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Qurbaan Hua 16th September 2021 Chahat requests Neel to listen to her however Neel says there is no need for any explanation because he fought the entire society for her but she has deceived them all, Alka tries to take her side saying that Chahat is not like this but Neel mentions there is no need to defend her, he asks the inspector to take her away before he kills her, Shlok and Dua both questions why did she do this because she is really nice so how could she think of killing anyone, Chahat goes to Naveli and Bopho requesting them to take her side, she even seeks help from Godambari who mentions she just yesterday claimed Chahat to be her daughter but she doesnot deserve the love of a daughter as she is capable of such an heinous act,

Alka also starts to blame her saying she has wronged the house, Chahat shouts questioning why are they all not trusting her so requests Neel to stop them all as she did not kill Vyas je, Neel replies it is his mistake that he started loving an enemy who just desired to take revenge from his family, he requests the police to take her away, Neel walks by Chahat when they are taking her away, he doesnot even loom at her while she is constantly crying, everyone from the Dhiani family is also heartbroken after finding out she is the real culprit, they take her away.

Some time after Neel is sitting at the table, Alka comes serving him some food, she asks him to eat as who knows what she was given in the jail, Neel mentions he did not think that the person who is the mother of his children is capable of attempting to murder Vyas je, Alka replies she also thought that Chahat is worried for this family and she always used to consult her for each and every matter but she has just broken her trust, Neel standing up says that he has stopped believing in the concept of Love, Alka says he should not be so harsh as he will surely find someone who will not deceive him like Chahat,

he questions who would like to be with a person like him, Alka after acting as if she is nervous, exclaims she is ready to marry him because the children need a mother and she would also make him believe in others, Neel refuses saying he doesnot deserve the love of anyone, mentioning the condition of Vyas je is because of him and he doesnot deserve to live so should die, Alka questions what is he saying, he says he doesnot deserve to be alive, requesting her to take care of his children, he eats the medicine and lies down on the sofa explaining he is dying so he must take care of his children,

he dies when Alka tries her best to wake him up questioning what has he done, she mentions she did this all for him and the person who attacked Zain and Vyas je was no one other then her and she did this to blame Chahat for the murder, she was the one who placed the bag and diary in her room, she thought that Chahat has come to know the person in the black suit is a women so she needs to remove her from the equation, she thought that when the police would find the black suit they will take her away, she thought that when Chahat was gong to get arrested he will hate her and marry her instead.

Alka rests her head against Neel when she hears Chahat coming from behind mentioning that this was the only way to make her reveal the truth, Neel says Vyas je gave her a ;lace to live in but she instead tried to kill him and now the law would decide the punishment as he has recorded each and everything, Neel shows her the recording where she confesses of murdering Zain and Vyas je, Chahat slaps her saying she got to know the truth at night when she came to her room, she lost her ear ring and found out the bag and cheque book she decided to expose her true face.

Chahat starts explaining each and every thing, how she planned and even saw Alka coming into her room to place the black suits, she decided to not let her get away with those so easily, she wanted to reveal the truth, Godambari blames Alka saying how could she do this to the person who considered her to be his own daughter, Alka mentions how she raised Shlok as a mother when Chahat was away but when she came back,

Chahat snatched him from her and when Dua tried to come close to her she also snatched her away from her, this is when she started hating Chahat, they ask the inspector to take Alka away however she manages to snatch the gun form the inspector threatening to kill Chahat because if she cannot be the wife of Neel then would not let anyone come into his life, Neel exclaims that if she desires to kill Chahat then would have to kill him with each and every bullet, then the police manage to take Alka away with the help of Dua and Shlok.

Neel says he thought for a moment that he was not going to be released but was not worried about getting hanged to death, Chahat in despair hugs Neel, Shlok and Dua also hug them when Naveli starts performing the ritual, Neel goes to Bopho saying that he is the son in law of this house so was ready to accept the blame, Bopho exclaims Neel is more then just his big brother as he has always considered Neel to be a lot more, they both hug it out when Neel is worried who made Alka hate them all so much, Godamabri thinks how she was the one who always instigated Alka.

Godamabri is in her room, Chahat comes to her questioning what is she doing, Godambari replies how she is the one who always instigated Alka saying she looks good with Neel, she takes her bag when Neel also comes, Chahat requests him to stop her however Neel says he would not do it but has a news that Jamuna is coming back, even after knowing this she desires to leave then he would not stop her, Godamabari exclaims she would not leave them because now they would live like a happy family,

Chahat says she would not have any time because from now she would be the one to take care of running the house as she is happy with managing the clinic and her children, Bopho comes calling Chahat saying that Vyas je is moving. Chahat rushes to see Vyas je having seizures, Neel questions what is happening with him, Chahat replies it is normal for someone who is in a coma, she sits by his side worrying about what would happen.


Qurbaan Hua 17th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Chahat is trying to take care of Vyas je while Neel and Dua along with everyone else is praying for his health, Chahat wonders why he is placing his hand over his chest, she thinks what if he is having a heart attack.

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