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Qurbaan Hua 15th April 2021 Baleq turning to Shlok exclaims that this small child would be the Mant, he gets nervous seeing Maha Acharia je, explains that what could cause more happiness to him as he desired to see Neel as the new Mant but this was not possible so now will surely see Shlok as the new Mant, he calls him but Shlok doesnot move however Baleq calls him and then hugging him explains that his master je only used to hit him with the stick however he would now give him such punishment that he would not be able to comprehend, Shlok remembers the time when he tried pleading with Baleq to not give him the punishment however Baleq still hit him, he then warns Shlok to not try going against him, he then sits, Maha Acharia jee explains that when there are more than two candidates for the position as Mant then they would have to fulfil a task, he calls Shlok however he runs inside the house, Baleq then explains this is what he feared because the responsibility of the Mant is not easy so Shlok then got scared.

Shlok is hugging Alka in the room crying his hearts out, Toup Singh also comes inside with Dua asking Shlok what the matter is, he explains that if he gets the position as Mant then Baleq would punish him, Alka agrees she is not going to allow Shlok to stand against such a cruel man, Toup Singh then requests Alka to give him the permission to talk with Shlok, he sitting with him explains that he is just a superman and should only allow for that person to come out, Shlok doesnot believe that he has the capabilities of a superman, Toup Singh taking him to the mirror explains that he is worthy to be the Mant as only then would he be able to make sure that Dua stays with him, Toup Singh then mentions that this would also please his father who would not allow Baleq to ever become the Mant, Toup Singh and Alka explain they would always be with him,

Baleq at the hall explains to Maha Acharya je that he feels Shlok is scared so they should start the pooja for his position as Mant, Dua reveals that Shlok is not scared and just went inside to take the blessings from the photo of his father, Shlok says that he also desired to take the blessings from Alka Ma and Toup uncle, Baleq starts scolding Toup Singh saying that he cannot sit with them because only the family members are allowed realizing he is the one to convince Shlok and so he orders him to prepare the paste for the last ritual sending him away. Toup Singh turns with a heavy heart which worries Alka however he foes behind the house, where he starts making the paste.

Bopho reaches the old age home but is really tired, he asks the receptionist to check the register to see if anyone from that name has arrived, he doesnot find anyone so Bopho asks to check it by himself and also is not able to find the name of Neel and Vyas je, he wonders where they might have gone because this is the address which Godambari gave him.

In the house Maha Acharya je is preparing for the ritual which worries Baleq, Godamabri questions him apologizing for not having much enough knowledge about it, Maha Acharya je mentions that for the ritual there is the vase with Ganga jal which has the fire about it and this would decide who will the next Mant, he explains they would rotate it in the air, when the vase stops with the arrow pointing at the person would be declared as the new Mant.

Toup Singh is really worried. Maha Acharya je calls Shlok and Baleq asking them both to sit at the other ends of the vase, he then turns the vase after which he starts performing the pooja, Dua gets excited so coming to Godambari asks if she can praise for Shlok asking if it would not cause any disrespect for the pooja, Godambari says that she can surely yell because they cannot so she starts taking the name of Shlok, Baleq starts praising and exclaims that the vase would only stop at his side,. He recalls that he switched the arrow with the one made from magnet so would surely drop at him, Dua seeing this situation goes to Alka explaining that the vase is always about to stop at Shlok then turns towards Baleq, Alka explains how Shlok is wondering that he would be able to praise his father however if he is not able to become the Mant, his dreams would be ruined.

Dua seeing Baleq wonders if he is actually cheating so goes to inform Toup Singh about it, she informs him, Toup Singh then thinks that he is cheating so would not allow him to take the position as Mant by cheating, he doesnot realize that Dua is standing behind him.


Qurbaan Hua 16th April 2021 15th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap : Toup Singh thinks that if Baleq becomes the Mant then would surely use it for his own agenda so he would have to do something to stop it even if it means something that no one has ever thought about, he then throws a metal rod with all his might towards the vase.

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