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Qurbaan Hua 14th January 2021 Chahat exclaims to Neel how she is being forcefully compelled and that she would let the memories which they have to flow with the blood that is being spilled as their love is meant for generation without the worries for the society.

Neel asks Meera to not worry as their love has even caused the Priyaghpushb to flourish so Chahat would surely come as their love is so strong, Meera asks him to not be so sure because her stepmother is really cruel, Meera starts praying that Chahat should come to know of their marriage and that they both should never be separated anymore.

In the morning Ghazala comes into the room and seeing what Chahat has written on the wall exclaims of how she ahs gotten out of the bounds, Chahat asks her to not do this because she cannot live without his name, Ghazala is left stunned then calls her maid asking her to clean the wall, Chahat exclaims how Neel is in her hearts and nothing can happen to their love, Ghazala exclaims how Neel is marrying Meera who is his old girlfriend, Ghazala exclaims how her one wrong step would be the reason behind the death of the entire Dhiani family and the Mant who tries to destroy the so called wall of the religion. Ghazala exclaims of how Rehmat Sahib doesnot take into consideration anything that she is saying so she should come downstairs after getting dressed.

Neel is getting ready for the wedding when he hears the decoration giving him a sign so he goes to talk with Chahat’s mother exclaiming how he is sure that Chahat would surely come back as she would not be able to bear that he is marrying as she would have also heard of Heer Ranjha and Laila Manju so she would now hear of Neel and Chahat.

Chahat is also being prepared for the marriage and she is getting dressed in the religious Muslim clothes.

Neel is about to walk out when he once again hears the sign from Chahat’s mother.

Ghazala brings Dr Baig then exclaims of how he would not be able to raise his hand to give her blessings so now she would pray, Ghazala exclaims of how her father is not in any position to give her the blessings so now she is being married to someone who is of the same age, Dr Baig asks Chahat to run away at which Ghazala asks her to not worry as the entire village would see the love of Neel and Chahat being torn.

Baleq exclaims to Jamuna that even when what they are doing is wrong it is required to safeguard their family’s reputation to which jamuna asks what would happen if Chahat comes back, Baleq exclaims how she would never be able to come back.

KashMeera comes out of the house dressed in the attire of a bride when she pleads with Godamabri that her actions are wrong because it is not fair with Neel, Godambari exclaims of how she should be happy because she is marrying her love to which she explains of how she is not ready. Neel stops her saying that she should not worry because by the time they would perform the rituals she would see Chahat standing at the house exclaiming her love. They reach when the Panidt on orders of Vyas jee starts the pooja.

Chahat is with the representatives of the local new channels and she asks them to be sure that they would broadcast the wedding on the channel, she is standing when Rehmat Sahib comes with his family and she explains of how she is only worried about one thing and it is that after his marriage with Chahat would he call her as his mother, they all start to joke when his sister presents Ghazala with a necklace which she eventually takes then going to Dr Baig exclaims how he is no longer worthy of any use but that Chahat has given her the respect which she has lost because of what happened to them.

The Pandit asks both Neel and KashMeera to put forward their hands at which Meera is really worried to which Neel assures her that Chahat would surely come and she should not worry so he forcefully makes her place his hand over his before reciting the verses, they both are looking at the door.

Chahat after getting dressed also comes down the stairs when everyone starts looking at her and the brother-in-law exclaims that she is really beautiful, Ghazala exclaims that the Qazi Sahib has also come to perform the rituals of Nikkah, she exclaims how Chahat would be the wife of Rehmat Sahib for the rest of her lives so she should be happy, she exclaims how she has saved Chahat from the fires of hell because if she were with Neel then would be in hell.

The Pandit asks them both to stand for the varmala while on the other hand the Nikkah also starts, Neel and KashMeera both place the Varmala on each other’s necks, Baleq along with Naveli and Godamabri exclaim how their plan has fulfilled KashMeera exclaims how she is also worried and when would Chahat come, Baleq exclaims how she would never come after which he congratulates them on their marriage.

Godamabri asks Naveli to tie the knot after which they both are worried when the Pandit asks them to stand for the circles, Neel assures Meera that nothing would happen, and they start the rituals of the circles when Baleq leaning towards Godamabri exclaims of how Chahat would surely come and then she exclaims how Chahat would never come and it would be her daughter who would be the Mantian of the house.

In the house of Ghazala Baig, the Nikkah ceremony is also happening when Dr Baig takes the mobile, The Pandit asks Neel to fulfil the final circle to complete the final ritual of marriage, Baleq also orders him to complete the marriage when Vyas je also orders him to fulfil his promise, Neel exclaims how his love cannot die and if he cannot marry her then doesnot have the right to live, he takes out a packet from the back of the photo when he drops the mobile and is shocked to see the broadcast of the Nikkah ceremony of Chahat which Dr Baig has recorded, Dr Baig pleads with Neel to stop the marriage as Ghazala is forcefully marrying Chahat to someone who is the age of her father, he pleads with Neel to save Chahat and so Neel vows to make ghazala pay for what he is doing, he is about to leave when Vyas je threatens to not leave the house, KashMeera pleads with him to leave as Chahat is waiting for him, Baleq tries to scold KashMeera when she even shouts at Baleq exclaiming how they are filled with hatred and cannot see anything of love and that love is above all the religions, she asks him to leave when Vyas je orders Baleq to stop Neel.

Baleq after going out calls Ghazala exclaiming how Neel has left for house but he should be stopped under any circumstance, Ghazala assures him mentioning how he has decided to come to her house but would not leave the house alive.

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