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Qurbaan Hua 16th January 2021 Ghazala asks why he is standing like this and should attach the names, she gets angry with Neel but then gets a call from the minister and leaves, Neel wonders what he should do because he cannot see Chahat’s name with any other person.

Neel hears a voice exclaiming that this is the problem with their generation because they refuse to attain any education, she comes to him and explains how he should place the cards and then seeing the mark on his forehead exclaims that he seems would be praying so which Neel exclaims that he prays the prayer but then she exclaims that had he studied then would not have to stand in front of the board with such a face.

There is a pot of Biryani, Ammi Jan stops them asking if the meat is according to the traditions of Muslims and then when he inquires, she comes to know that it is not the case, she orders the men to come and take off his shoes, she orders him to hit himself ten times with it because of the wrong actions which he has taken, he pleads that he has small children but she orders him to leave as his services are no longer required. When she leaves, Neel asks the servant who is the lady to which he says that she is the mother of Dr Baig and has a huge business of preparing transportation for Muslims to perform Hajj and she has come to attend the wedding of Chahat.

Ghazala is really worried in the rooms, she is ordering her servants to prepare everything accordingly then wonders why has the mother of Dr Baig come because now she would not be able to live in peace, Ammi Jan enters the house, she exclaims after seeing the photo of Ghazala how they have forgot the rituals because even the angels do not come into the house which has portraits, Ghazala comes out and immediately hugs her exclaiming how she should pray for Dr Baig because she has prayed a lot but it doesnot have any effect, Ammi jan takes a knife then exclaims that there cannot be a Wuzu with the nail polish so how did she pray for Rahil, she starts scraping it off when Miss Baig hurts herself, Ammi Jan exclaims how she has come to drink her entire blood.

Chahat comes out and is about to hug her grandmother when she stops her exclaiming how she has come from the house of the unbelievers, Chahat tries to explain however she says that she is aware of what Chahat would say that she was kept there without her desire, but time has been wasted however she has come and everything would be sorted, she exclaims how she would leave after the Nikkah of Chahat.

Chahat exclaims that Misses Baig has brought the proposal of an old man who is the age of her father so how can she marry him, Ammi Jan slaps Chahat exclaiming how Ghazala cares for her and that is why she has brought the proposal because after what she has done no honest men would accept her as his bride, Ghazala sits down with Ammi Jan exclaiming how she is pleased that Ammi Jan understands her, Ammi Jan exclaims that she is the one who cared for Rahil when he was weeping on the loss of his first wife. Ghazala asks if Ashfaq Bhai would not come, Ammi Jan exclaims that he doesnot want to see the face of Rahil however she ahs asked his son Haris to come after finishing his work as he should see Rahil and fulfil his desires.

Chahat is sitting with her father exclaiming how she cannot be with anyone else except Neel, Dr Baig pleads with Chahat to run away however she explains how he taught her to stand in front of any problem but she cannot leave with ghazala, Dr Baig exclaims how it is not in her strength to take him on her own but if Neel is with her then they would be able to live a contended life because if they try to prove their love it would take their entire life.

Ghazala is sitting with Ammi Jan who has brought a lot of jewellery and ghazala exclaims how she would take only one necklace when Ammi Jan exclaims that there are for Chahat, she asks about Chahat but then the servants come saying that they have searched the entire house however are not able to find her in the house, ghazala exclaims that she might have gone to meet Neel, Ammi Jan asks what does she have to do with him to which Ghazala explains how she has started to love Neel which is why she tried to get her married with Rehmat Sahib, Ammi Jan exclaims that she should have not seen this day.

Chahat is running with all her might however the guards catch up to her asking her to stop running, Neel is sitting praying that god show him some path as he cannot live without Chahat, the guards surround Chahat asking her to not run away when she tries to hit them with a stick, Neel takes the stick from him and forcefully takes Chahat back to the house exclaiming how she cannot run away like this.

Neel exclaims how he has brought Chahat back, Ammi Jan slaps him inquiring how did he dare touch someone from their family, Neel explains how Chahat would have run away had he not been around to help the guards, Ammi Jan tries to reward him with some money however he refuses to take them saying that if she desires to help him then should give him a job because he is in dire need of it, Ammi Jan is impressed with his self-respect then hires him to guard Chahat till the time of her marriage the next week ordering that he should be with Chahat for twenty four hours.


Qurbaan Hua 16th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Chahat asks Qasim how he came into her room, she exclaims how she only loves Neel, he also reveals how he only loves her, he reveals his identity to her, she immediately hugs him.

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Telecast Date:16th January 2021
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