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Qurbaan Hua 22nd January 2021 Chahat comes and Kisses Neel in front of everyone, they are all left shocked, but Dr Baig starts smiling as he knows that his daughter loves Neel to the extent that she would not live without him, Rehmat Sahib is also tensed about what would happen.
Ammi Jan tries to hit Vyas je but Chahat stops her mentioning that he is her father in law so she would let her hit him, Baleq runs to Vyas je exclaiming how he should not be moved but the words of Chahat as she is juts trying to gain his love, Ghazala exclaims how Neel came into their house and was cooking mutton biryani and even recited the kalmah, Godamabri inquires from Neel what is he doing to which he replies that even Chahat accepted their rituals. Chahat exclaims how she knows Vyas je cannot be such heartless as he loves Neel but doesnot show it, Vyas je doesnot say anything so Chahat assumes he has accepted them when he goes to bring a vase of water and starts circling around Neel while reciting a Mantar, Jamuna pleads with him to not do this as he cannot recite the Mantar when Neel is alive, Chahat also asks him why he is doing this. Vyas je exclaims how he ahs performed the last rituals of both of his children as his daughter had died before and today even his son has died.

Vyas je turns back and leaves with jamuna, Neel is not able to bear the sight of his father leaving him so sits with his knees on the ground, Chahat explains how he should not feel bad for the words of the elders and that he must have only said it in anger as he is his son so how can he be angry with him.

Rehmat sahib kisses the photo of Chahat mentioning how God has made her just to be his wife, ghazala calls Rehmat Sahib mentioning how he should come to the rally as soon as possible because she can also not wait till Friday so wants to send Chahat with him and he can marry her at any time she desires.

Baleq orders Chahat to not do anything and warns Ghazala to constrain her as she has already ruined their family, Ghazala mentions how her fiancé is coming to take her away, Rehmat Sahib comes but Chahat exclaims that she only loves Neel and even picks up a stone threatening to hit Rehmat Sahib however Ghazala points a gun at Neel threatening to kill him if Chahat doesnot go with Rehmat Sahib, they try to separate both Chahat and Neel however they refuse to leave each other’s hand while the rest of them are pulling them apart, Rehmat Sahib is taking Chahat away when Ammi jan orders him to leave her hand, Chahat immediately rushes to Neel and they both hug each other, Ammi Jan exclaims why they cannot see that Neel loves Chahat to the extent that they can never comprehend while mentioning that his heart is pure which is enough for her them, Chahat and Neel exclaim how their love has won and Ammi Jan has accepted their love which is a sign of victory.

Chahat and Neel are celebrating when Ammi Jan says that there is only one condition and it is that Neel would have to change his religion from Hinduism to Muslim, she would only marry her daughter to Qasim as they cannot mix their blood with that of a Non-Muslim, Ammi Jan is taking Chahat away when Neel stops them saying that if Ammi Jan desires him to change his religion then he would do so but she would have to fist give a proof about if she knows what is his blood and that of Neel, he cuts himself and also Chahat then asks Ammi Jan to distinguish between the two, Neel mentions that it is possible God might have two names, he asks if Ganga cannot quench the thirst of a Muslim and also that they cannot say who has created the wind so why can they not marry.

Ghazala exclaims how he should be a politician but says that it would not affect her decision, she asks Rehmat Sahib to take Chahat as the Qazi is waiting for them in the house and they can perform the Nikah.

Neel and Chahat are separated by both the families however they are able to free themselves and Chahat then kisses Neel, Chahat exclaims that she has become of Neel in front of the entire world, Chahat asks Rehmat Sahib if he would still marry her, she exclaims that the press if also there and then the entire village would know the story of their love, she exclaims how both of them have died and just as Vyas je recited the rituals they can also bury the dupatta to signal that she has died as she has truly become of Neel in front of everyone.

Vyas je is preparing to fulfil the last rituals of Neel when Jamuna inquires what is he doing as he recited the Sharad even when Neel is alive and is now preparing to perform the last rituals because Saraswathi has already died so he should not make the last member of the family go away from each other, Vyas je pushes him away when he tries to stop Vyas je.

Dr Baig places the hand of Neel and Chahat on each other mentioning how he is sure of their love and that his blessings are with both of them, but they should leave and not come back, Chahat comes to Ammi Jan saying that she should protect her father from Ghazala Baig.

Ammi Jan exclaims that when Neel has refused to become a Muslim then why is she ready to change her religion, Neel comes to her saying that she would not become a Hindu as she was always Muslim and would remain a Muslim, Chahat also says that she would never force Neel to be a Muslim as he is the blood of the Dhiani family.

Jamuna pleads with Vyas je to not make his son go away from him because he knows that his sister died while praying for him to be with her and now his son is also going away from him so he should not do this, Godambari and Baleq come to question Jamuna asking why he is defending the boy who doesnot even care for his house Jamuna comes and slaps her mentioning how no one should come in between him and his brother-in-law.

Chahat is anxiously waiting when Neel comes explaining how he has hired a lawyer and they both would be husband and wife after just fifteen minutes, Chahat asks him to sit with her then exclaims how he is the groom so should look nice, she helps him in preparing himself, Neel mentions how she looks gorgeous in the shalwar suit instead of the sarree and this is how he wishes she remains, Neel apologizes for not being able to provide her with the marriage which she dreamed off however Chahat exclaims how there is nothing to worry about because he has already done a lot for her, Neel mentions that they would soon be settled after which he would also bring Dr Baig from the house of Ghazala.


Qurbaan Hua 23rd January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Vyas je exclaims that he can never bear that his son has married the girl who is a Muslim, so it is better that he dies instead of giving them their blessings, he points a gun towards and firs a bullet towards his chest, everyone is shocked when he falls to the ground.

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