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Qurbaan Hua 22nd October 2020 Naveli is crying on the floor and even rubs her head for the sake of apology Infront of Chahat, she sits up pleading Chahat to forgive her.
Few hours earlier, Neil demands that Chahat tell him the address of Mr Baig and doesnot she not think that Saraswati should get justice and if not she should look him in the eyes, he asks her where is Baig as he needs to take the revenge, Chahat exclaims that Misses Baig did not tell her where her father is, she mentions that Ghazala also hates her with the same intent as his family, she mentions that Ghazala knows her father is the weakness of her so she wants to use her to take revenge from Neil and his family, Chahat mentions that she has threatened her that until she tries killing Viyas she would not let her meet her father, Chahat exclaims that she doesnot know what to do before sitting in despair.
Chahat pleads for help from Allah, she mentions that she is in a difficult position because on one side there is her biological father while on the other one who has always praised her so how can she kill him, Neil sits with her explaining that he knows she cannot even think of killing anyone as she doesnot have the heart to kill anyone, Chahat realizes exclaiming that she cannot meet her father is she doesnot listen to Ghazala, Chahat exclaims that she feels there is no real relation in her life and everyone is there for a purpose so she doesnot know what she will do, Neil says that he is with her and would not let anything wrong happen to her, he says that they both are a team and now would be there for each other.
Neil asks Chahat to stand then says that they would not let anyone know they are working against Ghazala, he says that they would go separately to the house where he would act as if he hates her a lot, so that they are able to use the situation to their benefit, he orders Chahat to go back to the house.
Neil exclaims that why does god always put the good people in such hardships as what kind of a family has she got where her stepmother wants to use her for her own means and a murdering father.
Chahat sits in the barn wondering how she can kill Viyas jee when he has accepted her as his daughter and there is also her biologic father who would do anything for her so, she remembers how she felt that Viyas jee is her father even when she was away from her own family and never felt like it, she sits up prays to Allah that she should get the strength to not harm either Viyas jee or her father.
Chahat stands up, Ghazala seeing her thinks that this means she was not caught by Neil in the hospital, then Neil comes back with the help of Bopho with a lot of pain, then he asks Sunita to bring some bandage, Viyas jee asks how he got injured, Neil mentions that he was going to catch the culprit but on his way got into the accident, Viyas jee inquires if he is in a lot of pain. Jamuna exclaims that this the fault of Naveli as she was the one who sent the messages to GauriShankar, Neil is not able to believe what he is hearing, Viyas jee asks Chahat why she is standing at the door.
Chahat replies that she is not trying to come in the house but only trying to see the extent of the injuries, Viyas jee asks why is she not coming inside as is it not her own house, she is to remain with the family and not the animals, Chahat starts weeping and tries coming inside but Godambari stops her saying that before she can come inside Naveli would have to apologize to her, Naveli apologizes to her, Jamuna stops her saying that she should be severely punished after what she has done, he orders Naveli to lie down on the floor and apologize to Chahat who says that there is no need for it, Jamuna mentions that she should do it and if cannot kneel before Chahat then should leave the house, Godambari pushes her and she falls, Chahat tries to help her but Jamuna stops her, Naveli rubs her face in front of Chahat before apologizing for what she has done, Chahat sits saying that there is nothing to be ashamed off, Viyas jee exclaims that he doesnot know how he can apologize to her as he is the real culprit, she exclaims that there is no need to apologize to her as she is like her daughter and if he apologizes then she would feel as if she has committed a crime, he asks what she wants him to do in order to gain her forgiveness, She mentions that there is a something as she wants to call him as Baba, he is shocked remembering that Saraswati also used to call him as Baba, she mentions that even when she is away from her biological father, she would feel that there is nothing that can ruin her life, Viyas jee exclaims that he would love her the same way as Saraswati because he has accepted her as his daughter, Neil asks if they can change her bandage, Viyas jee orders Chahat to apply the herbal remedy, Neil says that Viyas jee has ruined her MBBS degree.
Kripa starts crying and Godambari stops Sunita saying that Naveli would take care of Kripa because it is her test so that they can see if she has the ability to become the mother of Kripa, Neil asks what they meant, Jamuna explains that Godambari advised that they should get Baleq and Naveli married as then both of them would be able to help each other, Viyas jee exclaims that it is just a suggestion as Naveli would have to past the test, Naveli is adamant that she would pass anything if she has his prayers.
Chahat asks Neil to stop Ghazala from going after Naveli, Neil stops her saying that he would pay her as she is taking care of the house so now she must do the chores which he asks her to do, Bopho shows Sunita what she has to do, Neil thinks that he would use Ghazala to get to Dr Baig and take revenge for Saraswati.


Qurbaan Hua 23rd October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Neil mentions that he is impressed with Sunita so is giving her the advance, Neil mentions that she doesnot know he has hid a tracker so now would be able to get to Baig as he knows she would try to meet him.

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