediately greets her when Ammi Jan orders the workers to unload it easily mentioning how she has brought all the belongings for her as she can see that Chahat is living a life worse then servants so she brought all the belongings for her, Chahat thanks her explaining how she cannot take them because she doesnot want anyone to say that Ammi Jan has brought all those things for her, Ammi Jan exclaims that if she is so stubborn then should throw the belongings away because they brought them with love for her, she leaves after placing the belongings on the door then Chahat sees the mattress and brings them inside.

Chahat sitting with Neel thinks that she brought the mattresses inside without asking her because he needs them as his back has a lot of scars, she tries to leave when Neel pulls her mentioning how she should always be close to him then he realizes how there is a mattress underneath them, he feels that Vyas je might have given them however she explains that Ammi Jan brought them but she refused all them except the mattresses, Chahat is worried that he might be angry with her however he explains that even if Vyas je has not accepted them then Ammi Jan has realized their love, he pulls her closer mentioning how they should perform the honeymoon which could not happen, Neel realizes that Chahat has burn marks on her hands because of the ladoo which she had to make then mentions how they are medals for her which were sent by god because of the love which she has for his family.

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