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Qurbaan Hua 25th May 2021 Neel is standing in the room, Alka questions that he is going to send Chahat away but what would happen about Dua, Neel exclaims that he would not send her away because now it is time for Chahat to live without the children as he has lived for seven years, Alka exclaims she is not going to questions his decision so if he has made up his mind then she will not question his decision and would get ready, Shlok says that it is wrong and cannot happen as all of the parents of his friends live together so why can his parents not live under the same roof, Alka tries to explain that Neel is angry so must not be irritated, Shlok reveals that he will no longer call him as master jee because he is his real father and from now on would call him as Father, he asks why does he call his mother as aunt, Neel takes him, while sitting on the bed he hugs Shlok while also starts crying explaining that he is his son so would from now on call him as papa, Neel tries to explain that indeed Chahat is his mother but he cannot fulfill what he is asking, Shlok starts weeping, Neel once again hugs him Alka starts crying seeing them both hugging.

Chahat is weeping in the room, Naveli comes running explaining she must end the marriage as to get the love from the person they love is a blessing in disguise, she starts pleading to her that she must let the marriage happen, Chahat exclaims that it is not in her fate to get married as she can live only with the memory of Shlok because she did not come to get the love of Neel however she got to live with Shlok and cannot forget those moment so would be able to live the rest of her life with just his memory, Dua comes to the room revealing that it is not right as she would not leave her mother, if Kalia Daku has become her father then they both should live together, Shlok also comes saying it is indeed wrong and they both should live together, Chahat tries to explain this cannot happen, Shlok calling her as mother reveals that she must not leave him, Chahat realizes what he called, Shlok replies he would call her as mother, they both hug each other while Shlok is crying, Chahat also calls Dua to her and the three of them all hug each other, Chahat figures out a plan.

The wedding is progressing where Agam is reciting the Mantar, Shlok exclaims that the wedding should not happen, Dua also says they both should not get married, as it is only the right of the parents, Shlok reveals that even when Alka is really nice why does Neel not make her as his friend.

Neel looks towards Shlok and Dua who both signal him to end the marriage, Neel however thinks that he cannot marry Chahat but they both cannot also live without a mother so he must marry Alka, He is about to make her wear the Mangal Sutur when the police arrive explaining that the wedding cannot happen as he is still not divorced his first wife so cannot marry someone else as it is a crime in the eyes of laws.

Chahat comes appreciating the police for standing with her, she doesnot know where she would go as she has two little children and the only mistake which she made was that she forgot to pin his button because of which he send her the divorce paper, Neel tries to explain that Chahat is acting, Neel explains he cannot bear her anymore and has made his mind of marrying Alka, The inspector threatens to arrest him if he marries today saying that he would have to get a divorce if he desires to marry someone else, Naveli however gets shocked saying that this means that until Neel and Chahat get a divorce, he cannot marry Alka, the police leave asking Chahat to call them if Neel hurts her once again.

Chahat sees Alka, she comes to her apologizing for ruining her happiness saying that she had no intention however it was the right of her children to live with their parents so she cannot do anything about what has happened, Alka hurriedly leaves the Mandap, Neel also threatens Chahat with severe consequences for what she has done today, Dua and Shlok both hug Chahat when she wonders that she will give the relation another chance just for the sake of their children.

Godambari is trying to console Alka explaining that everything would be sorted out, Naveli explains that she feels Chahat and Neel should once again live as a couple because both Shlok and Dua need the love of their parents so she knows that they both would be able to end the differences that are amongst them both, Aalekh comes saying that she must stop this because they were able to get rid of Chahat with a lot of difficulty but now he would teach her what happens when she takes her side, Naveli threatens to get him arrested if he ever tries to harm her, Chahat also enters the room, they questions what has she come for, Chahat reveals she has come to apologize to Alka explaining that she has no intention of hurting her however her children cannot live without either of them, Neel comes explaining he has called a divorce lawyer and will end the formality of the divorce because it is up to him to choose who he desires to live with and he chooses Alka.


Qurbaan Hua 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :The lawyer says that since it has come to up to such a point so it would not take a lot of time, Neel asks how early can they get the divorce, the lawyer says that they would have to stay together for six months after which they can get the divorce.

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Telecast Date:25th May 2021
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