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Qurbaan Hua 1st February 2021 Godambari exclaims how she would also see weather Chahat is able to keep the fast, she is trying to force Chahat to drink the juice however Chahat constantly tries to force her away.

Ghazala coming to Chahat exclaims how she should be glad because she has bought the hospital and then should be glad that she was able to, Chahat is worried so asks what Ghazala is saying when she also asks Chahat how she got so much money because she bought the hospital.

They are standing when the Pandit of the Mandir comes exclaiming how the jewels which they placed for Maa have been stolen, everyone gets shocked when Baleq asks who the Pandit suspects, to which he mentions how one of the followers saw Chahat in the Mandir and she was the last one in the vicinity.

Vyas je questions why Chahat who is constantly trying to explain how she was not the one to steal the jewellery because she doesnot have any intention to attain money, Ghazala exclaims how she should not worry about Neel as he cannot even provide her with two meals in a day, Chahat gets furious demanding that Ghazala stop blaming Neel as she herself is the reason Neel is not able to get a job in the entire village, Ghazala asks Chahat to not act as if she is unaware because she has proved how much she cares for her father.

Vyas je also scolds Chahat saying how she should not have taken the jewellery when her husband was unemployed, Chahat explains how she was beside the Mandir only because the Akhund Jhot was about to diminish so she tried to save it, Ammi Jan gets tensed exclaiming how it would have been better that she died before facing such a situation as now Chahat has become unpure, Godambari says how she tried to make their house unpure by sending the gifts of their house, it was opportune that Neel burned them otherwise their house would have also gotten affected.

Ammi Jan also looks at Neel and Chahat when Ghazala exclaims how they both claimed to have an understanding of each other’s religions then why did Neel burn the gifts which they had sent with such love, Ammi Jan exclaims how she cannot bear this anymore as they do not have any respect for their religion so she would end the marriage and now Chahat would come with her to Dubai, she takes the hand of Chahat however Neel also doesnot let go, Chahat also pleads with her Ammi Jan to not interfere in the matter because she has said it clearly how she cannot leave Neel.

The Pandit explains how he has no reason to speak in the internal matters of his house but only knows that if the jewellery is not found then he doesnot know what the villagers would do, Chahat tries to plead her innocence infront of Vyas je mentioning how he thought of her as his daughter so should know that she cannot steal anything, Vyas je exclaims how she cannot be trusted as he has not seen a more untrustworthy person then her and exclaims how he cannot even punish her because punishments are given to those who belong to ones family so he would get the punishment so would keep the fast until the jewellery is found, Chahat exclaims how she would be the one to keep the fast as she is blamed for all that is happening, Ammi Jan exclaims how this is the only scene which they had to see as Chahat is accepting their religion, she then leaves the house in anger.

Chahat is standing in the lawn, Neel comes from behind exclaiming how she should not have kept the fast as she had not even eaten anything In dinner, Chahat exclaims how she would keep the fast to prove that she is not the thief, Neel exclaims how this is the reason he was refusing to marry her but then Chahat mentions that they have promised to live together but have not been promised an easy life in the future because they would face the problems together.

Neel reaches the Mandir then prays in front of Maa that he be given the strength to find the jewellery as it is the only way in which he would be able to prove her innocence, he asks the Pandit if he saw the jewellery at the pooja in the morning, the Pandit exclaims how he was not present in the Pooja, some people exclaim how he has married a Muslim so might have been behind stealing the jewellery, they try to push him away however he doesnot listen to anything that they have to say.

Chahat is performing the fast when Godambari brings the paratha which she has made and tries to make sure that Chahat eats it however Chahat exclaims how she cannot even think of eating anything hen she is fasting and even she tries to make Chahat drink the juice however is not able to as Jamuna stops her threatening to raise his hand on her if she again tries to come near Chahat.
Godambari and Baleq are standing when he asks her to not think of herself as so low because she can turn on the water pressure as then the water would go inside Chahat’s mouth causing her fast to break.

Neel wonders why the snake came to the playing area of the children, he sees a snake hole so reaches to cover it before another snake comes out, Neel finds all of the jewels in the hole then gets worried so he takes them all out, everyone gathers around him, he calls both of the men to see how he has found the jewellery and they should never again blame Chahat for stealing anything.
Godambari places the pipe on the swing in the position that when they open the tap the pressure of the water breaks Chahat’s fast, she immediately runs to hide signalling Baleq to open the tap.


Qurbaan Hua 2nd February 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Neel mentions that the fast of Chahat had such power that he was able to find the jewellery in the snake hole behind the Mandir, Neel falls on the ground after revealing the jewels, Chahat rushes to him and after rubbing his hand asks how did he get bitten by the snake.

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Telecast Date:1st February 2021
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