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Qurbaan Hua 13th January 2021 Neel and Baleq look while Vyas jee after tearing off his clothes starts lashing himself with, they all get stunned asking him to stop.

Neel picks up a photo when he also cuts himself, Neel thinks of how he knows that she would have some reason otherwise she would never have done this to him and that she cannot turn away from their love, Neel exclaims of how he would not her leave him, like this so he would come to her and when he is about to leave Meera stops him asking what is he doing, Neel says that he would ask Chahat for the reason because of which she left him, Meera exclaims of how she knows that Chahat would never leave her love, Neel is about to leave when Meera stops him explaining that it is not the right time because of what their family is suffering from.
Godambari calls the entire family asking them to see what is written on the walls, they all cannot bear the threats after which Jamuna calls them to come in front as they would face them with the fists however, they start pelting them with stones, Baleq gets a call then he shuts the call explaining of how he has got a lot of calls from the villagers who desire to snatch the seat of Mant from him because of what has happened.

Godamabri also exclaims of how she thought that Vyas je gave her daughter the house in which she lives however because of his wrong decision the entire villagers are threatening her and their lives are in risk, Baleq exclaims of how he gave Chahat the position of his Saraswathi which should not have happened, Neel comes asking what wrong has she done because he has only loved a girl and it is not a crime to which Baleq exclaims that he has fallen in love with a girl who is a Muslim and she left after ruining their lives.
Vyas je exclaims that he is his crime as he gave birth to a boy who did not have the rights to stand up for his faith and he also that because of the lies which Neel told them, he himself always blessed the girl because of whom their faith was no longer pure, he exclaims of how it is his fault for which he would get the punishment, Vyas je starts lashing himself, Neel cannot bear it so says that he would punish himself then starts hitting his head against a rock, Meera stops him exclaiming how she would not let him do such madness.

Neel rushes pleading with Jamuna to stop Vyas je as he would listen to him, Jamuna inquires how can he stop him as he knows what Vyas je would be feeling, Neel asks what he has done wrong, Jamuna responds that his father is paying the price of his love, Baleq meanwhile records Vyas je in secret.

Jamuna exclaims of how Vyas je would no longer pay the price for the crimes of Neel and his punishment is that he would never speak of Chahat nor try to meet her because his love for her has brought his upon their family. Jamuna asks Neel to speak up asking if he would be able to do this in order to save the life of his father, Neel gets tensed then looking at Vyas je is not able to understand what he can do.

Chahat is sitting beside the glass door when Dr Baig moves near her explaining how she should never forget Neel and that she is only made for her and also that she should never marry the old person as she is only made for him.

Ghazala comes asking that she should consider her other father, she shows her the video where Vyas je is lashing himself explaining how he is doing this because she is in love with Neel, Ghazala also orders her servant to come and they start to give Dr Baig the shocks after which Chahat pleads with her to stop it as she cannot bear it anymore.

Jamuna mentions how Neel must choose between his love and the respect of their family, he makes Neel swear that he should marry Meera because he deceived her once before but now should correct his mistake and marry Meera, he makes him swear on Saraswathi.
Ghazala warns Chahat to choose otherwise she would make sure the entire Dhiani family dies as she has placed a time bomb in their house, Chahat refuses to accept her order saying that she has already fallen in love with Neel however when Misses Baig orders her men to blow the house hearing which Chahat is forced to accept her orders.

Neel agrees to marry Meera saying that if this is what he has to do in order to protect their reputation then he would surely do it however if before his marriage Chahat comes back then he would choose her because he knows what his love is capable off.
Meera in the room asks what Neel said before and inquires why did he agree to marry her, Neel exclaim of how he only did it because Vyas je was punishing himself and that they both have not been married, he exclaims how he knows that Chahat would come back when she comes to know that he is marrying someone else, Meera inquires how she would know anything as her mobile is switched off, Neel exclaims that the wind would take his message to her, whenever she would close her eyes she would only see his face and if their love is true she would surely come back.

Chahat is writing I LOVE YOU NEEL with blood while sitting in her room, she recalls all of the moments that she spent with him, how strong their bond had become which removed the quarrel which they had only to create the feelings of love.


Qurbaan Hua 14th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Neel exclaims that before their ritual of circles she would see Chahat standing in the corner, Ghazala exclaims how Chahat would soon be the wife of Rehmat Sahib, Meera and Neel both get worried when Chahat doesnot come and even Chahat is restless.

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Telecast Date:13th January 2021
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