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Qurbaan Hua 21st April 2021 Neel and Vyas je are bound in captivity when he regains consciousness and with a lot of struggle is able to break free from the bond, he then getting up removes the mask is shocked to see Vyas je so he removes the cover and tries his best to wake him up however when it doesnot help, he removes the bonds and helps him stand pleading with Vyas je to walk to the door because he has to run away, he asks Vyas je to not worry about him because he has to find out who kidnapped them so he helps Vyas je run away, Neel after coming back inside sees his wallet on the table so slowly walks towards it Sahil hits him from behind with a rod making him fall unconscious, Sahil exclaims how stupid he is because he left them both so they were able to run away while he went to buy cigarettes.

Shlok reaches the temple and thinking that this is where he would find the women who can convince his father, Aalekh then explains to Sahil how he must kill Neel while he would take care of Vyas je and become the Mant sooner or later.

Shlok thinks that this might be the house of the lady, he therefore steps inside, Sahil points a gun at Neel explaining that he is also an obstacle and till the time he is alive, he cannot marry Chahat, Shlok is standing outside the house and knocks on the door, Sahil gets tensed wondering who might have come, he goes to check who it is leaving Neel alone, Sahil seeing Shlok remembers that hbe was with Chahat in the house, he recalls the name and thinks that all his life he longed to marry Chahat because of Neel and now when he is about to finalize his plan, his son has come to ruin everything, he vows to kill Shlok first if he has to, Shlok opens the door and is shocked to see that it is open, he walks however is perplexed to see Neel lying on the floor so he tries waking him, Sahil covering his mouth warns Shlok to never touch Neel again.

The entire Dhiani family is searching for the mobile however they are not able to find it, they wonder where it might have gone, Baleq comes exclaiming that they would not find it because the mobile has been stolen, they all ask who might be the thief, he points to Toup Singh vowing to check him however this worries Chahat who thinks how she would stop him from touching her because he will do the checking thinking of her as a boy, Toup Singh says that he will himself show his pockets as he is not the thief, Aalekh laughs exclaiming since when does anyone keep the stolen things in their pockets, he starts performing the checking and when he is about to touch his shoulder, Shlok is standing in front of Sahil who warns that he would not be able to live any longer, Shlok decides to call back home and dials the number of Alka, Alka places the call on speaker, they are shocked to hear Shlok pleading for his life when the kidnapper vows to kill him, Toup Singh taking the mobile calls to Shlok which signals Sahil who immediately asks who is calling so ends the call, Toup Singh rushes out of the house recalling the voices from the Mandir, Aalekh also runs after him but wonders how did Shlok get to Sahil but it is a matter of blessing because now Sahil would also kill him.

Shlok tries waking Neel saying that Sahil would otherwise kill him, he warns Shlok that he made a mistake by calling his family so now would suffer the punishment, Shlok pleads with him to let him go back when Shlok asks what would he do because he is the small Pandit and so would be killed, Toup Singh reaches the house and is shocked to see them, he stops Sahil from killing Shlok and asks him to run away however Shlok is adamant to leave only with his father when he leaves but is forced to run, Shlok is hit with the gun when it flies because of the struggle so he starts screaming, Sahil thinks that Chahat should never find the truth that he is behind the mask, he realizing that Chahat is distracted pushes her before running away, Chahat falls and her turban falls of, she doesnot realize so walks to Shlok asking if he is alright, he is shocked to see that she is the mother of Dua and has been living in their house disguised as Toup Singh.


Qurbaan Hua 22nd April 2021 21st April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Neel yells the name of Chahat and wakes up, he follows Chahat after five years wondering if this time their love story would be fulfilled.

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Telecast Date:21st April 2021
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