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Qurbaan Hua 1st June 2021 Chahat is in her room, Shlok comes with a dress explaining since they are going out for dinner with their father, Chahat should wear this particular dress as this is his favorite color, Chahat explains that it might get really loud which depresses Shlok who asks if she doesnot like his choice seeing which Chahat explains she really likes his choice so would wear the dress which he has chosen.
Neel is also getting ready in his room, Dua comes questioning if he doesnot know how to dress for the dinner because it feels he is going to celebrate Eid, she decides to search the dress for him so takes out a pair of shirt and jeans for him assuring he would look really nice.

Shlok is waiting when Chahat comes out wearing the saree, he exclaims she is looking really beautiful and Neel would not be able to resist praising her, he even attaches a rose flower in her hair exclaiming she is now ready, Dua is also amazed by how well her father has dressed up, she comments he is looking like a hero, Neel starts blushing, she explains Chahat would be really delighted, Shlok also comes with Chahat seeing whom Neel questions where is she going dressed up as a post box, she signals that she it is the choice of Shlok, Neel immediately says she is looking really good, Dua asks them to leave and not waste time talking, Neel pushes his hand forward however Chahat doesnot take it, Shlok is forced to place her hand into his ordering that they both leave, Shlok also asks them to bring ice cream when they return, Godambari exclaims that Alka would have to cry the rest of her life so should decide where she has to live and what does she have to work, Alka gets really worried.

Chahat and Neel reach the hotel, she asks for the table booked under the name of Neel, he asks why did she really book the table as they can lie to the children, Chahat asks what problem does he have with eating together for a single night, they can also use the time to set some rules, Neel gets tensed so Chahat explains it is so the children never face the kind of problem which they had to suffer today.

Chahat is standing with Neel where she sees Dua and Shlok hiding behind the menu, she starts getting really romantic which worries Neel, she hugs him explaining that she is not having any panic attack because the children are watching them from the side table, he explains that Bopho would have surely brought them.

They both go to sit at the table, Dua and Shlok also go to them, Chahat and Neel ask what are they doing here, Shlok says he was missing Chahat while Dua also says that she was missing her father so Bopho brought them to the hotel, Chahat asks them to sit at the table, the waiter come asking for their order, Chahat questions what do the children want to eat, they start giving the order, waiter says they will get the order in fifteen minutes, Dua asks what will they do for fifteen minutes so they decide on the game of truth and dare, Shlok spins the bottle which stops at Neel, they asks what will he choose.

Ghazala advises the waiter to not forget putting the peanuts in the soup of Shlok as he really likes it, she hands him some money thinking it was a blessing that Aalekh told her that he was allergic to peanuts as after the allergic reaction starts, she can make his video and show the court that the children are not save with them both.

Neel takes the dare, Shlok says that his father can perform any kind of task, Chahat explains it is not true because if they ask him to sing he will not be able to do it, they both plead with Neel however he asks them to stop, Chahat thinks he might not be able to sing in front of her so she tries to leave but he stops her then they start singing the song meanwhile the waiter places the soup in front of Shlok, Neel while lighting the matchstick burns his hand, Shlok gets tensed so throws the soup over the table causing it to fall on the ground, Chahat asks him if he is fine which is when he sees the peanuts so calls the waiter questioning how did the peanuts come into his soup, the waiter and even Neel asks her to forgive him but Chahat insists they should leave the restaurant.
Neel and Chahat walk out front when Shlok asks if they can have pizza, Dua says for Chicken hearing which Shlok gets tensed, Chahat asks Shlok to sit with Neel while Dua would sit on her laps, they see that some men are pushing Agam out demanding the money, Neel stopping them questions what is the reason they are demanding so much money, they men say that Agam has lost hundred thousand rupees in their club so they want it back, Neel tries to leave after handing fifteen thousand but they instead ask him to leave Chahat hearing which he gets angry and starts beating them both seeing which Dua and Shlok are delighted that Neel was able to beat them all.

The two men take out the knives threatening to kill Neel if he doesnot come and win the money in the bar, Neel agrees however Chahat is worried as she knows that Neel doesnot know anything about playing cards, Neel has lost all of money and even bets the gold chain, but he is about to lose so signals Chahat they have to run, he after reaching outside asks Bopho to start the car but is not turning on so they all start running but are caught by the men who also have knives.

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Telecast Date:1st June 2021
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