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Qurbaan Hua 14th September 2021 Chahat in questions demands her money when the person puts the hand in the pack, Chahat tries to strangle the person from the neck saying that the person who is in the ail is innocent, the person pushes Chahat away and is really tensed.

Some time earlier Chahat reaches the hospital asking if the doctor works her, the person says that she has just left for a break, Chahat asks if she has just left and so she sees the doctor with the masked man, she is really tensed to see the masked man with the doctor and then realizes that she was bribed, Chahat vows to not let the doctor get away with this when she is pulled by Godambari, Chahat questions why has she pulled her as she needs to find the truth about the doctor and the truth behind Akhilesh, Godamabri reveals she has helped her because she also came following the person, when she saw that the person showed the doctor the photo of Chahat so if she went in like this then would never be able to get any information.

Chahat starts smiling seeing how Godambari is helping her, she questions why is Godambari helping her now when she was always against her, Godamabri reveals she was only against her because Chahat is a Muslim, however how she is searching for the person who tried to harm Vyas je proves that her love for this family is above any religion, she doesnot understand why she was not able to realize this for so many years and how she has saved her daughter from a person like Aalekh, she has not thanked her while now Naveli is happy with Bopho and it is only because of her as she was always against this wedding. Godamabri turning asks that Chahat always considered her as a mother when she did not even think that Chahat is a girl who grew up without any mother, she has only ever taunted her but now would never make her feel left out, she would be her mother from now, they both hug each other, Chahat asks her to stop crying, Godamabri exclaims that since they all are together then they would surely catchy the culprit and free Neel.

Chahat in a state of tension asks how she would be able to find the truth when the doctor recognizes her, Godambari reveals she has a way.

Doctor is wondering why she came to the north because she is forced to eat the vegetable with the tortilla and is really missing the cooking of her mother, Chahat in disguise enters the hospital claiming to be from the south, she says that she has started a cooking service along with her husband and so now she would serve her, the doctor questions who is she as she was never seen here, Chahat then starts serving her the food while she purposefully drops some of it on her saree, sending the doctor to clean it, she manages to take her mobile and call Akhilesh, blaming him for deceiving her so says she must come to the room behind the old Mandir as she needs the money. the doctor then comes out asking what she is doing with her mobile, Chahat replies she is just cleaning it as some Sambar also dropped on it, the doctor takes the mobile when Chahat serving her the food says that she should call her if she likes the food, she leaves thinking now she would be able to know the real identity of the person.

Chahat is on the call with Bopho, she instructs him to always look after Aalekh because if her suspicion is true Aalekh would surely come out, Bopho mentions that he is leaving to meet with some people of the Mandir, Chahat in amazement says she is shocked to know the truth that Aalekh is not the one who tried to kill Vyas je and Zain, she hears someone coming and then ends the call as the person has arrived, Chahat demands the money from the person who is in the black suit, the person placing her hand in the pocket pulls out a gun, Chahat taking her by the neck questions her about the real identity but the person manages to put a gun to her face, Chahat hits her with a rod then she once again tries to catch the culprit however she manages to run away trapping Chahat who is shocked to realize that the person is actually a women.

Chahat is in the house with everyone when Godamabri asks if she was able to find out the truth about Akhilesh, Naveli exclaims how she is sure that the person who hired him would be Aalekh, he also comes asking Chahat what happened, Godamabri says she has found out the truth about him and would now drag him to the police station, Chahat says he is not the culprit which is why she called him to apologize, Godamabri asks how can she be so sure, Bopho explains it is because the real culprit is a women, Aalekh in anger exclaims he was trying to explain his innocence but they were not ready to listen and now if Neel gets the punishment it would be because of Chahat, Godambari warns him to never talk in such a manner with Chahat as from now on she would always stand beside her to protect Chahat like her mother, Aalekh leaves the house in anger,

Chahat wonders who she would be able to catch the women in the trench coat, Naveli suspects if the women is Ghazala Baig, Chahat says that she cannot be Ghazala as she went to Dubai after the death of Zain, Chahat mentions how the women even met with the doctor, Alka assures Chahat they all are with her, Chahat replies this is the first time she is feeling so helpless wondering what would happen if she is not able to prove the innocence of Neel, Chahat says if this happen she would never be able to forgive herself.


Qurbaan Hua 15th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Chahat asks what are they searching for, the inspector says they have got the information that the person who tried to harm Vyas je and Zain is still in the house, they start searching the entire house when just the one room is left, they question who does it belong to, Chahat reveals it is the room of Neel and herself, they manage to find the tack suit, Alka immediately blames Chahat saying she is the one behind everything.

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Telecast Date:14th September 2021
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