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Qurbaan Hua 26th June 2021 Ghazala immediately calls asking the person to come inside, a can stops and two men come out of it, Shlok immediately closes his eyes, she signals the person who are ordered by the driver, they come to the children and one by one place them in the car, Shlok starts acting as if he is unconscious but wonders where is Ghazala taking all of the children, Ghazal walks to the car and seeing they are all asleep smiles at Aalekh, Shlok from the wonders who is Ghazala signalling, he gets tensed after seeing Aalekh as he knows he is a bad person, Shlok thinks this man they all are in trouble.

Ghazala in the house is checking on Chahat when she hears someone screaming the name of Chahat, Ghazala thinks it would surely be Neel, she wonders what she can do so starts acting as she is also unconscious, Neel enters the house, he gets tensed seeing Naveli on the floor and is worried when everyone is lying on the floor, he rushes to Chahat waking her up with some water, Neel questions what has happened as it would surely be the work of Aalekh, they all get worried, she rushes to Vyas je and then after checking him explains he is healthy so what would be the purpose of Aalekh jee, Nele receives a video call from an unknown number, Chahat advises him to answer it, Aalekh explains they would be relieved to see Vyas jee is healthy, he asks if they are not bothered by the calmness that is in the house, the entire family gets tensed so Chahat takes the name of Shlok and Dua.

Aalekh exclaims that neither Shlok is performing the Mantar so why is there so quietness, he explains it is because Shlok and Dua along with all the children of Devpriagh are with him, he threatens to make them pay as they humiliated him in front of the entire Devpriagh, Chahat and Neel both threaten him but Aalekh asks Neel to first save the life of his children then think of taking his life, Chahat falls on the ground, Naveli comes to her when Chahat says she needs her children and doesnot care for what happens, Naveli calms her so Chahat wipes off her tears then standing up takes the mobile, asking why should she believe he is telling the truth, Aalekh says he knew she would demand the proof so he shows them the Paris wheel, they are stunned to see their children who are crying as they are stuck in it.

Aalekh gives them fifteen minutes to come to him if they desire to save the life of Shlok and Dua along with all the children of Devpriagh otherwise he would kill all the children of Devpriagh, he ends the call when Ghazala mentions that Aalekh would harm Dua so they must save the children, Neel thinks what time was when Saraswathi choose that heinous person.

Neel and Chahat before leaving advises Alka and Naveli to stay with Vyas je and not leave him for even a moment, Neel and Chahat are going to the bike when parents come and take Neel demanding their children, they explain Aalekh send them a video of their children, Chahat assures them that she would bring back then children along with their own and it is a promise of a mother, Neel and Chahat reach the gate of the Mela.

Chahat says that the gate is locked so Neel mentions they would have to break the lock however he gets electrocuted, she helps him stand when Aalekh asks what is he doing, he reveals that all the entrance are running with electricity while the only thing that doesnot have electricity is the lock and it can only be opened with the key, they open the box but it is filled with scorpions, Neel questions what sort of game is he playing, Aalekh replies this was the blame which he placed on him so he would now watch him win for the last time, Chahat tries to take the key but is about to get stung, Neel stops her then takes the wire which he uses to open the lock along with the main gate.

Chahat exclaims whatever happens next they would leave with the children including Dua and Shlok even if it means sacrificing their lives, they both enter with their hands together while shouting for Dua and Shlok, they are getting restless when Aalekh once again exclaims he did not think that Neel would be able to break the lock so what does the love for children makes their parents do, he mentions that for their efforts they should get a surprise, he should also get a gift then a pupil comes running calling Neel, he mentions that all the other children are on the other side and scared, Chahat advises the pupil to go out of the gate without touching it as it is filled with electricity.

They both rush calling their children, Aalekh once again exclaims they call him the devil who is always at all the places, so if they do not believe him then should look back, they tun to see Aalekh ripping the cloth and making an entry, Neel is not able to control his anger and tries to hit Aalekh but he stops Neel mentioning he is his brother in law and he is trying to kill the person for whom his sister used to pray for long life, but it would have been better if she prayed for her own life. Neel once again tries to strangle him, Aalekh signals his men who is behind Neel.

Aalekh after pushing Neel away questions would he first save his wife or the children as he will now have to choose between the relations, Neel is shocked to see that Chahat is not standing behind him, Aalekh smiles as he has once again won.

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