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Qurbaan Hua 25th January 2021 Neel and Chahat are both praying in the lawn when they hear the doctor exclaiming how Vyas je is out of danger and that he would prescribe the medicines which they can then buy, Neel and Chahat get up and he exclaims that it is a really good feeling so Chahat rushes to the doctor asking there is any involvement of the vein however Godambari mentions how she is not a member of the family and there is no need to answer her questions, the doctor then leaves.

Godambari warns Chahat to never interfere in the matters of their family and she would not come in the house, Neel stops her saying how Chahat has married him and if he is a member of the house then she also has the right to live in the house, Neel takes her hand but as they are about to enter the house Baleq stops them mentioning how Neel is a member of the family however Chahat cannot enter the house as only a Hind girl can be the daughter in law of their house, Neel asks what is he talking of as Chahat has married him and not his religion and she also has the right to follow her own rituals, he exclaims how if Chahat if not accepted then he will also not live in the house, he tries to walk out of the house after taking her hand when Chahat stops him exclaiming how she has a plan and they would live in the Barn, she mentions how there is a ritual in their religion that the groom brings a gift for the bride after the wedding but she wants him to promise that he would never leave Vyas jee alone.

Neel says to his Godambari and Baleq how they should stop mistreating Chahat as she used to live in Banglows but now for the sake of her father in law has even decided to live in the Barn and if she has accepted Vyas jee as her father, he hugs her mentioning how he has started to love her even more and it is the honor of their family to have a daughter in law like her, he challenges that if anyone has the intention then they should stop them from living in the Barn, Baleq and Godambari both are worried.

Chahat and Neel reach the barn while it s raining, they both wonder what they would o, they start the cleaning of the Barn while also having a lot of fun, Chahat prepares a bed for them to sleep but is notable to attach the light bulb, Neel picks her up in her arms, so she is able to attach it, he also prepares a shelf for her to place her medical books and also the Holy Quran, he also makes a place for the Mandir which they both are happy to see.

Neel exclaims that even if their house is not that solid it still has a lot of love and emotion , Chahat exclaims that if there is such love then there is nothing to worry about, Chahat exclaims that there’s still something missing, she exclaims how every house has a name and they should also have a name for their house, Neel writes a name but Chahat inquires why did he write it, Neel responds how the name has both the letters of their religions and is a sin of their love.

Chahat is about to enter when Neel stops her saying that there is a ritual in which the wife has to come in the house after washing her feet with milk, Chahat asks what the need is however Neel forces her and then she finally enters after he explains how it is believed that the cow’s milk stops any bad omens from entering the house.

Neel comes to the barn in the night, Chahat immediately asks about the health of Vyas jee when he mentions that there has been a lot of blood loss, but he is stable and just requires some rest, Neel lies on the bed asking what they should do now, Chahat gets nervous when he explains how it is said that the newly wed couples do not sleep the first night when they are married, Chahat refuses explaining how she is really tired so would rest however he pulls her closer but she runs away, they then one again come on the bed, Baleq plans to ruin their night as Neel cannot be with a girl who is a Muslim, he tries to throw some weights on them but they are able to escape and joke about how god has blessed them as they have been saved, Chahat exclaims how his wish came true because they would not be able to sleep all night as they have to clean the house.

In the morning Neel comes into the house when he hears Baleq requesting some more time from the lenders saying that he doesn’t have any money, Neel asks what has happened when Baleq responds how he borrowed some money from them and now they want him to return it however he doesn’t have any amount as they cannot even get money from the Mandir, Neel asks him to not worry as he would return the amount but they explain how they can not take money from him as he has already caused a lot of grief and bad omen for his family so Baleq should be the one to return their money.

Baleq blames Neel for all the mistake mentioning how everything that is happening is because of him and they do not even have the money to but he medicines for Vyas jee, Neel mentions how he doesn’t run from his responsibilities and would surely bring back the money.

Chahat comes out of the bathroom but does not find Neel, she finds the note in which he mentions how he did not want to wake her as she was looking nothing less of a princess, Chahat gets nervous thinking how she did not think that Neel would be so romantic, she then greets Jamuna who asks her to check if Godambari gives Vyas je the medicine at 9:00, Chahat calls Godambari at the time however she does not respond then Chahat realizes that she cannot enter the house and walks to the room of Vyas jee using the ladder.
Chahat gives Vyas je the medicine thinking of how she would always fulfil her duty as his daughter even when he has refused to accept her as the daughter in law, Chahat thinks of how he always called her as his daughter, giving her everything that she desired.


Qurbaan Hua 26th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Godambari throws the ladder, she still forces Chahat to go downstairs and jump if there is no ladder, Chahat gets worried but she pushes her downstairs causing Chahat to fall while calling Neel.

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Telecast Date:25th January 2021
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