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Qurbaan Hua 15th September 2021 Chahat questions what they are searching for, the inspector replies they have got the information that the person who attacked Vyas je and Zain is in the same house, he asks who does the room belong to, Chahat replies it is her room, they after searching it are able to find the jacket.

Some time earlier Alka assures Chahat that they are all with her so she must not be worried, Chahat replies this is the first time she is feeling so helpless and if she is not able to save Neel then would never be able to forget herself, Naveli exclaims how wo0uld they be able to find the person when Chahat herself loses the hope.

Chahat in the night is holding the photo which has both her and Neel, she exclaims she is really missing him and doesnot know what she would do without him, she recalls all the moments she spent with him, Chahat sees a note at the back side of the photo frame, she mentions they are the same vows which he wrote for the wedding of Naveli and Bopho, she recalls how he asked her to reveal what she had written because he doesnot have any idea but she refused to tell him.

she starts reading how Neel explained how he treated her when she first came to this house and promised that he would start treating her with a lot of love, he also vowed to not let anything wrong happen to her, they both were at the old age home when they saw themselves when they would be old but were still fighting over her potato chips, she then snatched his glasses and he was not able to live so fell, Chahat mentions she would do anything to bring her out of the jail as this is her promise, she hears the children crying so once again places the note behind the photo frame.

Chahat walks into the room of Shlok and Dua where she sees them writing so questions why did they not sleep till now, she reads how they both are writing that their father returned to them, Dua explains that just as Miss Mary would punish them to write their homework hundred times, they both are writing it as Allah is angry with them so she is writing it, Shlok also reveals Bhagwan is mad at them so he is going to write it thousand times, Chahat mentions that god is never angry with his men, do they know she is also missing their father a lot and when she misses him, she just closes her eyes, she also makes them close their eyes where Shlok sees the time when he saw Neel practicing and then also tried to follow him but fell when he said that those who are like him are not weak as they are able to realize the pain of others,

Dua also starts thinking about how she used to tease N eel a lot and even would kick him while sleeping so he was forced to go and sleep on the bench, Chahat asks if they saw how while thinking about the past moments they were able to bring a smile, she says they both should sleep now while she would go and place their prayers in the feet of Bhagwan.

In the night Neel is in the cell wondering how would Chahat be managing everything when a constable comes with food saying that he should eat since he is hungry from yesterday, saying he would otherwise die, the constable exclaims that the person who tried to kill his own father has no right to live which is why his wife was having an affair with Zain, Neel exclaims he would not hear anything against his wife, the constable leaves saying that he should never threaten a police officer.

Chahat exclaims how can he eat anything when he doesn’t know even his Chahat has eaten anything, he sees her coming saying why is he being so angry with the food when he should eat as this would give him strength and his strength is their but Neel replies what can he do for them because he knows that she is the reason of the strength of their family and even if he is not alive nothing would matter a lot, Chahat stops him from saying anything, she acts as if she is angry with him so he is forced to make her eat, she bites him on the hand and so he wakes up from the day dream and starts eating.

Chahat is in the house wondering why anyone has not closed the windows, she starts collecting the prayers of the children which even flew inside the room, she picks them up saying the children have written with a lot of strength so their prayer should be accepted.
In the morning Chahat is walking when Naveli comes to inform her that the police have come to search the house, she comes down while Bopho tries to explain they also know the law this much and the police have even taken Neel into custody but are also suspecting them,

Chahat replies that the person who attacked Vyas je and Zain was a women while all those who live in this house respect him a lot, the inspector says they would get to know this after searching the house, they are not able to find anything on one side so move on to the next side, they ask who does the room belong to, Chahat replies it is her and Neel’s room, they after searching it are able to find the proofs and which worries Chahat a lot, Naveli mentions that these are the same clothes which the women was wearing so Chahat was the one behind it all, Alka also blames her.

Chahat tries to explain to everyone that she is not the culprit and doesnot know how those clothes belong to, the inspector says that the court would decide it and this why they have released Neelkand, Shlok and Dua are really excited to see Neel who comes from the front door, Chahat seeing him immediately goes to hug Neel exclaiming that he must make them all understand she is not the culprit, Alka sees a note book with a note so she starts reading it and it is written how she wanted to take revenge from Vyas je and Neel who were the reason their house and hospital was burned, she even tried to kill Neel but he survived and prays that he gets hanged to death, Chahat tries to explain she did not write it, Neel stopping her says there is no need to explain herself, he exclaims he fought with the society for their love but she has deceived them and tried to kill his father, Chahat is left stunned while Neel is furious.


Qurbaan Hua 16th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Neel is sitting on the table when Alka exclaims she knows that till the time Chahat stays in the house, she would take care of everything, Neel asks her to not take the name of Chahat since he has lost any hope of love, Alka assures she would make him love once again however Neel says he doesnot have the right to live so eats some pills, he goes to sit on the sofa requesting Alka to take care of his children, he then stops moving and dies.

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Telecast Date:15th September 2021
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