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Qurbaan Hua 18th March 2020 Episode Start With Neil holds Chahat closely saying that he will force her to throw stones at her father no matter what happens but when they throw it, it hits her foot and then she starts to bleed, jamuna asks why is he pressurizing her however Neil tries to further instigate her, Viyas stops him and orders Naveli to take the new member inside as she is shivering with cold, Naveli asks if they both will stay together but Viyas explains that until they are married they cannot stay together, he orders Jamuna to stay with Neil while Chahat will stay with Gutambari.

Chahat is about to enter when Gutambari asks her to hurry, she asks her to not touch anything which belongs to Viyas as he does not like it, she also says that both Neil and Sarasvati had a great bond, but he will not forget Baiq and will take revenge, Naveli comes with her clothes which she gives to Chahat who is then sent to the room on the upper portion.

Viyas is with his bhagat when his followers come with a man who used to work in the hospital owned by Baiq, then Viyas says that he is his loyal so they must break him down.
Gutambari is working and is frustrated because Naveli does not help her , she plans to take work from the wife of Neil, then she sees her coming so goes to give her a tray which she has to take outside but Neil comes and takes the tray, she also gives him another tray and then they both head outside.

Aaleq is questioning the man which they brought when both Neil and Chahat are walking, they are worried if he will say her name because this will blow out the secret which they have kept to themselves, then Gopal says that he cannot see and has not even seen the family of Mr Baiq, so he cannot tell them anything more, Aaleq gets mad and orders them to take the man away as he knows nothing which relaxes both Neil and Chahat.

Jamuna is eating with Naveli when he stops Gutambari from saying anything more then also calls Neil who after coming says that he does not want to eat and so Chahat will also not eat, Gutambari says that Jamuna will wash the clothes when Neil explains that Chahat will wash them, he doesn’t even listen to Jamuna who says that he can do it, so Chahat is forced to pick them, she sits and after looking at the utensils think of how her father would not let her do anything. She thinks that she will not weep anymore as it is her responsibility to reveal the truth that her father is innocent so she will not cry, she hears someone weeping then when she goes to see that is Viyas she is shocked.

Viyas remembers how he used to talk with Sarasvati, he said to her that he can give a lot of things to his son but will not give up his religious sentiments which Neil asks as they can only be done by a mother, Viyas says that his duty is such strict that he has to even stop himself from weeping in front of the people even when he wants to weep in the Ganga, he wanted to give his heart to her as he wanted to see her feed her baby, Neil was right that he cannot be good father which is why she was taken from him, he pleads for her forgiveness, Chahat goes back downstairs then brings something but is hesitant to go to him, she places a napkin beside then quietly leaves without him realizing, he looks at it then says that she was also not able to see him cry so he will no longer weep, and so she must look and smile at him from the skies, he wonders how the napkin of Sarasvati came to him, Chahat is happy to see him smiling.

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Telecast Date: 18th March 2020
Distributed By : Zee Tv and Zee5


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