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Qurbaan Hua 21st June 2021 Agam exclaims that no one can win from him today as it is the day of Agam Kumar, Neel and Chahat realize the truth so takes off the masks along with Naveli leaving Agam shocked.

Some time ago Neel assures Chahat he believes her, this is why he accepted the blames of Godambari, he mentions how he feels that for some time Vyas je has been acting as if he has met Neel after a long time, Chahat assures that it is indeed the truth as she found him in a very poor state outside her destitute center, she explains the entire situation because of which she had to come back however she found out that there was someone else living amongst them as Mant Vyas, Neel listens to everything in distress, Chahat then reveals that the patient he called to the opening ceremony was none other then his own father, Neel in anger wonders if it was all the work of Aalekh, Chahat mentions that she also has her suspicions on Aalekh but first they have to find the proof against him, Neel starts crying after sitting down apologizing to Chahat saying that Vyas je treated her wrongly forcing her to live in the barn even still she helped him, he exclaims that he was not a good son as he was not able to recognize his own father, Chahat hugs him trying to calm him.

Sahil is with Agam who is drinking, Sahil asks Agam why is he so scared of Aalekh, Agam replies that he is a heinous person as if he comes to know that he has lost the bangle then would really get angry with him, Neel is standing outside the bar thinking he has to find the imposter who is responsible for ruining their family, Sahil tries to take Agam away but he gets into a fight with another person, Sahil with very difficult takes him away.

Sahil is walking with Agam when Aalekh comes exclaiming he is a good actor but why did he hit him so hard with the bottle, Agam gets worried so asks when did he hit him, Aalekh slaps him when Agam signals he has gotten mad, Aalekh gets a call from Ghazala who requests him to talk some sense into Godambari as she threw water on her bed, Agam starts laughing, Aalekh asks what should he do first as he can only look after either Agam or her matters, ghazala mentions Agam is in the house, however Aalekh says he is with him, Ghazala shows him the bed where Vyas je is lying down, they all are shocked when Aalekh reveals that it implies Vyas je is alive, he immediately asks Ghazala to make sure that they switch the real Mant Vyas with Agam as he is the only one who knows his secret.
Alka comes down to take water for Vyas je but after she goes back to the room he is not there, she in tensions rushes down saying to Chahat that Vyas je was not in his room, Chahat questions Alka why did she leave him, they start searching the entire house, she even asks Naveli and Godambari to help her, Chahat also indulges Shlok and Dua with her to search, Aalekh takes Vyas je to the barn but then accidentally drops the metal ornaments, Chahat gets suspicious so she starts walking towards the barn, she is about to open it when Neel calls Vyas je from behind, she turns to see Vyas je heading outside the house however Neel stops him.

In the hall, Neel questions Alka why she left Vyas je knowing his health condition, she is not able to explain anything when Aalekh enters the hall exclaiming he was really tensed because of Vyas je but is now relieved knowing he is fine. Aalekh advises to take care of Vyas je but Chahat says that she would be the one to take care of him however Neel agrees asking Aalekh to take him inside, he sends the entire family away when Chahat questions what has he done when they know that he is a danger to Vyas je, Neel reveals that he is sure the Mant Vyas which Aalekh took inside the room is an imposter and this is what they have to prove.

In the room Aalekh and Agam are both rejoicing, Aalekh asks if he listened how Neel asked him to take Mant Vyas inside, Agam explains he is a better actor then given credit for, he is beating his leg when he sees Neel looking from the corner so he starts acting as if he has hurt his leg, Neel rushes questioning what has happened, he replies how he feels the pain would take his life, Neel starts massaging his leg when he purposefully throws the hot water, Agam starts shouting when Aalekh makes him drink the water, Neel apologizes before leaving and Chahat also offers to help him, Neel and Chahat both walk downstairs when Chahat asks if he saw how the imposter got angry, Neel mentions there is only one way to find the truth about him and it is to wait for the night.

Agam is walking searching for the bar saying that Nele is showing a lot of affection towards his father so has made his life as hell, he sees a drunk so asks about the location of the bar, he walks inside where there is a group of people already enjoying, he sits with them asking fi he can play with them, they all agree but Agam doesnot know that they are actually Neel and Chahat along with Naveli and Bopho, they all let him win the games so after he stands to leave, Agam desires for another game mentioning that it is the day of Agam Kumar, Neel after realizing his truth takes of his mask, revealing his true identity at which Agam is shocked.

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