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Qurbaan Hua 14th April 2021 Chahat wonders how she can forget the cover, she bought it for him even though he did not like it, she realizes that they have to wonder what is the mobile doing Baleq, she is about to check it when Godambari snatches it asking if he doesnot know how angry Baleq is, Toup Singh explains that Baleq is already on the mobile so how can it also belong to him, Godambari says that he is a trader so would have more then one mobile, Toup Singh asks then why would he have this cover, Godambari says that it belongs to the first wife of Neel and even when they have thrown all of her stuff, this was left by mistake and Baleq would have taken it to further instigate Neel.

Chahat wonders why Neel is not saying anything when Vyas je is steeping down from the position of the Mant, she hears the horn and walks to see Baleq blowing it, the entire family also comes when he exclaims that his long dream of becoming the Mant is becoming true, Alka exclaims that she would not let him become the Mant and talk herself to Acharia jee, Baleq exclaims that this would not help because Acharya jee himself desires Baleq to become the Mant as for the past five years all the financing for the possessions was made from his factory, he asks Naveli to clean the entire lawn because he is about to given the position as Mant, she therefore starts cleaning the entire lawn. Chahat wonders what she should do because Neel and Vyas je are not present, she knows that Baleq is not stainable for the position as Mant.

Chahat hears Shlok and Dua talking, Shlok explains the incident where the villagers did not think the younger child was able to fill the large vase however, he after filling it with his hands for a hundred times was able to make it happen, so this story informs them that even the small children can do anything which they desire, Dua also says that this is what her mother told her and they both run to play.

Alka says to Toup Singh that even if she believes what he is suggesting is true, Shlok is still not ready to take the position as Mant, he is really afraid of Vyas je so would not be able to stand against him, Toup Singh tries to explain that the entire village would be affected if Baleq is appointed as the Mant and their desires would be shattered as he is not worthy, Alka feels that the speech pattern of Toup Singh is the same as Chahat which is why she remembers her when he starts talking, Alka is still not convinced however then Toup singh turns to leave saying she can accept his idea if she desires, Alka stops him saying he is telling the truth because Shlok is also really clever in following the rituals and has also learned it all from Vyas je himself so what is the problem, she is worried by the way with which they would convince the children, Toup Singh assures her he has a plan to convince them.

Dua is playing with Shlok, Toup Singh calls her explaining that he has an idea for which he needs her help, she agrees to help him and rushes inside the house, Shlok asks Dua to clap first, Toup Singh claps instead, Shlok catches him however gets worried asking about Dua, Toup Singh reveals that she is packing her belongings because her mother has instructed her to come back however Shlok exclaims this cannot happen and his friend cannot leave him, Toup Singh gets relaxed thinking now he would further his plan.
Baleq is sitting while Naveli is preparing for the pooja, Baleq exclaims she was scared of him till now but after today would also start performing his pooja. He is about to become the Mant of the villagers, but she should consider him as her god, he then asks her to perform the ritual of a god, she fulfils it even when she is really scared, Godamabri and Alka also do not believe their eyes.

Baleq is sitting and Naveli throwing the flowers, he sees Maha Acharia jee coming so asks Naveli to stop then starts exclaiming that she should not shower the flowers on him because he is just about to become the servant of the villagers, he asks her to stop talking then exclaims to Maha Acharia je that Naveli got really happy because she always kept fast for him, Alka thinks that this is not the case as he is an evil person, she prays that Toup Singh be able to convince Shlok.

Shlok is with Toup Singh, who asks if there is any way by which Dua can stay back at the house because if Vyas je was present only then would he be able to stop Dua because he is the Mant and everyone would have to follow his orders, Shlok asks why he cannot become the Mant, Toup Singh mentions that he would have to remember the Mantar at which Shlok explains that he has learned all the Mantar from Vyas je himself. So would now stand in front of Baleq to take his seat as Mant.

Acharya jee says to Naveli that her fast has born the fruit because Baleq is about to take his position as the Mant and there is no one better then him because he learns everything from Vyas je, Shlok coming exclaims he has also learned everything from Vyas je so also desires to be the new Mant, Baleq scolds him asking if he has gotten mad, he orders Shlok to go back into the house.

Acharya je starts questioning him to ascertain if her really knows the Mantar, Shlok is able to recite the entire Mantar without any mistake and so this really makes Acharya jee smile with amazement, Toup Singh exclaims even though the boy is young he is still really knowledgeable, even his mother calls him as the small Pandit, Baleq getting mad starts scolding Toup Singh and is even about to slap him, Acharya je stopping him exclaims that the Mant should not be so angry and must be of a clam mind and heart, Baleq apologizes explaining he doesnot understand how he got so angry, he even tries to ask Shlok, Acharya je asks him to step away, Dua comes to stand beside Shlok who is worried if he can fulfil the duties then Toup Singh also stands behind them, Chahat thinks that she would stand as a guard in front of Shlok till the time Neel comes back.

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