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Qurbaan Hua 18th January 2021 Ammi Jan ask Qasim who he was planning to help in running away, Qasim explains that Dr Baig was planning to go on a jog to which he explained that he would not be able to and it is not possible to which Chahat slaps him.

Chahat enters the room asking how did he dare come into her room as he is just a servant and cannot keep her prisoner because she only loves Neel and so would run away from under his nose, Neel exclaims how he also only loves her, she is shocked and turns when he removes the glasses and the cap to reveal who he really is, Chahat at once hugs him and they both do not leave each other, Chahat explains how they should run away because no one in their societies would understand their love, Chahat exclaims how if anyone comes to know of his truth they would kill him, Neel pleads with her to calm down however she is still restless, he makes her count backwards from one hundred and when they reach to one she is calm, Neel asks her to wait then explains that she should not forget the teachings of her father as only cowards run away and their love is not that weak so he cannot run away,Neel exclaims how he would also win the hearts of everyone just like she won the hearts in his family, Chahat explains that it would not be so easy when Neel exclaims that he would get bored when it is so easy.

Jamuna exclaims how it has been two days and they should send someone to find Neel, Vyas je exclaims that there is no need because when he left the house to go after Chahat his connections with Neel have ended, Godambari brings the food to which Jamuna asks why did she not cook something else, Godamabri exclaims that the stallers have refused to even sell them vegetables which is really bad for them and even their servant refused to provide food to the cow mata which is really shameful, Baleq even exclaims that he did not go to the Mandir because of the fear of being ridiculed, Baleq refuses to eat the food when Vyas je pleads with him to eat it as there is nothing wrong with it, Naveli comes exclaiming that she ahs provided ample food to Kripa however she is still crying and then Vyas je takes her in his arms exclaiming how Chahat has harmed them both and even deceived them which he would not let go to waste.

Chahat is helping Neel learn urdu when he is having a lot of difficulty, Neel exclaims that he would surely learn the language and win everyone’s hearts including that of Ammi Jan so that they accept their love, Chahat kisses him which makes him nervous and Neel exclaims that eh would like her to make the same mistake the rest of the days, Dr Baig comes exclaiming how it would never happen, he pleads with Neel to run away with Chahat if he desires to save her life and protect their love.

Neel sits beside him explaining how he would never run away with Chahat as he would surely prove his love forcing Ammi Jan to accept him, Ammi Jan comes inquiring who he is helping to run away, Neel explains how Dr Baig is adamant that he would one day be able to run which is not possible, Chahat slaps Neel in order to divert Ammi Jan’s attention how she is sure that her father would also run one day, Ammi Jan sits explaining how she tried to convince her son to come with her but he was insistent to help those who belong to the other religion which caused him to be paralyzed, she explains how they would be relieved when she is married to Rehmat Sahib, Ammi Jan takes Dr Baig inside, Chahat is worried so asks how would he be able to win her heart, Neel exclaims that he would win it with his language, Chahat smiles at him asking if he is sure.

In the morning Ammi Jan is hitting Ghazala asking why did she not call her before when her son was suffering with such illness, Ghazala tries to explain how she lost her number and was not able to find it which is why she did not call her, Ammi Jan inquires why did she not learn her mobile number, Neel seeing the scene from behind the veil comes with a rod explaining how she should hit Ghazala with it as otherwise her walking stick would break, Ammi Jan takes it the stick and when she is hitting Ghazala calls Qasim explaining that he should not have stood on the prayer mat because he did not perform the Wuzu, Ammi Jan asks if has performed Wuzu which worries him so she starts scolding him exclaiming that this is what his parents have taught him, Chahat is shocked to see him and when Ammi Jan starts beating him Chahat comes explaining how she was the one to tell him to stand on the prayer mat which would have made him taken her revenge, Ammi Jan asks why did she have to resort to such heinous acts to take her revenge, when she is about to hit Chahat, Neel comes in between and stops her, she gets tensed asking why did he dare stop her, Chahat explains how he did it because Rehmat Sahib is at the door, ghazala also exclaims that had he not stopped her their reputation as a family would have been ruined, Ammi jan drops the stick then asks Ghazala if she would not come with her to welcome Rehmat Sahib.

Ghazala introduces Ammi Jan to Rehmat Sahib when he tries to take off his shoes however is not able to because of the excess weight, Neel asks Chahat to not choose Rehmat Sahib over him because he would not be able to bear it.

Ammi Jan after hearing what Rehmat Sahib is saying orders Qasim to take off his shoes, Neel looks at Chahat thinking that she should not be worried because by helping Rehmat Sahib doesnot make him any smaller, Rehmat Sahib enters the house when Ghazala orders Qasim to bring some biscuits with tea for him.

Rehmat Sahib asks if Chahat has forgotten that boy, Ammi Jan exclaims how she is just a child and made a mistake however she would never repeat it, Rehmat Sahib exclaims how he has brought a gift for her then seeks permission to make her wear it, Ammi Jan allows it however when he is placing the necklace on Chahat’s neck, Neel comes with the tea and is not able to bear the sight, so he purposefully pours the tea on Rehmat Sahib.

Ammi Jan scolds Neel asking why he spilled the tea, Chahat tries to explain how it might have been an accident to which Ghazala says that she doesnot feel the same and believes Qasim did it on purpose.

Ghazala questions Qasim who accepts that he spilt the tea on purpose, ghazala asks him how he dared do such an act because he is just a servant, Qasim explains that he was hired to protect Chahat and when he came saw that Rehmat sahib was touching Chahat from behind, ghazala explains that he should not have interfered.

Ammi Jan however believes that Qasim did the right thing because Rehmat Sahib has not been married to Chahat as yet and these types of heinous acts would not be accepted, she warns Rehmat Sahib to never do such a thing because if it happens then she would not take into consideration his age but would start beating him just like anyone else, Ghazala asks him to come with her as then they would help him change his dress.

Ammi Jan calls Qasim explaining how he is an honest person and should never loose his honesty, she tries to give him some money however he refuses but she insists saying that he should never object when the elders present some money as a gift so Neel is forced to take the money.


Qurbaan Hua 19th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Ammi Jan asks Qasim if he is ready, Chahat asks why she is asking Qasim when he is not even of their family, Qasim explains that he would accept and order of Ammi Jan, the butcher hands Qasim the knife which he takes, Ammi Jan asks him to butcher the animal with the Islamic way, Neel wonders what he would do as he would have to recite the holy verses.

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