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Qurbaan Hua 25th March 2021 Neel is beating beaten by the guards when he sees the napkin and immediately getting up pushes the guard away so taking the napkin exclaims that he knows this is the signal from Dadi Ammi that Chahat is alive and he would do anything that he can to find Chahat, Neel sets out to find Chahat but is not able to even after going to other cities he is not successful, Neel gets worried and even asks the guard at the hospital about where Chahat is because she works there, however the guard exclaims that she doesnot work in the hospital.

Neel in his house exclaims that he has been searching for Chahat for such a long time but has not been able to find her knowing that she is alive, AlakhNanda coming to him exclaims that she cares for him so he must stop searching for Chahat as it has been nine months and they all know that Chahat is dead because he himself saw her die in front his eyes, Neel doesnot believe her and sets out, when Neel is sits on his bike is when he gets a call from someone who mentions that he saw the girl whose photo he has set up in Banaras, Neel gets excited and so rushes to meet Chahat because he cannot wait any longer.
Neel is making his famous sweet Signorian when the children come to him asking why he gives them the sweets for free and doesnot he not wants to earn any money, Neel mentions that he only knows that the person whom he loves the most will come after smelling his Signorian.

A women is walking when there is a sudden pain and she falls, everyone gathers around her and they try to give her water while she is in a lot of pain, they ask where is her husband, Neel is about to say that he is her husband however Sahil exclaims that he is her husband, Neel is shocked to see that Sahil is walking with a stick and he comes to sit with Chahat asking her to not worry because he will immediately take her to the hospital and not let anything happen to her child, Chahat remember that when she fell off the cliff, Sahil came to save her because she planned for the blast as it was the only way by which she would be able to get away from Neel.

Sahil takes her to the hospital, Neel gets angry seeing Chahat and so mentions that he was constantly searching for her the past nine months, while she was living comfortably with Sahil and also got pregnant with his child while she swore to never have a child, Neel vows to not let her walk away so easily because he doesnot have such a big heart and cannot forgive her deception so would surely take revenge from her, he tears the photo which was in the purse in which Chahat is with him.

In the hospital Chahat is yelling during the delivery however is finally able to give birth to a healthy child, Neel comes out of the room disguised as a ward boy, the surgeon comes out of the room exclaiming that the surgery was really complicated, Neel sees Sahil walking out of the hospital with the child so follows him, Neel is shocked to see that Sahil is giving the child to a stranger, Sahil thinks that this is the right time to get rid of the child as he only desires to live with Chahat and not the child, thinking that even if Chahat asks him about the child, he would say that the child was born dead and there Is nothing which they could have done. Neel is witnessing the entire situation from behind the ambulance.

Sahil walks back in the hospital, however as the person is about to walk away with the child, Neel stops him inquiring where is he going with the child and should he call the police complaining him about child theft, the person apologizes mentioning that Sahil ordered him to take the child, Neel forces him to hand over the child while threatening to call the police.

The person hands the child, Neel orders him to leave and when he us about to leave, Neel hands him a gold ring along with some money, thinking what he thought of Chahat and what did she turn out to be as she sold the child just after giving birth even when this was her part just like when he was part of her soul and she threw him out so she is not worthy of anyone’s love including his.
Chahat once again starts yelling with pain in the operation room, the nurse is worried asking why is the labor pain starting after delivery, the doctor inquires if she did not read the report as Chahat is giving birth to twins, Chahat finally calms down, the doctor congratulates Sahil mentioning that the second child is a girl, Sahil is shocked but thanks the doctor and seeing the child thinks that he would not let the children of Neel live with Chahat and he cows to take care of the second child just like the first one, he picks the child but then Chahat wakes up, Sahil asks her to see the girl as she has the same eyes as her, Chahat asks about the other child, Sahil however explains that she must not cry because the other child was born dead, Chahat starts crying explaining that the children are the last memory she has of Neel, Sahil sits with her, Chahat thinks that she would give her the love of both her father and mother which is her due right.

Neel is standing outside the hospital with the boy thinking that he would keep the child till the time she comes back to him and till that time he would keep the child as a memory of her deception. Neel is really angry with Chahat.

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