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Qurbaan Hua 1st April 2021 Salog takes the colour and applies it on the feet of Chahat, he takes her blessings then stands, Chahat asks what all this is, Salog explains that the first colours are applied on the feet of Bhagwan and she saved him in the night and also helped save his father so she is a Bhagwan for her, Chahat starts wondering why she always feels that she has some connection with the child.

Dua is walking with the colours exclaiming tha6t she would inform her friends that she also played Holi this year, the organizer of the competition asks Neel to become the judge of the competition because the real judge is unwell, Neel asks how can he be the judge because his son is participant however the judge says that this is nothing to worry about to which Neel also agrees exclaiming that if he doesnot have any problem then he will act as a judge, the organizer tries to apply the colour however Neel says that he should not dare because he has stopped celebrating Holi six years ago when he life was deprived of the colours, the organizer leaves.

Dua is running with the colours when she bumps into Neel and all the colours are on his kurta, he gets mad asking If she cannot see as she has dropped all the colours on him, Dua asks why was he then standing in front of him because she was also coming to play Holi, Neel reveals that he has stopped playing Holi a long time ago and because of her actions his entire Kurta is ruined, Dua also answers him, Neel gets angry saying that she is really mischievous and really outspoken, they both start arguing and go to their separate ways.

Dua takes out ice from the tub exclaiming how the uncle has ruined her function, She starts rubbing it against her forehead while Neel standing on the other side is also doing the same, Neel sees Dua and is shocked, he asks why is she copying his actions, Dua answers that he is the one copying her which angers Neel who says that he has had enough and coming to Dua asks where her mother is because he will then complain about her, Dua says that she would have to catch him, she runs after throwing colour on his face, Neel gets really furious, he turns to search for Dua in the crowd.

Baleq enters the house, while sitting on the chair he demands AlakhNanda to bring water for him, Godambari asks why is he calling AlakhNanda when his wife is present in the house, Baleq orders his wife to bring the water, the wife comes from the kitchen and it is actually Naveli who is trembling with fear, she comes near him, he questions why does she not know how to treat her husband and slaps her, he after drinking the water questions why she has not filled her Mang with Sindoor as she would want him to die, However Naveli reveals that it is not the case and she forgot to fill her Mang in the hurry. Baleq warns her to not come Infront of him until her Mang is filled with Sindoor, he then takes the colours and fills her mang, he throws her on the ground asking why she is standing in his way.

Godambari coming from behind asks why did she ruin her life as she doesnot even feel sympathy for her, she ran with the Muslim man and because of her actions jamuna left the house for a Yatra, she doesnot know where he is and because of that has to live like a widow, she was forced to marry her with Baleq when no one was agreeing to marry her and now he would make her realize her entire life that when he agreed to marry Naveli, was a blessing for their family.

Chahat is looking at the photo of Vyas je, exclaiming that she is missing him a lot, she asks if he remembers when she came to their house the first time, she applied the colour on his face, she was really scared of him but he smiled placing his hand on her head so she is missing him a lot, Chahat reveals that she met a boy yesterday Salog was is just like him and she felt it is him, she mentions that she cannot be with him but can apply the colour to his photo so can have a sense of being with him, she goes to get the colour when the photo flies on the candle and starts burning, Chahat saves the photo but gets worried wondering what might have happened to him as it is not the right sign, Sahil comes asking what has happened because he heard her scream, Chahat revels what has happened.

Vyas je is hitting his hand in the room of the hospital, screaming and yelling, the ward boy comes asking what has happened, they try to calm him when the other nurse comes asking the place from where he brought the madman, he replies that the person was trying to kill himself by standing in front of the cars, Vyas je takes the scissors but it is snatched away from him, he lies down when the nurse exclaims that they can witness the pain that is in the eyes of this man.

Sahil asks why does Chahat even care for tat man because he was the one to separate her from Neel and made her promise to never return, Sahil doesnot understand her, Chahat says that with the passage of time relations change and when they were young their parents used to forgive them when they made a mistake so how can they keep the mistakes of their elders in their hearts, Sahil mentions that he cannot stop her from wo0rrying about him but would not allow her to go back to Devpriagh as he cannot see her get in any kind of trouble, Chahat says that Vyas je is her father and she has utmost respect for him.

Vyas je is once again trying to hurt himself when he is stopped by the nurse.

Neel is running after Dua and is able to catch her, he asks if she thought that she would be able to outrun him as now she should say where her mother is because he would complain about her, Dua mentions that a person tried to complain about her, but her mother made him into a rabbit and he was forced to eat carrots only, Neel getting mad asks her to just take him to her mother.
Salog is running from his friends calling to Chahat so that she can save him from the colours.

Naveli rushes to the photo of Saraswathi di praying that she gives any sign which can bring back Chahat because she was the only one who could stand against Baleq as if he is allowed to fo what he desires then would surely ruin the house.

Chahat asks Salog to not worry and she would show him a way by which he can defeat them, she brings a bucket of water and then plans to tie it against the door, she hides with Salog who speaks loudly however she asks him to be quiet.

Neel is walking with Dua, he asks her to inform the room number, he then starts walking towards the room and after opening it is left startled when the water drops on him, Dua starts laughing however Neel asks her to be quiet, Dua says that her mother has taken revenge for her, Neel says that he doesnot understand why he came to complain about her because it seems that her mother also doesnot have any manners, Chahat thinks that the voice is the same as Neel so she rushes to the door asking Dua who the person was, Dua says that he was a really angry person and it seemed that he would burst like a balloon because of his anger, Chahat remembers that it is the exact words which she used to explain the anger of Neel.

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