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Qurbaan Hua 14th June 2021 Neel explains Shlok will sing in front of everyone, they all clap for while he takes his position, he starts singing which shocks Ghazala who wonders what is happening, Chahat even signals Dua who starts singing with Shlok, the entire claps with joy after they finish, Chahat sits while Neel also calls them both so they rush to hug their parents, Chahat is not able to control herself so starts crying, while Neel his hugging both the children, Neel exclaims he doesnot know how he was able to live without them for so long as god has given him the most precious gift, Neel advises them all to also learn something from the children as they live with the religion of Humanity and have both the Parshad and Kheer.

Aalekh reaches the centre in Delhi then gets shocked seeing that it is with the name of Vyas je, he is even more suspicious that Vyas je is really alive.

Chahat comes while Ghazala and Godambari are standing, she questions if Ghazala is satisfied that her scheme was not able to work as it did not create the drama, Godambari advises her to send Ghazala away if she doesnot want any drama when Chahat blames that even she so innocent, Chahat exclaims that her children have taken a way out of their schemes as they both will follow the religions of Hinduism and Muslim culture. Chahat walks away while Ghazala wonders that she would have to make some other scheme to get the results.

Aalekh stops the ward boy asking where the patients are when he reveals that all the patients have been shifted but there are just two or three left, Aalekh is tensed, Vyas jee is drinking the water then realizes the voice so is shocked to see Aalekh, he remembers while he was sitting beside the river, Aalekh hit him with a large stone, Vyas je starts walking behind him trying to catch him, he is stopped by the nurse, she forcefully takes him back to his room revealing this is the reason he is not allowed to meet anyone because he starts calling them with bad names, the nurse pulls him out of the destitute center, she calls Neel asking where Chahat is as there is a close patient of her who would not listen to anyone, she questions what they should do when Neel explains it is not right to send him some place else, she advises her to send the person while he would send the ticket.
The nurse reveals that Vyas je would be going to the house of Chahat as she would take care of him at her own house, even her husband Neelkand is really generous, Vyas je is not able to believe when she takes the name of his son.

Aalekh is questioning the ward boy if there are any other patients, he reveals they are all the patients, Aalekh sends him away, he is mad as he thought of finding Vyas jee, he stumbles on the mala and realizes it belonged to Vyas jee so he might be alive, another patient then comes claiming the Mala belongs to him, Aalekh thinks then it means Vyas je might not be alive so he thinks to find the truth which only Chahat can reveal.

Neel along with his family are celebrating, Shlok asks if there would cake in their restaurant when Neel reveals it would be cake like never before as he would bake it himself, the principal enters the restaurant saying she saw the new restaurant so came to eat, Ghazala and Godambari both start creating a scene when Ghazala taking her to the side exclaims that she is sorry to reveal that both of them would separate after six months as there is no love between them, she makes the principal believe that she should get the custody of the children, the principal mentions she would herself give the statement for her if what she is saying is true.

Bopho is sitting with Naveli who is trying to have a conversation with him however he is busy in reading something so when she asks what he is reading, he reveals that he is reading the goals to a blessed marriage, Bopho questions why she is living with a person who does not even love her, he saw how Aalekh twisted her hands, Naveli leaves in anger saying she would not talk about the matter. Bopho is worried what would happen now as she is really angry.

Shlok is crying on the terrace, Dua asks if they can play hide and seek but he doesnot want to and when Dua demands the reason he reveals that Ghazala said their parents do not love each other, Dua is shocked to hear this. She sees the book but is not able to read it, Shlok reads the three steps to find the love, Dua plans that they would find if their parents loved each other after the three steps.

Neel and Chahat both are receiving the customers that arrive at the restaurant, they all are shown their seats, Sahil walks into the restaurant, Neel gets really angry with him saying the free food would be distributed tomorrow, Sahil warns him to be careful because if he is thrown out then the newspaper would have an article which would state the rude behaviors Neel has with the customers, Chahat sends Neel away and warns Sahil to not do anything stupid, Sahil says that he would not let her get away as she has deceived him, he enters the kitchen and mixes the jar of flour with that of glue thinking that now Neel would be forced to close the restaurant.

Neel is in the kitchen, Chahat comes saying that the table number three ordered a paratha, he asks for the flour jar but after placing his hand realizes it is glue, he questions what is this as she named the jars, she is curious wondering how did she mix it up, he starts yelling when she questions why does he always have to shout as he can even say it in a clam manner, she tries to leave saying she would not help him, she tries to leave but is pulled back so they both try to separate their hands however are not able to so Neel exclaims their hands have been glued together.


Qurbaan Hua 15th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Neel asks why Chahat caused the fire on the first day, he advises her to come with him, Neel asks everyone to wait outside as their has been a small fire, Chahat tries to end the fire as she cannot let the name of Neel be spoiled, Shlok asks about his mother, Neel realizes she is still in the kitchen, Chahat is not able to breathe so gets unconscious.

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