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Qurbaan Hua 1st January 2021 Chahat asks that Meera wants the knife, she cuts herself and then turning to Viyas jee asks how she is hurt, and he might loose his second daughter in front of them and she might die in front of him.
Some time earlier Chahat placing Kripa in front of Viyas jee asks him to give his blessings to Kripa because otherwise she might get angry, Chahat tries lifting his hand however he is not even able to move, Meera comes mentioning how he doesnot need mental but rather physical therapy and so she has appointed the doctor, Chahat is not able to control herself, Meera explains how she has ordered the food and he must give the bill, Chahat sees how she has ordered chicken biriyani, Chahat runs to the delivery boy and taking the parcel throws it in the dustbin.
Meera exclaims how Chahat doesnot want to let her make up her image in the hearts of the family then Chahat mentions that the only reason she threw the parcel was because it had chicken and she knows Viyas jee has never even allowed to bring the egg so how did she order chicken, Neel stops her saying that it is not right and she should not talk like this to Meera because she ordered the food by mistake, Chahat leaves saying that she doesnot know why he is talking like this and would leave the house after she is sure Viyas jee would be taken care of which she cannot see happening with Meera, she leaves after which Meera thanks Neel for showing Chahat her right place In the family then Neel asks her to not even thinks she can order Chicken in their house then if she desires to live in his family then must change herself as she cannot live like this.
Chahat brings apples for Viyas jee when Meera comes asking her to stop because she has asked for a doctor then when Chahat doesnot stop, Meera calls everyone upstairs to the room and they all ask Chahat to stop doing this madness because Viyas jee cannot even lift his hands, Chahat is not able to listen to anything that they are saying then when Meera ask her to give her the knife, Chahat cuts herself and even refuses to let anyone come near her, she asks Viyas jee to help her as otherwise he would also lose his second daughter she cannot live without him, Neel asks her to stop this madness as a lot of blood has been spilt and she might die however Chahat exclaims that she would likely die if it causes Viyas jee to come in his senses, Neel pleads with the doctor to help Chahat when she makes Neel swear on her life to not come near her, she constantly pressurizes Viyas jee to help her as otherwise she would die, they see that Viyas jee is trying to move so they are shocked when he is able to place a tissue on her hand.
Jamuna exclaims that she has risked her life in order to save Viyas jee, Chahat exclaims that he must not worry as the vein was not involved and she purposefully cut her hand, the doctor explains that this technique was used in a hospital in Delhi, Chahat exclaims that she learned it in medical collage which assures everyone that she is a doctor, Godamabri then asks why did she lie to them all for such a long time, Viyas jee then asks Chahat to inform him of all the truth, Neel stops her explain how he forced her to lie as they used to hate doctors and he thought that it would not be beneficial, Vyas jee gets relaxed explaining that he could not bear this because Chahat is his daughter so he knows that she would never lie to him, the doctor pleads with him to rest as he is still very weak.
The doctor is about to give him the medicine but Chahat stops him saying that she has changed it as the medicine would reduce the sodium levels even more, Viyas jee ask the doctor to eave as his daughter in law has complete knowledge.
Viyas jee says that he cannot understand how the parents of Chahat can remain angry with her for so long as he would meet them to explain that their family has completed and would she let him meet her parents and even Chahat agrees
Baleq asks the doctor how he changed the medicine because they planned to make Viyas jee loose his mind at which the doctor explains that how can he challenge when the daughter in law is herself a doctor, Naveli comes in happiness saying that Viyas je is finally get healthy so he can talk with him about their marriage, Baleq explains that Chahat has ruined all of his plan to become the Mant but the only thing which she cares about is her marriage and had it been any other girl she would have helped him in his plans. Naveli thinks that she can also plan.
Neel is praying for the good health of Viyas jee when Meera comes asking why he not told everyone that she is a Muslim, Neel stops her saying that he cannot let this happen as Chahat does a lot for the family and even cut her hand to save Viyas jee, Meera exclaims that she can also bear the pain when Neel takes out a Diya and places it on her hand, she cannot bear it or a long time.


Qurbaan Hua 2nd January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Chahat is asked by Neel to wear a western dress as it is the theme, Meera explains how she assured that they have a western theme party, Naveli explains that she has ruined the dress of Chahat so when she starts dancing the zip of her dress would come off, which would ruin her reputation.

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Telecast Date:1st January 2021
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