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Qurbaan Hua 26th March 2021 Neel is down on his knees when he sees the rod and asks Salog to throw the rod however he is perplexed and just praying, Dua meanwhile is pulling Chahat with all her might and is able to save her, the other child throws the rod to Neel who is then able to defeat the kidnappers, the children say to Salog that his father is a hero, Salog hugs Neel then apologizes for not being able to throw the rod because he was scared, Neel pushes him away ordering that he follow him to the house.

Dua is finally able to help her mother out of the pool, she asks what has happened and if she is alright.

AlakhNanda asks Salog if he is hiding something and if he is hurt, Neel comes and is adamant to place some oil in his ears because he cannot listen then Salog explains that he can hear everything, Neel asks if he can hear everything then why did he not throw the rod at him when he was fighting with the kidnapper, AlakhNanda tries to reason with Neel that he must not talk with such rudeness to Salog because he cannot bear it, AlakhNanda hugs Salog then asks him to go back to his room.

AlakhNanda asks Neel why is he behaving like this and he at first did not come to the pooja, Neel says that why did she held the pooja even when he ordered to not hold the pooja for him, AlakhNanda asks why can he not perform the pooja, Neel explains that it is because he is the son of a Muslim.

Neel turning to her says that she should not forget Salog is not their son and one day his real parents would come to take him back with them and they cannot do anything about it, AlakhNanda gets tensed so Neel explains that he desires Salog be so strong that whenever he is faced with a situation like his father, he doesnot feel weak and one day the truth would come out, AlakhNanda cries thinking that the day would never come because when the parents did not come to see their son in six years then why would they come to meet their son.

Salog is in his room thinking that he would fulfil the desires of his father and be like Hanuman, he starts practicing punching but hurts himself, he prays to god that his father just for once say that he is proud of Salog and give him his blessings, he is confused wondering who he should follow because god instructs humans to be kind hearted while his father wants him to be strong willed, also that his father doesnot want him to show compassion to anyone when it is against the orders of god, he doesnot know who to follow so prays that he be shown a way by god.

Chahat kiises the hand of Dua asking how did she pull her and she is really brave, Dua explains that she had to do it because of the pressure of the poeople because if she was not able to do it then they would say that she was not able to save her mother, Chahat exclaims she is talikiung like a Grandmother, Dua says that Grandmother also hits them so she should leave for their home otherwise she would get a cold, it is really difficult to take care of her, Chahat after hugging her wonders what is the point because even when she is a doctor she was not able to save her brother, she prays that the time turn to the past so she can save her son.
Salog while praying even seeks clarity about being alone because if he had a sibling then they both would have been able to gain the trust of Neel.

Chahat is with Dua when the lifeguard comes asking if there is a problem, Dua immediately asks him for the salary, Chahat tries to stop her but Dua is adamant, the lifeguard says that he earns twelve thousand so Dua asks him to give her the money because she is doing his job, he explains that he went to have a cup of tea, Dua questions if this is his job, Chahat thinks that she wishes Neel is able to see his daughter because she sees him every day.

Dua while taking care of Chahat asks why does she go near the water when she is afraid, Chahat doesnot say anything then Dua hands her a glass of tea which she is forced to drink, Dua demands to check if she has a fever and she takes her hand, Chahat says that she is stupid because pulse is checked from the hands, Dua gets mad then she sits on the sofa scolding Chahat mentioning that she is not the one sitting with wet hair under the fan and is also not the one who fell in the pool, Chahat asks her to not be so mad and starts counting backwards from ten just like she used to with Neel, this calms her down and she forces Chahat to not take her feet out of the tub, Chahat asks if she can read a good book to which Chahat agrees.

Salog enters the house, his friends come mentioning they felt nice when his father scolded him for not throwing the rod and this is exactly the same when their father scold them for not remembering the Mantar like him, they both say to Neel that Salog has refused to take part in the race which is in Shimla, Neel asks what is the reason, Salog gets worried thinking what excuse would he give because the last time when he fell during the race, he hurt his knee which he cannot bear, Salog says that he doesnot want to go because of the pooja however Neel mentions that they would surely go, Neel says he cannot understand why Salog is afraid of the physical exercise so they would surely go to Shimla.

Dua asks for Chahat’s mobile so that she can complain to her father about Chahat’s misadventure, Dua cannot remember the mobile number of Sahil, she therefore accidentally dials the number of Neel, Dua while dialling throws the basket of fruits which worries Chahat, she asks her to be careful, Dua assures her of not worrying and sits to pick them up while Neel answers the video call, He asks who is she, Dua without confirming who is he starts complaining about her mother, Neel questions who is she, Dua then realizes that it is the not the voice of her father, Sahil coming from the back explains that it cannot be because he has come back, Dua immediately hugs him mentioning that she has a lot of complains about her mother, Sahil questions what are they meanwhile Chahat is searching for her mobile, she sees that the video call is still on so starts walking towards it to see who Dua was talking with.

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