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Qurbaan Hua 12th January 2021 Ghazala exclaims how she would also not tolerate when the children go against the religion and they both must control their children.

Neel exclaims how they have decided to spent their live together and whatever they all say would not mean anything, Chahat exclaims how it was the wrong decision because he should see how both the parties are eager to kill each other and that they cannot fight the faith because in the fight between love and religion the religion has also won, She exclaims to Ghazala that she should leave but Neel tries to stop her however Godamabri exclaims that he should not pleads for her, Chahat is about to turn when Godamabri asks what did she think that they would let her take back the necklace with her, both Naveli and Godamabri run to her and start taking off the necklace, Ghazala exclaims how she did the right thing and Chahat would not take anything with her, Ghazala takes Chahat by her hand, Neel exclaims how she would look back if she loves him however when she is looking he doesnot see her, Neel tries to go after her but Vyas je stops him and gets unconscious, Neel runs after the car when Ghazala orders the driver to turn up the windows, Baleq also comes with his men and starts hitting Neel who falls to the ground while Chahat leaves with Ghazala.

Chahat apologizes to Neel in the car thinking of how she was not able to live up top their love and that she prays that he gets the strength to forget her, Chahat remembers how Saraswathi prayed Neel get someone with her qualities and how Vyas je gave her the keys to the house.

Chahat exclaims how Allah would never forgive Ghazala for what she did to her, Ghazala exclaims how she wronged Allah as the person she loved was indeed the one who took everything from them and the punishment which she would get is that Neel would always hate her thinking that Chahat left him in the time of need and he would always hate her not knowing Chahat would serve her as a slave for the rest of her lives and her first order is that she should forget Neel otherwise she would start collecting flowers for the grave of her one father.

Neel picks up Vyas je hugging him when Baleq also comes back in anger with his men.

Ghazala pulls Chahat in the house ordering her to be in her limits, the servants come when she pushes Chahat on the floor mentioning how she has become un pure while living in the house of the non-Muslims, she orders her to perform the Wuzu threatening how she should not force her to make Dr Baig sleep with dinner.

Chahat performs the Wuzu when Ghazala prays that she gets the strength to forget Neel, Chahat exclaims how she would not be able to fight those two who love each other, Ghazala threatens how she would never be able to go back to Neel as he would surely hate her from now on as she left him in his time of need.

Neel after closing his door is crying remembering the moments spent with Chahat, he takes up the blanket of Kripa while crying as it smells of Chahat, he remembers how he would fight with her and the gifts which she gave him, he destroys all of the portraits thinking of how she said that it was a wrong decision to love each other.

Neel thinks of how they both promised to love each other and promised to spent time together so then she should not have left him in the time of need.

Chahat in anger is standing beside the television mentioning how she had to stay in the house to protect both her father and Viyas even when other people would think that she did it for her own benefit, she asks where her father is, Ghazala claps her hands and Dr Baig is revealed in a wheelchair with a servant, Chahat runs to him however there is a glass wall between him and her father. Chahat asks what ahs happened and what did she do to her father to which Ghazala says that she would let him go but first Chahat must prove that she could be forgiven and then she must wipe of her tears as some guests are coming so she should be nicely in front of them.

Ghazala is talking when some of the guests come to the house, they all greet her exclaiming how they are true of their promises and then show the money exclaiming how they would be enough for her election campaign, they inquire of the new bride, Ghazal then brings Chahat exclaiming that she is his new wife, Rehmat Ullah Sahib exclaims how he feels that he is standing in Heaven and they all start to laugh when Chahat gets tensed asking them to stop saying how she is married to which Rehmant Ullah inquires from Ghazala what is she saying, Ghazala asks how they should not worry as the young generations get worried after listening of marriage.
Ghazala sends them to the guest room after which Chahat asks how she can do it because she has accepted Neel has her lover and would not marry anyone else, Ghazala slaps her saying that she would not do anything of the sort, Chahat asks if she would kill her but ghazala threatens to kill Dr Baig, she even shows her how he would be electrocuted, Chahat pleads with her to stop harming her father.

Godamabri exclaims how she cannot understand that the person who used to wash their utensils has become so popular and then asks how it would happen, Baleq exclaims that the wife of Dr Baig has become a politician and is really big, he gets a message then shows them both who are left overly joyed, Godamabri exclaims how Vyas je would get a heart attack after seeing it.
Baleq exclaims how Vyas je said that he would make the stupid Neel Mant, but he is the only one has the right to the seat.
Ghazala exclaims how she controls the lives of three people and that she would fulfil her desires to become a politician after killing them, she should otherwise accept the proposal of Rehmant Sahib and for that she only has half an hour, Chahat prays that Neel not refuse to believe in her.

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